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Jan 12
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the flame to my iceberg ─────────────── theoretically saying, ice will melt when they meet fire. will this do the same to us? (a brief wonhosh socmed au) ㅤ

no heads up or anything, let's just get straight to the story. enjoy the ride! 🎢
macan takut
macan take a big step
macan janjian sama kucing
macan bercerita
macan butuh emotional support
macan otw ketemu kucing
macan laporan
macan laporan (2)
macan laporan (3)
selamat pagi macan
macan masih panik
macan dan kucing ngobrol
kucing menjelaskan, macan salting
macan macan (tepuk jidat)
macan minta dicium
kucing sih iya-iya aja (dont ask me what kind of conversation is this)
macan pamer (dan kaget)
bonus deh
and thats a wrapped! see you when i see you alias kapan2 lagi guys <3


to die of love, is to live by it. (💌:
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