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th has a peculiar way of relieving stress - he likes to take the special subway cart and see if any worthy alpha can take care of him ๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž or omega th gets on a train and gets taken on the ride of his life by six very capable alphas because it's what he deserves

cw normalized public sex, multisex omegas, a good old public gangbang lol
th picks a piece of lint off his new skirt as he waits for the train. he's at the furthest stop from home deliberately. last week was stressful as hell for him, so he bought himself a pretty outfit, black thigh high socks with bows on them included,
and decided he might as well enjoy himself. he's lucky tonight. there are plenty of alphas waiting at the same stop. cute ones too.
a group of six, a bit further away from him, interest th the most. he watches surreptitiously as the petite alpha giggles and blushes as his bulky pack mate grazes his teeth down the other's neck, grinning all the while.
next to them, an incredibly handsome wide-shouldered alpha laughs at his own joke. he smacks the shoulder of his bored looking pack mate who rolls his cat eyes but huffs in amusement too.
another alpha from the same pack is clinging to the back of a slender pack mate, nose buried in the other's hair, hips moving leisurely against the other's ass in a grind. as if feeling th's gaze, this alpha glances to the side, their eyes meeting.
for a second th drowns in galaxies at the curious look. a blush comes onto th's cheeks, unbidden, and the star-eyed alpha grins, nose scrunched and a boyish smile on his lips.
th turns his head away swiftly, even the tips of his ears red at being caught staring. normally th wouldn't pay that any mind, maybe even wink at the alpha, or pretend to be a shy little omega, depending on what mood he's in.
this time, however, he feels actually flustered. and this time, he /needs/ those alphas to take the specially marked cart as well.
from the corner of his eye th sees the star-eyed alpha whisper into his pack mate's ear before nuzzling at the back of his neck again. another curious look gets sent th's way, the omega practically feels the assessing gaze of this alpha, and goosebumps prickle across his skin.
in a matter of seconds the rest of the pack have their eyes on th too. th tries his best to look nonchalant and uninterested as he subtly runs a couple of fingers down his neck and caresses his collarbone, drawing attention to his uncollared neck.
the barely audible growl has th fighting a smile. but he keeps his composure and pretends he's checking his phone while glancing to the side quickly to see which of the six reacted that way.
surprisingly, it's the petite alpha who seems to be in need of a settling bite. he's escaped the big handsome alpha's arms but didn't make more than a couple of steps towards th, now caught by the kitty alpha whose too long hair falls into his sharp eyes.
the kitten alpha is whispering something to the pretty pouty one, calming him down. so th oh so casually fixes his skirt, definitely accidentally brushes a hand up his thigh so the skirt climbs higher, showing off more of his golden skin for a second.
the petite alpha growls fiercer, another few rumbles from other onlookers echoing around. this time th can't help the chuckles that escape him, hiding them behind his hand as he looks away.
the train finally comes, th's skirt billowing at the sudden gust of wind. watched by almost every alpha on the platform, th gets on the brightly marked cart.
th makes his way towards a corner of the subway car, back towards the rest of it, feeling all kinds of exposed in a good way. he doesn't even glance up at the tinted windows in case he sees a reflection. the surprise element is thrilling like that.
the car hasn't even started moving yet when a hand rests lightly on th's hip. his lips nearly tug up at the corners at how easy the alphas are, but he keeps his expression disinterested when he glances over his shoulder.
"hi," the alpha says. he's handsome, with an attractive smirk. but he's not one of the six th had set his eyes on. "i'm dohyun," he continues, eyes dipping low to th's ass, fingers playing with th's shirt as if he wants to pull it out of where its tucked.
"can i?" he asks and glances up at th. can i use you is the question. even if an omega enters a cart such as this one, knowing they're signing up for being fucked by a stranger, an alpha always has to ask first.
any other day, this dohyun would suit th just fine - a quick little romp against the wall of the train car. but th's eyes stray over the carriage, searching.
there, just on the other side, clearly having entered through the other doors, the six alphas stand huddled together. all of them just watch, and th wonders why they haven't approached him first - at the very least, the pouty alpha definitely wanted him.
the train car starts moving, jolting everyone slightly. dohyun presses closer to th, his hard on fairly obvious as is the arousal in his scent.
th looks at the pack again. the pretty blond alpha has his plump lips pursed, an arm around his waist keeping him in place. the stunningly handsome alpha says something to him, a wicked tilt to his own luscious lips.
