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This season, I want to give thanks to all front line workers for their hard work in making our holidays better. My Administration will always stand with essential workers and fight to make all jobs good jobs. Here’s how we’re getting this done:

My Administration strengthened the @NLRB to encourage worker organizing, got $22 million in back wages, and improved safety for millions of retail and warehouse workers. And, through my Minimum Wage Executive Order, we’ve supported over 55,000 workers in receiving a pay raise.
Supporting working people is how we continue to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out. I will also continue fighting for the PRO Act to help workers unionize, and achieve a $15 minimum wage.
While we buy gifts for our loved ones, let us be thankful for all the folks working hard to stock shelves, pack boxes, operate cash registers, take orders and deliver packages this holiday season.
President Biden
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