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Nov 25
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Every lesson I learned from going $0 to $50,000/mth in one year:

1. You have to lose money to gain money. I spent my last few $100s in my bank on courses. The courses taught; • Investing • Copywriting • Twitter growth And I made around $3000 in return in the first three months. Investing in your knowledge always pays off long-term.
2. Failure is part of the journey. I've failed too many times I can count. But without these failures, I wouldn't of; • Gained any knowledge • Learnt from my mistakes Don't be afraid of failure. It's key to growth in business and success.
3. Read the right books. You don't have to read 100s of self-help books. You just have to; • Buy a few books that teach different skills • Read them several times and make notes • Put the lessons into practice yourself Here's some books I recommend;
• Atomic Habits • Rich Dad, Poor Dad • Think and Grow Rich • The Intelligent Investor • The Millionaire Next Door • The AdWeek Copywriting HandBook
4. Surround yourself with the right people. Your friends shouldn't be discussing; • Smoking • Being popular • The latest Netflix series Your friends should be discussing; • Growth • Business • Improving Your friends can make or break your success.
5. Embrace discomfort. Discomfort is how you grow. Without it, you will; • Never learn • Never grow • Never succeed Remember, to be comfortable you have to go through discomfort first and embrace the pain, late nights, and hard work.
6. Be financially smart. You gain wealth by investing in; • Stocks • Knowledge Rather than; • Designer clothes • The newest iPhone Being smarter with how you spend your money will pay off in the future when you own parts of companies that pay you in your sleep.
7. You may lose friends. When I started focusing on: • Becoming healthier • Becoming smarter • Becoming richer I lost a few friends that either got jealous or found me boring because I wanted a guaranteed good future. Sometimes you need to outgrow people.
8. Realise you're worth it. To grow in business and life, you have to believe in yourself. You have to invest in yourself. You have to know your self-worth. You have to know you are capable. You are your best investment. Act like it.
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Art of Life

Art of Life

Used Twitter to build a $50k/mth ghostwriting agency. Insights on Life, Business, and Growth.
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