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| Shells and Waves | Fisherman Yg catches something he didn't expect. #jimsu #jimsuary23 day 2

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• nsfw, jimsu, ~0,5k • fisherman yg x merman jm • mention of non human cock #jimsunsfw
*** The sloshing of the waves on the rocky shore was replaced by a much quieter one, against the boat. It was a pretty windless afternoon where the sun wasn't burning too hot. A perfect weather to do his job.
Yg threw the net and sat in the boat, sipping on the tea he's packed with him just this morning. The new job replaced the need for him to depend on his catch alone, but the fisherman was so used to going into the sea, it was hard to change his habits that he had yeas to form.
He patted his waistcoat pockets in search for a packet of biscuits he put there the other day and having felt something solid in one of them, pulled the item out.
But instead the treats he found a beautiful shining shell with carvings that formed a cheeky line he was too embarrassed to even say out loud. - Jīмīn, - he sighed in exasperation and stood up to pull the net.
Surprisingly it was very heavy. Something was moving inside and he was confused greatly, because there shouldn't be more fish than for a couple of dinners - if he's really lucky.
With one last pull the net and it's contains got aboard, knocking the fisherman off his feet. Drenched in salty water he tried to untangle the net from his fingers and rubbed at his eyes before opening them. - What are you doing here?!
- Hello to you too, husband of mine, - a soft voice sounded among the song of sea waves. A gorgeous merman was laying on top of him, lazily wiggling the heavy blue scaled tail with translucent fins.
After a barely noticeable shift in the air the body on him lost some weight - it was now human who was straddling his hips and getting rid of the rest of the net. - I missed you, hyung! - he whined, getting his hands under Yg's clothes.
- You're cold, - the fisherman complained and regretted it right away. - Then let me warm you up, hmm? The look in Jm's eyes was devilish, playful. He got up and turned his husband around, prompting him to bend over the bench inside the little boat.
His cool hands roamed his muscular figure, getting rid of his clothes and incessantly rubbing against his entrance with his leaking cock. - Someone will see, - Yg whined again, surprised at the amount of slick that was covering him already.
- It's not against the law anymore, - Jm chuckled, - But if you want to roleplay secret lovers... Yg growled then, pushing back on the fingers that were stretching him so deliciously.
They were soon replaced with Jm's cock that was still remained mer and he suspected his spouse did it on purpose. He felt every thrust and every ridge of that length that was quickly and sloppily driving him to his climax.
Jm filled him up, sucking marks into the skin of his nape and making him tremble from his own high. Unbelievable, he thought, cuddling his stunning man to his chest where they laid on his discarded clothes, bare and rocking with the sea.
His mer husband was so needy he had to get here and get caught by him only because he wanted his attention. It was way too endearing and Yg metled in the familiar embrace, ready to stay here for a couple more hours. 🐚🌊 The end.
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