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mpreg au where jimin comes across his husband's old twitter acc, and looking through it turns out to be a mistake because he finds old tweets where yoongi and his ex consider having a baby and yoongi never mentioned having babies with him :(

jm doesnt know how to start talking about it because yoongi might think he spied on him on purpose and seeing how happy the two seemed makes him sad
They never hid their past relationships from each other but they didnt delve into the topic either, and Jimin knows that a Sam existed in his husband's life once, was his beloved person that Yoongi planned future with. But now he knows how that faceless person looks like
and can't help but compare himself. Moping around all day, he wants to distract himself but can't, he ends up reading more. When Yoongi comes back from work, at first he doesn't notice anything wrong.
'Honey, I'm back!' he shoults in the corridor cheerfully, taking his coat off. He's surprised not to be greeted with kisses, in silence he gets rid of his shoes and paddles into the house.
Wrapped in a duvet, Jimin is curled up in their king sized bed, watching a drama on his phone. 'Baby, what's wrong? Do you feel ill?' Yoongi asks worriedly, coming closer. Jimin looks up at him with lips and eyes tear-swollen, he puts down the phone but refuses to look at him.
Perching at the side of the bed, Yoongi leans in to kiss his husband, before he starts gently garhering messy hair off Jimin's forehead. 'What happened?' Yoongi patiently asks again. Jimin finally looks at him, sniffing. 'You don't want to have babies with me, do you?'
The shock question takes Yoongi's breath away for a moment, he seems completely surprised. 'Why would you think so?' Yoongi asks, his raspy voice barely a whisper. Feeling like crying again, Jimin sniffs, tears burning in his eyes again.
'Because you never offered..' he whines, blowing his nose into a tissue. Sitting up straight, Yoongi heaves a fond sigh, before he starts to loosen up his tie, and proceeds to unbutton his pants.
Watching it in bewilderment, Jimin stops crying, about to ask what his husband is doing. But before he knows it, Yoongi's pants are off and Jimin is pounced onto, he screams in surprise.
'W-what are you doing?' Jimin lets out as Yoongi's hands finally find his waist in the duvet, face burrowed in the warmth of his neck. 'A baby.' Yoongi replies, before his lips are pressed into the younger's neck again.
A wave of heat floods Jimin, and he feels his body reacting to his husband's touch, but he shouldn't let it happen just like that. He cups Yoongi's face in hands to make him look at him. 'Don't joke, chubs.. We need to talk about it.'
Yoongi's eyes have a cheerful glint to them, and he smiles at him. 'Or we don't. What's there to talk about?' He asks, planting a proper kiss against Jimin's plump lips this time. 'I had been waiting for you to say you want a baby with me for too long.'
Jimin's cheeks become red and he's too stunned to react to the kisses for a moment. In their case, having unprotected sex doesn't necessarily mean getting pregnant, so Jimin doesn't stop his husband anymore. It feels too good to stop, and they can always discuss it later.
Later, they lay in bed, still heaving, before Yoongi chuckles, 'From now on, we need to spend more time on baby-making...' Exhausted, Jimin opens his eyes to smile up at his husband. 'We need to talk first.'
Yoongi has it in him to adjust in the bed so that he's hugging the younger. 'What is there to talk about?' he asks, hugging Jimin's head to his chest. 'How many babies? I want five, at least.'
Cheeks red again, Jimin hits him lightly. 'In your dreams unless it's you who gives birth to that many.' Yoongi just chuckles, gathering him closer. And Jimin doesn't know how to start the topic but he wants to.
'Today, by chance, I found your old twitter account..' Yoongi doesn't seem moved by that. 'Really?' he chuckles. 'I think I haven't used that app since highschool.'
Pouting slightly, Jimin hugs the arms that surround him in half. 'I'm sorry I read your old tweets, I couldn't help it.' he mumbles out with a sigh. 'One of them was quoted by my friend and your account showed up, and I-'
'It's okay baby, why are you talking about it?' Yoongi asks sleepily. Staying silent for a moment, Jimin abuses his lip. 'Because you tweeted a lot about Sam...'
Yoongi's eyes open at that, and he lifts up on his elbows to look at the younger. 'No way..' he rasps, and Jimin looks at him like a sad pup. 'You wanted babies with him..' he tears up again, lips tightened.
Yoongi's gaze softens at that, and he rests a hand on Jimin's cheek. 'My jealous pretty baby...' he sighs, leaning in to kiss the pout away. 'That was ages ago, why do you even care about it?'
Pampered with kisses, Jimin feels a lot better. 'I love you so much, I want our babies only.' Yoongi says as if it was general truth. Heaving a sigh, Jimin kisses back. 'I know, but I felt really sad reading it..' he mumbles out. 'You two were so in love.'
'I was young and stvpid.' Yoongi cuts in, hugging Jimin tightly again. 'When you're a teen, you have no idea what real love is. I learnt it only after I met you.' Instantly feeling better, Jimin wraps himself around his husband like an octopus.
'And don't think you're the only one getting jealous. Remember when we met your ex at the New Year's Eve party?' Yoongi mutters unamusedly. Jimin gets lost in thought, trying to remember. 'Kihyun? That was ages ago.' He says in wonder.
It's Yoongi's turn to pout. 'He looked at you like at a three course meal, I was seriosly considering punching that smug look off his face.' Yoongi mumbles out, nose buried in Jimin's neck again. Flattered, Jimin blushes. He loves the thought of his husband jealous of him.
'I love you.' he says, running fingers through Yoongi's hair. 'I don't want anyone else.' Leaning up to steal a kiss, Yoongi purrs. 'Same here.' he hums against Jimin's lips. 'And I can't wait to hold our baby.'
Smiling at the thought, Jimin hugs his husband closer, while Yoongi starts biting and nibbling at his ear, making the younger chuckle. And it doesn't take long until they resume baby making ♡
The end ♡
*** A/N they have 5 babies
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