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Nov 25
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Women are making their own $$ & no longer rely on men for financial security. THAT is the main change. No need to thinkpiece it to hell. When men accept the main reason they attract women is $$, they’ll understand their loneliness once that isn’t a need.

NYU professor Scott Galloway speaking on the rise of lonely single men. It’s interesting to me that loneliness in women isn’t something people often link to anger / violent crimes... Also lonely women lean into community - other women. Do men support other men in the same way?
Men simply have not been socialized to provide the emotional support women seek which is why we rely on our friends/family. We have better orgasms with women and devices. We have more edu and $$. We can outsource “man things”.
Y’all are increasingly lonely because a lot of you offer NOTHING we cannot provide for ourselves.
So many men refuse to see women as human beings with value beyond being warm cooters, incubators for their progeny, housekeepers, cooks, and trophies to impress their friends. And they wonder why women are opting out of dealing with them.
What do you men bring to the table that we women built, decorated, prepared the food for, and already ate??
If I was a praying woman I would pray queerness on all women just so you can have the chance to know true happiness 😂😂😂😂
People can be mad at this and say what they want but what are the marriage rates for men living in poverty or in the 4th quintile? Hmmm? I don’t co-sign it bc I’m anti-marriage. It doesn’t make sense to me. But let’s check the stats. It ain’t about love, bby.


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