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Dec 30, 2022
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sοοbιn had been begging to top yeonjυn for a while, but when he’s given the chance, it doesn’t quite go like he wanted … 🐰⬆️🦊⬇️ / 🐰⬇️🦊⬆️ cw // premature ejaculation, degradation, dacryphilia, cum as lube

sοοbιn doesn’t top. he’s never tried it before and he never really wanted to. yeonjυn is taking such good care of him while they’re having sex, sοοbιn simply likes to indulge. but recently, he’s become a little curious.
yeonjυn is always making him feel so good and he seems to be enjoying himself just as much as sοοbιn does, so sοοbιn decides he wants to try and top his boyfriend for a change. just to know how it feels. the thing is, sοοbιn doesn’t know how to bring it up.
yeonjυn wouldn’t laugh, but sοοbιn can already see that teasing grin on his boyfriend’s face. if anything, yeonjυn will make this a challenge for sοοbιn, will ask him if he really thinks he’ll be able to top him. and well, sοοbιn isn’t sure, but he’d certainly like to try.
sοοbιn keeps mulling over how to ask, the timing has to be right and then of course, yeonjυn has to have enough time to prepare in case he agrees … in sοοbιn’s mind, this can’t be a spontaneous thing.
but yeonjυn notices something is up before sοοbιn can say anything, asking him about his strange behavior. all the careful planning and mental preparation sοοbιn has done is gone in an instant and sοοbιn is stuttering to get his request out.
he‘s a little surprised that it doesn’t take a lot of convincing for yeοnjυn to agree, in fact, yeοnjυn seems to be excited for some reason? it only fuels sοοbιn‘s nervousness, but he can’t back out of this now. they‘ve agreed on when to do this and sοοbιn is glad.
he has enough to time to prepare, both mentally and … well, let’s just say he spends a lot of time on nαver. he knows the basics of course, he’s not a virgin. it’s just to calm his mind. and maybe he’ll find something yeοnjυn hasn’t tried on him yet (he doesn’t).
and then the day is here. their schedules ended early today and sοοbιn is currently waiting in yeοnjυn‘s room. yeοnjυn is still showering and the longer he takes the more time sοοbιn has to become even more nervous.
he showered before yeοnjυn and he’s still only wrapped in his towel, not sure whether he should put clothes on or not. he probably shouldn’t, right? he‘d take them right off again. so what sοοbιn does is taking the lube out of the drawer, fluffing up the pillows and waiting.
he‘s never going to tell anyone, but mentally he’s currently going through the steps of what he’s about to do. kissing, touching, fingering … fucking. seems easy enough, right? he‘s kissed yeοnjυn before, has touched him before … he just hasn’t done the other things yet.
“i’m sorry, have you been waiting long?” sοοbιn had been so immersed in his thoughts that he hasn’t heard yeοnjυn come in. “no, it’s fine.” sοοbιn’s voice is shaking for some reason and apparently yeοnjυn finds that amusing because he grins. “are you nervous?” “a little.”
yeοnjυn steps up to him, the grin now a little teasing. slowly, he unwraps the towel from his waist and then reaches out to free sοοbιn from his. “come on baby, you were so confident, were you just pretending?” yeah, sοοbιn was just pretending. and he would keep pretending.
having yeοnjυn under him is interesting, sοοbιn decides. yeοnjυn has been under him before, but not like this. normally, when they’re like this sοοbιn is sitting on yeοnjυn’s dick, riding him. now, yeοnjυn has his legs spread, exposing himself fully to sοοbιn.
sοοbιn is momentarily distracted. yeοnjυn’s dick is hard, resting heavily against his stomach. there’s a slight sheen to his skin and his breath comes quick. his lips are swollen from kissing and sοοbιn can’t help but think: “i did that.”
he’s now half convinced that he might be able to pull this off. if he got yeοnjυn like this already, what could go wrong now? “babe, i know i’m pretty, but i’d appreciate if you put your fingers in me now.” “a-ah right, sorry.” sοοbιn can feel his face heat up. embarrassing.
reaching for the lube, he tries to calm himself down. he can do this. sοοbιn generously covers his fingers in lube and waits for yeοnjυn to give his okay before he puts his fingers to yeοnjυn’s hole, smearing the lube around a little and then carefully pressing the first one in.
he‘s met with barely any resistance and he looks up at yeοnjυn with furrowed brows. “i thought i’d help you a little.” yeοnjυn says that with a little smile and even if he didn’t mean to, it’s a slight blow to sοοbιn’s ego. it’s one thing if he doesn’t believe in himself +
but if yeοnjυn also doesn’t … sοοbιn decides to ignore it and carefully continues to prepare his boyfriend for him. he thinks he’s doing a pretty good job judging by the way yeοnjυn is reacting, praising even. “fuck, baby. you’re doing so well, who would’ve thought?”
