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Ai-ee⁷🏹 jimsuary event

Ai-ee⁷🏹 jimsuary event

Dec 18, 2022
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Tattoos and Heels👠 Jm gets an (un)expected visitor. #jimsu #짐슈

• nsfw-ish, 0,5k words • jimsu (top!jm/bttm!yg) • rapper yg x tattoo artist jm • fwb to ? • blood, wounds #jimsuau
🖤👠 Loud knocking woke him up from his slumber right at his working table. He again fell asleep drawing commissions until deep in the night. He stomped his platforms on the tiled floor and peeked outside.
It was snowing heavily and it took him some time to recognize the person who wanted to enter. - What are you doing here so late? - he asked instead of greeting, opening the door for Agust who stumbled in the warm room of his tattoo salon, - Are you drunk?
- Jm-ah, - he drawled with a smirk and went for a hug, opening his arms. The tattoo artist sighed and accepted the hug.
It wasn't often that the rapper came over during nighttime, mostly he did it when Jm was already off his shift, ready to walk upstairs into his apartment and brought some good takeaway to net flix and chill.
This didn't seem like the same sort of visit judging by the cut he had on his bicep. - What happened? - Jm looked at the concerning wound that had blood seeping out of it slowly. - No worries, beautiful. Just a couple of muggers I met on the way from the show.
- You should go to the hospital, not to my tattoo parlor. - Jm chastised, holding the rapper by the elbows. - You have a medical license though. You could patch me up? Please?
It's not often that Yg begged outside bedroom so Jm took pity on him and they both went to his flat where he rummaged his pharmacy box for the needed supplies. Numbing the area with some cream and disinfecting it, he carefully laid some stitches, wrapping it up after.
- That should be good enough, - he announced, taking off his gloves, - Why are things always happening to you? Yg sat in front of the artist with his usually cocky eyes cast down and trained on Jm's heeled boots.
He shrugged, careful not to disturb the bandaged wound and Jimin couldn't stay annoyed at him for too long. - Hungry? - he asked, offering Yg some iced tea. - Not really, just tired. Jm contemplated for some time before giving in.
He didn't have the heart to kick this stray cat out, soon as he himself didn't show any sign of wanting to escape. Like he usually did. He stood up and came up close, stopping between the rapper's spread knees and ruffling the damp hair with curled ends.
Big hands laid oh his hips and drew Jm in. The man nosed at his belly and Jm giggled from the tickling feeling. - Not mad at me anymore? - he looked up, smirking again and Jm thumbed at his doll like lips.
- Couldn't even if I tried, - Jm assured him and leaned in to press their mouths together. The rapper rode him that night like he often did, while they had this casual thing going on.
Only this night Jm felt there might be something that will shift their arrangement in the near future. Bouncing on Jm's cock in a slow, languid rhythm, Yg had similar thoughts.
Maybe he will be coming here for more than being pressed into the mattress by his stunning lover. 🖤👠 The end.
If you liked that kind of format, I have a feeling you might like an even I planned for January❄ Announcement in 24hrs💗 let me know if you're interested ☺
Ai-ee⁷🏹 jimsuary event
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