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Dec 17, 2022
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yoonmin au | a/b/o jimin miscalculated the date of his heat & it starts in the middle of his lecture. it’s so hard sitting in class, especially with his professor, alpha yoongi, warning everyone not to be a bother while texting jimin dirty things in secret #yoonmin #yoonminau

tags 🔞 — established couple, power-play, and hinted age difference — knotting, a little degradation, overstimulation, crying during sex but then cuddled during it too, fluff and lots of aftercare
When Jimin shifts in his chair, he feels a wetness in his pants. It slides uncomfortably in the small space between his upper thighs. He groans, trying to put off the discomfort, but it’s hard to ignore, especially when the people beside him start to notice something too.
“Oh greatness,” Jimin hisses under his breath. “This is great. My life is great!” Obviously, with this outcome and turn of events, Jimin’s life is not so great, and he wishes he could throw himself into a bottomless pit.
Starting a heat in class is a death sentence, and Jimin doesn’t have it in him to even think about what to do next. He wiggles in his seat and draws his cardigan tighter around himself, as if that might help in keeping his scent in. The longer he sits in here, the worse it gets.
The lecture had been going on for about thirty minutes before Jimin sensed something unusual. It seems he’s not the only one to have noticed the sudden change in atmosphere, either, even though he’s standing far down at the fore of the lecture hall.
On his table, Jimin’s phone buzzes, and he glances down at the message that pops on the screen. << I can smell you from here >> << You fucking reek >>
Jimin presses his thighs together and tries to sit straight in his chair. He tries to think straight, but it’s so difficult to focus on the thoughts of Yoongi, all bothered because of him. With the professor up front, trying his best not to show tell-tale signs of his arousal.
That’s what Jimin hopes as he struggles in his chair, releasing a heavy scent that gravitates in the air. Part of him hopes Yoongi’s struggling too; that he’s having a hard time controlling himself, pretending there’s not an omega in here growing heated at the thought of him.
He leads his line of sight to the alpha discussing their next assignment up front. Jimin notices his phone on his left hand, as he waves it around while talking out loud about their topics of choice. Jimin knows he shouldn’t but…
He can’t help but bite his lip; Professor Min looks /so/ good, blue dress shirt tight around his arms, buttons squeezing on his chest because the shirt is at least one size too small. He was definitely made for formal wear, looking chic with that perfect balance of sexy.
Then his hair… long, black strands that curl over his ears as it falls down his nape. He’d grown it out over the break, and Jimin’s glad he made that choice because he loves running his hands through it, especially when they kiss.
Or roughly pulling onto the roots of them when the professor’s railing him into the next universe. A tight tug of his fingers as Jimin braces onto every inch of Professor Min when he’s inside him, the soft wetness of his hair silky against his skin.
And those glasses. Listen, Professor Min talks to Jimin about his eyesight, and how as he gets older, it slightly deteriorates. But Jimin is slightly biased, because he has every absolute desire to have the alpha wear them when they fuck; he’s yet to try that.
Another message comes in. << If I knew it were like this I would have fucked you twice as hard last night >>
“Professor Min!” Jimin’s heart jolts and his eyes shoot up immediately to locate the person who’d shouted. It’s up front, a girl that he has Economics with. Her voice sounded annoyed, and he’s keen to find out why; anything to take his mind off the heat curling under his navel.
“Please let me leave my seat,” She pleads. Someone snickers beside her. “He’s vulgar, and I don’t want to hear any of what he says anymore.” Jimin’s ears perk up when Professor Min asks his question, arms crossed over his chest as he leans his weight on his desk.
“What kind of things, Mr Lee?” The question is directed at a Senior Jimin shares a few of his elective modules with—Hyunjae Lee.
He’s bothered Jimin since the year started. When the omega discovered that he’d be having a few classes with him, he got upset. Hyunjae makes his skin prick just at the thought of him, and the sight of him has his stomach churning.
Jimin had told Yoongi all about Hyunjae one evening when they spent the night at his place. About how he always has his interests set in making Jimin feel uncomfortable with his crude remarks and unwanted courting. He’s someone who clearly can’t take no for an answer.
Jimin sniffs and groans at how his scent suddenly turns sour. He can’t believe he’s in heat in /Hyunjae Lee’s/ class, an alpha that he absolutely despises, next to the professor alpha who’s been fucking him in secret for the past six months. That’s not the best combination.
