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Nov 25
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hi the music in this popular edit on this acc is from kpop girlgroup #LOONA ! Chuu, and the other members, have been mistreated by their company and now Chuu has kicked out of the group for speaking up #LoonaIsTwelve

loona is 12 members girlgroup under 12 the members are mistreated to exhausting agendas, their staff gets underpaid and overwork. Chuu the most popular member gets overwhelming schedules missing important events like the group tour she public said she wanted to be there
in said world tour some members suffered injuries because of overworking and overtraining and yet bbc continued with the world tour putting pressure on the members who were able to perform
bbc their company kicked chuu alleging it was her mistreating and being rude to the staff which it's not true at all! Chuu is the sweetest you could ever imagine and many people who worked with her came out saying even if she was exhausted she always worried about the staff
hyunjin other member of the group cried on tour and public said she was sad over not performing with the entire group. With the news that Chuu was kicked after speaking up, hyunjin said she her head hurt, her heart hurt and she was angry, a fan asked if this was ok for her to
talk about that which she replied no. please please speak up on this and make justice for Chuu, Loona and her staff.
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