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PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey

Nov 25
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"Thank you so much to all the hosts who so generously agreed to discuss #Orlam with me at various events in the past months. It was an enriching experience for me to meet with you and share our thoughts on poetry and the creative process." - PJH

On Orlam tour; Frank Skinner by @Todd Lynn
At @Hay Festival; Paul Farley by Urszula Soltys
At @Southbank Centre; Paul Muldoon by Jesse Chan-Norris @Jesse Chan-Norris
At @Heartland Festival; Kasper Holten by Warren Weertman @Warren Weertman
At @Edinburgh International Book Festival; Don Paterson by Lisa Brockwell
On Orlam tour; Sean O'Brien by @Todd Lynn
On Orlam tour; Ian Duhig by @Todd Lynn
On Orlam tour; Deryn Rees-Jones by @Todd Lynn
On Orlam tour, @The Bath Festival and @Crossing Border; Max Porter by @Todd Lynn
At @Bridport Literary Festival; Greta Stoddart by Emma Pound
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