“There’s an omega in heat here,” Hyunjae says, and the girl with a complaint whacks him in the shoulder. He only laughs. “I can smell it. And I think we should dismiss class to keep them safe.” Jimin digs his teeth into his inner lip when Professor Min’s jaw ticks. “Safe from?”
Hyunjae drops back in his seat and nudges his head sideways. “From the rest of us.” There’s a series of disconcerting cheers that rumble from a few of the alphas in the classroom, even some who are sitting around Jimin although they are dispersed a good distance away from him.
He can’t deal with self-proclaimed alphas, but the ones who aren’t aware that their nature is actually very predatory worries Jimin a lot.
Luckily, he’s in a secluded corner, but the more potent his scent gets, sooner everyone will be made aware that he’s the one releasing it in such intoxicating amounts.
Professor Min is the only one in this room who knows what Jimin smells like when he’s in heat (apart from Taehyung). Being that he’s the only alpha—and the only person—to have ever helped him through one, Jimin wonders how it makes him feel.
There’s a sense of pride that comes with something like that; Jimin believes it’s a complex alphas hold for helping an omega through their first heat. He thinks it’s stupid, classifying things like that, but that’s what he’s heard from other alphas around campus.
He rolls his eyes at the thought of that. However, Jimin knows that Professor Min is much more mature as an older alpha, and he doesn’t determine his worth by the number of omegas he’s been with. To him, it’s more than that.
“Is that so?” When Jimin looks straight down again, he doesn’t escape the pair of black, sharpened eyes that glance back at him behind framed reading glasses before they sway their focus to Hyunjae again.
Jimin swallows the hard lump in his throat, and presses his thighs again when more of that silky moisture dampens his pants. Then his scent; from prickling sour to triggering sweetness, he wonders how he’s going to withhold it with Professor Min staring at him +
like he has every intention to devour him and eat him whole.
There’s a hint of desire that roams between them; a desire to punish Jimin for this… misconduct. He bites his lip. Jimin wishes they were alone in this room right now, because he knows that Yoongi would treat him how he knows he most likely deserves.
Before that can happen though, the sound of Hyunjae’s obnoxious voice fills Jimin’s ears and he groans. “I think I’d have what it takes to calm the little thing down and stop the scent from disturbing everyone.”
His shoulders bunch up and he suddenly turns his entire body around, scoping the upper level of students. Hyunjae’s eyes land on Jimin’s, and the omega tightens his grip on his pen. Eyes narrowed, his nose twitches, and out of fear Jimin snaps his gaze away.
But he’s probably sure he’s already given much of himself away, and there’s no denying that Hyunjae’s pretty much figured out what’s going on.
“I just have to find out who he is,” comes his discomfiting voice. Jimin takes in a deep breath and attempts to focus on the presentation board, as though he’s not burning all over and giving the entire world a whiff of himself. “And we’ll be on our way.”
Professor Min tones in with a derisory chuckle, and marches behind his desk. “Ahhh. To be young and so silly,” he starts off, deploying a heavy sigh that doesn’t hide the intentional sneer behind it. “It’s amusingly ridiculous, I must say.”
Hyunjae stiffens, and it seems that the rest of the class does too with how quiet it’s gotten. “I don’t think you and your small pack of friends have the necessary means to even detect an omega in heat, let alone help them through it.” A shiver climbs up Jimin’s spine. /Fuck./
“I think they’re talking about you,” Jimin’s head snaps to the left and he growls at Taehyung, who’s leaned in to whisper in his ear. “The whole heat thing. Because baby, you’re omega bait right now.” “I’m aware,” he grumbles. “Thanks for pointing it out.”
“Miss is right,” Professor Min says again, and he earns a very distinguished head nod from Miss Im on the left. “There’s no need to be so vulgar in how you say these things.” “Right. And it’s highly disrespectful to the many omegas in this class.” Yoongi hums.
He points a scathing gaze at Hyunjae, who squirms. “Besides, you’re a cub. Heats aren’t something you go into by just talking about them,” He scoffs and raises a stack of papers. “Which, Mr Lee, is all you seem to do these days. No wonder your paper’s graded lowest in the class.”
