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Dec 14, 2022
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richarlison hitting on other girl’s a thread

before i start w this thread i want to ask you to not insult the girls or be rude, this is for comedic purposes n for my twitter oomfs primas manas 😭 if this leaves my twitter community i will CRY WARNING ❗️ PROCEED WITH CAUTION, very sensitive content here
richarlison replying to this girl’s pics on twitter w a screenshot of them on ft, saying: on live the girl replies: beautiful thing him: when i’m ugly forgettttt!! 😅
the tweet she quoted says: “ if i was shameless, i would ask (the girls @) to ask richarlison for an autographed shirt “ she quoted saying: “ oxi (NO TRANSLATION FOR THIS…. its like ue oh SLA VSF) richarlison didn’t even send me mine yet “ richarlison replied with that emoji
the olé do brasil said: Richarlison lives in england and there they speak english. You guys have a lot in common #cupid
richarlison replying to this girls pic: “ im ordering an uber 👀😅 “ she replied with: “ alrightttt 😈🤣
luisa sonza ( a famous brazilian singer ) was basically saying she only wanted one man and richarlison replied w his pic. she answered saying “ ahahahha love it “ and he said “ it’s happening! 😍
juliette (a brazilian singer) tweeted saying: there’s so many hot athletes??! i want themmm “ and richarlison replied w his own pic
(not hitting on anyone but just funny 😭) fut took a screenshot of richarlison liking that tweet and posted saying: “ we get you richarlison. “ richarlison replied with: “ i already deleted it. this corona it’s hard. “
just richarlison following a girl that asked him in marriage
richarlison denying the rumours he and anitta had an affair, he says “ we didn’t make out but if she want’s im in “
the tweet was deleted but im guessing it was a pic of her in a cute place anyways he replied saying: imagine us in that place 🤪
just him being the biggest luisa sonza simp
(not confirmed yet 😭 some girl posted this on her tiktok)


can y’all stop tagging me in posts of my man following n hitting on girls that’s clearly photoshopped i will not be believing in n manipulated images he’s a family man
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