sοοbιn can’t help but feel a little proud. no matter what compliment yeοnjυn gives him, he feels proud. (even if it’s a little condescending) — “put it in, baby. show me what you can do.” yeοnjυn wraps his legs around sοοbιn’s waist to get him closer.
sοοbιn’s naked dick rubs along yeοnjυn’s and sοοbιn can’t help but thrust his hips and moan at the friction. yeοnjυn laughs. “aw, come on. you’re not going to just rub against me like a horny teenager, right?” sοοbιn shakes his head. “no, i just … give me a second.”
there’s a hand in his hair and all of a sudden, yeοnjυn bucks up his hips. “we can still switch, you know? it’s okay if you can’t do it. not everyone can top.” sοοbιn is momentarily distracted and keep rutting his hips against yeοnjυn’s until his words register with him.
“no. i can do it.” his voice is more stable than he thought and he moves his hips back a little, just so he can take a moment to focus. again, sοοbιn reaches for the lube and covers himself. he can do this. —
the feeling of being inside of yeοnjυn is a little overwhelming to sοοbιn. it’s tight, it’s hot … it’s enough for sοοbιn to take a pause once he’s fully inside, the familiar heat in his belly building up way too fast for his liking. fuck, how does yeοnjυn do this?
“what’s wrong? is it too much?” yeοnjυn’s voice is mocking him and sοοbιn should feel angry, but he’s always had a thing for being degraded. and yeοnjυn knew that. “i-it feels good.” “i know, that’s why i like to be inside of you so much.” “does it hurt? are you okay?”
“it hurts a little, but i don’t mind.” “ah, then-” sοοbιn almost makes a move to pull out, but he’s stopped by yeοnjυn‘s legs around his waist. “no, keep going. let’s put that big cock to use for once, shall we?” sοοbιn swallows thickly and nods with only slight hesitation.
one deep breath and he starts moving his hips, slowly pulling back to thrust into yeοnjυn. 𝘰𝘩. sοοbιn can feel his thighs start to tremble almost immediately and he tenses. this is bad. this feels way too good. but he can’t stop.
sοοbιn keeps thrusting into yeοnjυn with no rhythm to it, with no thought other than “𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭𝘴 𝘴𝘰 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥.” sοοbιn realizes that familiar feeling in his belly too late, can’t stop himself anymore once it builds up. it’s over way too soon and with sob, sοοbιn cums.
he wants to cry. 𝘯𝘰 𝘯𝘰 𝘯𝘰. that hadn’t even been two minutes. he failed. he got one chance and he fucking blew it. a snort from below him pulls sοοbιn out of his thoughts. yeοnjυn is laughing at him. hesitantly, sοοbιn raises his head to look at his boyfriend.
“did you really just cum? that soon? wow, sοοbιn.” “i’m sorry, i didn’t…” sοοbιn doesn’t know what to say. he’s so embarrassed. he isn’t a virgin, this has never happened to him before. yeοnjυn sighs. “well, it can’t be helped. pull out.” oh no, sοοbιn knows that tone well.
— sοοbιn looks up at yeοnjυn who’s now kneeling between sοοbιn’s legs. yeοnjυn’s smile looks kind, but there’s this look in his eyes that make sοοbιn shiver. “poor baby. you wanted to top so bad and this is all you can do? couldn’t even last two minutes.” “please, i-” “shhh.”
sοοbιn shuts up. he knows better than to defy yeοnjυn when he’s like this. “let me show you how a real top does this.” yeοnjυn leans in close to whisper into sοοbιn’s ear. “let me put you back into your rightful place.” sοοbιn gulps. he can only nod which earns him a smile.
“good boy.” sοοbιn watches as yeοnjυn reaches behind himself and it takes him a second to realize what he’s doing. he’s taking some of sοοbιn’s cum out of his ass. sοοbιn can only guess what he’s planning to do with it. “we’ve already wasted enough lube, haven’t we?” right.
yeοnjυn presses his slick fingers against sοοbιn’s hole and pushes two in at once. sοοbιn is almost embarrassed as to how easy it slips in, his body simply accepting the intrusion while his face burns at the thought of getting fingered with his own cum.
“ah, look how loose you are. can’t wait to get fucked by me, can you?” yeοnjυn starts thrusting his fingers into him, immediately setting a fast pace. sοοbιn can’t do anything but take it, but he loves it.
yeοnjυn laughs.“it’s so easy to make you fall apart. like a true slut, you just need your holes filled, isn’t that right?” sοοbιn wants to protest, wants to say he isn’t a slut but then yeοnjυn’s fingers find his prostate and sοοbιn’s back arches off the bed as he moans.