Having taken a sip of water from his bottle—to ease his nerves—Jimin snorts at the professor. His water splashes all over his table in straying droplets, and he has to cover his hand over his mouth to swallow what’s left instead of spitting it out.
Everyone finds his words hilarious, though contemptuous, a murmur of laughter spreading in the vicinity. All except for Hyunjae, of course, who slumps in his seat to shy himself away from any of the embarrassment he can’t contain.
Jimin is giddy about it all, and he brightly grins in Professor Min’s direction. He doesn’t care if he’s heightened excitement and high spirits releases more of his scent, because right now he can’t contain how happy is.
“Hopefully your professor daddy cuts class short to take care of you or something,” Taehyung says with a sheepish giggle, and Jimin’s momentary zeal fades. “I have to go do something in the Engineers building.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “Do something, or do someone?”
“Since we all can’t seem to focus today,” Professor Min’s voice explodes from the front of the room once more, travelling up and making Jimin shudder at the deepness of it. “I’ll let you off twenty minutes earlier. Class dismissed.”
The students don’t even wait for him to conclude himself before the rummaging of school bags and squeaking of sneakers resounds in the hall, and everyone is rushing to get out.
Jimin is extremely sceptical to just stand up, because when he does everyone will be aware that it’s his scent, and that he’s in heat.
He has no mental capacity to deal with a bunch of impolite, and impudent alphas like Hyunjae hoarding him for a ‘life-changing minute under their sheets’ in their messy dorm rooms.
Especially when he has someone who’s shown him that without even having to get him into bed. Expert hands and a phenomenal tongue.
“Have a good time!” Taehyung expresses as he slides out of the bench, waving at Jimin. Jimin frowns. “Excuse me?” “You know! Getting fucked right now!” Taehyung scoffs when Jimin’s eyes grow wide. “I know these things. Text me when it’s over!”
Heat reaches his cheeks, as though he wasn’t on fire already. “Tae—“ Just as Jimin’s about to give a retort, his phone buzzes again. He audibly gasps. << Get your ass down here >>
Jimin nibbles onto his slab of chocolate again, and Professor Min laughs when he whines about how it’s melted and keeps smudging on the corners of his mouth. They’re sitting together in his office, sharing Yoongi’s coffee in a mug while Jimin eats the chocolate he’d bought him.
The professor had two off periods and decided to spend them with Jimin when the younger convinced him that he’ll catch up his work after skipping his lectures for the rest of the day. “I’ll watch them online or something,” he says with a mouthful. “Besides, I have an excuse.”
“If you’d told me about it I would have let you skip the whole day,” he tells Jimin as he caresses his back with the big palm of his hand. Jimin croons, body shuddering as Yoongi’s hand rubs small circles down his back, then over the low dip just above his ass.
“A personal waiver from letting you stay at home, cuddled in bed.” “That’s not what you texted me,” says Jimin. Yoongi chuckles. “I was all riled up.” “But that was sexy. Alpha professor telling me how hard he’d fuck me.”
“Well,” Professor Min hoists him higher. “A good boy like you only deserves one thing.” Jimin pushes a piece of chocolate against the professor’s lips. Chewing on the it, he adds, “And that’s wrapped up at home with hot soup and the right to miss as many classes as you want.”
Jimin pouts, and adjusts himself on Yoongi’s lap until he can loop his arms around his shoulders and rest his forehead on the top of his head. Yoongi curls his own arms around his slim waist, pulling him in. “It wouldn’t be the same if you’re not in bed cuddling with me.”
Yoongi hums, and lays a kiss on his jaw. “What would you want from me there?” “Tummy rubs, and snuggles,” He murmurs with a low voice, angling his head so Yoongi presses kisses on his neck. “Lots of kisses…” then he swings his legs and tightens his grip. “Your nice big cock.”
Yoongi’s own grip on Jimin’s waist tightens. “Jimin.” Jimin leans in and presses his lips to his cheek. “You can help me out, please sir,” he whispers, travelling down the bone of his jaw until he pulls the skin between his teeth.
“You smell me. I smell you too. You stink. Because you want me.” Tighter, Yoongi’s pinches his waist. “You know what would solve that?” “What?” he grits his teeth. When Jimin grinds his ass right on the hard bulge forming in Yoongi’s pants, the alpha groans and pushes him down.