“that’s right. moan like the little whore you are. my little whore.” — yeοnjυn wants to torture him, that’s the only explanation. he has four fingers thrusting into sοοbιn almost mercilessly which has him shaking and kicking on the sheets.
he’s so close to cumming a second time and yeοnjυn hasn’t even touched his cock. “please, i-” “hmm?” “i’m almost …” “what? again? and i haven’t even cum once, aren’t you a little selfish?”
and with that, yeοnjυn stops his movements abruptly and pulls out his fingers, prompting a sob from sοοbιn as his orgasm is ripped away from him. “no, no please.” “patience, baby.” sοοbιn watches as yeοnjυn slicks himself up with actual lube this time.
“hold your legs open for me.” without hesitation sοοbιn does as he’s told, placing his hands underneath his thighs to hold them up, exposing himself completely to yeοnjυn. “good boy.” yeοnjυn presses his cock against sοοbιn’s hole, pushing in barely an inch and waiting.
he’s looking at sοοbιn expectantly, a mocking grin on his face. “well? aren’t you going to say please?” sοοbιn whines. he’s so frustrated. he knows it’s his fault that yeοnjυn is acting like this, but tears are forming in his eyes. “babe, i can’t hear you.”
“fuck, please! please fuck me” yeοnjυn pushes in further. “tell me what you are, baby.” sοοbιn’s face heats up once again and the tears of frustration are threatening to spill. it takes everything in his willpower not to wrap his legs around yeοnjυn to get him closer.
he doesn’t want to face the consequences if he doesn’t behave now. “i’m … a slut. need my holes filled by you.” his pride be damned, he wants to be fucked. yeοnjυn hums appreciatively. “that’s right. my little slut.” finally yeοnjυn seems to have mercy on him.
now fully inside sοοbιn, yeοnjυn places his hands on each side of sοοbιn’s body and starts thrusting. he doesn’t give sοοbιn time to adjust to the pace, snapping into him hard and fast from the start. again, sοοbιn can’t do anything else but take it.
his hands around his thighs are trembling as he struggles to hold them up while yeοnjυn pounds into him. his loud moans are only challenged by the sound of skin slapping. sοοbιn doesn’t mind. he likes it hard. he likes the way his skin burns when yeοnjυn’s hips slap against it.
sοοbιn is so close. yeοnjυn’s cock hits all the right spots, makes him feel so full, but it’s not enough. his own cock remains untouched on his stomach, smearing precum over the skin and bobbing with every thrust into him. maybe if he could just … “don’t even think about it.”
sοοbιn protests with a whine and he throws his head back. fuck this. “why are you behaving like this?” yeοnjυn is laughing at him. “such a needy little bottom. and you really thought you could top me.” there’s a quiet scoff and sοοbιn twitches when he feels a hand on his cock.
“such a big cock, but so useless. you don’t even know how to use it, what’s the point of having it?” sοοbιn moans despite himself. yeοnjυn is finally stroking his cock, but much to sοοbιn’s dismay, he has slowed down his thrusts. “yeοnjυn, please ..”
the tears in sοοbιn’s eyes are finally spilling over, running down his cheeks as whines. he desperately tries to buck up his hips, yearning for more friction. “wow, look at you … i insult you and you get even needier? you really are a little masochist aren’t you?”
the words don’t even register with sοοbιn and he just nods, hoping his boyfriend will have mercy on him. but instead, he feels a hand on his cheek. yeοnjυn is wiping a tear from sοοbιn’s cheek and brings the finger to his lips to lick it off. “you’re so pretty when you cry.”
sοοbιn sobs. normally, he’d keen at compliments like this, but this isn’t the time. he has long let go of his thighs, his hands now coming up to yeοnjυn‘s shoulders. “hyυng, please. let me cum.” more tears run down his cheeks and yeοnjυn tsks.
“watching you cry makes me want to eat you.” he leans down to catch sοοbιn’s lips in an almost brutal kiss and sοοbιn is struggling to keep up. his lips will surely be bruised tomorrow, but it’s fine. he likes this. likes seeing what yeοnjυn has done to him.
he gasps into the kiss when he can feel yeοnjυn’s hand on his cock start moving again, his thrusts speeding up to match the pace. almost desperately, sοοbιn moves his hips to meet yeοnjυn. it doesn’t take long and sοοbιn once more feels the familiar heat in his belly.
but he can’t, he doesn’t have permission, what if…? sοοbιn tenses up, trying to hold back his orgasm a little longer, but he knows he won’t really be able to. “it’s okay, cum for me, baby.” and so sοοbιn does. his body reacts to yeοnjυn’s command almost immediately.
with a loud moan he spills all over himself and also yeοnjυn’s abdomen. even if it’s his second orgasm of the night, it feels so intense, it leaves sοοbιn trembling. panting, he falls back against the pillow, not realizing that yeοnjυn has stopped moving.
puzzled, sοοbιn looks up at his boyfriend. yeοnjυn is looking down at him with a smile that sends even more shivers down sοοbιn’s spine. oh no. “oh, baby. we’re far from done yet.”
[the end]


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