“Taking care of me,” he purrs. “Fucking me harder than last night, because right now, as I see it… Last night was absolutely pathetic.” “You still have time to think about where you want this to go.” Jimin grins. “I’m soaking, so—“ “So?” “So,” he leans in. “Deal. With. It.”
Not another word is said when Yoongi grasps the back of his neck, cranes it back, and harshly clasps Jimin’s lips between his own. Jimin instantly melts into the kiss, body pliant as he lets Yoongi handle him, the professor’s arm gripped tightly around his waist still.
Jimin moans when he suddenly pulls away but doesn’t argue as Yoongi whispers for him to get off his lap for now. “You taste like coffee,” Jimin stands on his toes and licks his lips while Yoongi attempts to get away. Yoongi groans and pushes him back, “Just give me one minute.”
Yoongi rushes over to lock the door before strolling back to a giggling Jimin, whose face is pink and skin incredible moist. The professor’s scent commands the air, letting Jimin know just how badly he wants to have him. “Move back,” Yoongi says.
He grunts as he swipes most of the papers in his distance off the desk, stationary and folders falling to the ground, much to Jimin’s amusement. “You’re unbelievable!”
Yoongi marches back to his seat and instructs for Jimin to take his pants off, which the omega does happily. A pink, flushed cock jumps out and the head slaps against Jimin’s abdomen, warm liquid leaking from the tip. Yoongi tilts his head to the side. “How wet are you?”
Jimin rolls his eyes. “I’m soaking, I told you.” He reaches back and runs the bottom of his palm along the curve of his ass, later bringing it up to show Yoongi his hand. “Get with the programme.” “I’m very much with the programme.”
Jimin hops on the edge of the table. He spreads his legs and lifts them, feet curving over the edge of the table as his toes pinch the wood, and leans back on his arms, leveraging his weight on them He nibbles his bottom lip in anticipation, waiting for his alpha to make a move.
But he doesn’t, and simply remains seated in his chair. Furrowed brows relax, but Yoongi’s hard, hooded gaze still passes over Jimin’s body. He rests his chin on his knuckles, elbow propped on the arm of the chair, and bobs his fist on his thigh.
“Wish my alpha could fill me up,” Jimin mumbles with a whine, rubbing his sweaty forehead on Yoongi’s shoulder. “Wanted you to finish inside me after your knot.” The professor watches how his chest rises and falls as he attempts to return to a set breathing pattern.
Yoongi caresses the back of his head, running his fingers down his wet hair, before his hands both course down his back. Jimin’s legs close tighter around him, arms clasping his shoulders, not wanting to let him go as the alpha’s knot shrinks, and the fullness of it gets less.
They wait it out, until it’s safe to pull out. Yoongi rubs soothing circles around his back, easing a trembling body. He takes in Jimin’s scent; it’s not as strong, but the professor indulges it still. His favourite scent.
When Professor Min lifts him off his cock, Jimin instantly misses the feeling already, wishing he could never be without it. Jimin draws back and pouts. “Your knot probably feels so good all the way.”
“Can’t knot you completely right now,” Yoongi tells him softly, thumbing down his jutted bottom lip. “It would be irresponsible.” Jimin sulks. “Still wanna be bred.” Yoongi laughs. “When we get there.”
Jimin’s heart softens at the way Yoongi phrased it. When—not if. Meaning he wants to continue to what they have and expand it to something more meaningful in the future. Something that’ll last a long time.
Jimin pulls the alpha in to hug him close. He kisses the shell of his ear, sweet and kind, and whispers something about promising him the best head because he’s happy the professor defended him in class today. Yoongi just laughs but doesn’t say no.
“I know that it wasn’t exactly for me because he was being rude to all the other omegas,” he whispers. “But thank you.” “I couldn’t mention you out in public, but it was absolutely for you, sweetheart. I have every intention to protect you wherever I go, hm?”
Jimin nods, not minding the tender rapping in his chest. He realises that he can’t be without Yoongi’s mouth anymore so he draws back and connects their lips, kissing him while they still die down from the heat of their moment.
“You’re too good to me. I’m going to start using it against you.” Yoongi chuckles and kisses the corners of his mouth. “Use as much as you can when you have it,” he whispers and tilts his chin. “Because I’m not going easy when I take you home tonight.” And Jimin just giggles.
— fin 🍒
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