clearly they're planning something. if they expect th to come to them, though, they're all out of luck. th doesn't chase alphas, it's alphas who fall for him. th is gracious enough to give the alphas another chance, so he looks at dohyun and says a simple, "no, thanks."
dohyun blinks like he's confused by the omega's refusal. it's not the usual way of doing this. the omega doesn't pick and choose when they're in th's position,simply agree blindly because that's what they sign up for when entering this car. but th likes to play by his own rules.
he lifts an unimpressed eyebrow at the alpha when dohyun doesn't pull away. th knows how his resting face looks, has been called intimidating and cold-hearted, and something far less polite, but his expression works its charm.
dohyun mumbles an apology and moves away, eyes still on th as he sits down and palms himself through his pants. that gives th a little idea, though. let's see if the alphas can resist a little show.
so th trails his long fingers up his knee, toys with the little bow before sliding his hand to the inside of his thigh and going up and up and up. the skirt bunches as th's hand reaches his crotch, covering up all of the action, and he hears several nearby
alphas breathe in sharply or growl quietly. th runs his thumb up and down his tiny cock trapped in his lace panties. it fills up quickly, fueled by all the lustful gazes locked on him. th would grin in triumph if it didn't break the uninterested omega illusion.
he lets his thumb slip down his cock and over his folds, feeling how wet he's already getting. eyes straying to the side, to the six alphas far out of reach, th cups himself, fingers rubbing and spreading slick over lace.
the air gets slowly suffused by the sweet scent of omega arousal, mixed with all those dizzying alpha scents. th has no chance of knowing which of those belongs to the pack of six, if any, but imagines that the most appealing, dark and dangerous, are theirs.
th spreads his legs a little wider, pulls the panties aside, still constraining his cock with the band but giving him access to his pussy. biting his lip, th runs a gentle finger between his folds, feeling the wet and sticky slick,
sending shockwaves of pleasure tingling down his thighs. a nearby alpha stands up, bulge prominent in his pants. but he doesn't even get to touch th before the omega snarls at him.
"just enjoy the show, man," some other alpha laughs when this one jumps back at th's threatening sound.
th looks to the pack, sees a smirk on the kitty alpha's face, sees the whole universe in the wide eyes of the star-eyed alpha, sees how the slender alpha with the intense gaze leans forward, gripping the bar above his head tightly.
satisfied with the effect he's having, th shuts his eyes and lets out the softest moan as his finger slides down between his folds to the sopping wet hole of his pussy. he circles around it, teasing himself as much as the rest around him.
the stop and lurch of the train at every stop doesn't even register to th. he's too consumed by the smells surrounding him, the impatient sounds of alphas growling for him, emboldened by the attention.
a breathy gasp leaves th when he breaches himself with a finger. it's tight and hot and wet; this wasn't the hole he got all stretched and ready before leaving his apartment.
the squelching sound of his finger slowly fucking his pussy fills the train car, all the alphas silent as if it's the most gorgeous sound they've heard.
slick trickles down the insides of th's thighs, and down his hand. he squeezes around his finger in his pussy and the plug nestled in his ass. fuck, it would be so much better if those were cocks inside him. and then, finally, th feels someone behind himself.
harsh breaths puff against the back of th's neck and twitching fingers settle on his waist. th blinks his eyes open lazily and looks at the reflection in the window.
it's not who he expected, but th isn't complaining. the tall, handsome, and big in every which way if what's pressing against th's lower back is any indication, alpha meets th's gaze, his own eyes a little wild.
"i'm nj," the alpha behind him says, voice so deliciously raspy and deep. and then his fingers oh so lightly travel down th's thigh, brushing the edge of the skirt. "what's your name?" nj asks when th can only breathe in shakily.
th nearly laughs. no alpha ever cared about that. "th," he introduces himself anyway. "th-ssi, my pack and i would be honored if you let us use you. may we?" he asks, far more polite than necessary. it's so incredibly endearing.
th peeks his tongue out, letting the tip run over his bottom lip. out of the corner of his eye he sees the rest of nj's pack approaching. a tiny smile flits over th's lips. "go ahead, alphas," he says.
// tbc (obviously because tae needs those dicks ๐Ÿฅต)
you might have thought I forgot about this but I'm just getting started ๐Ÿซข since it's been a while - cw for normalized public sex and multisex omegas top of thread if you need:โ€ฆ


th has a peculiar way of relieving stress - he likes to take the special subway cart and see if any worthy alpha can take care of him ๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž or omega th gets on a train and gets taken on the ride of his life by six very capable alphas because it's what he deserves
nj presses closer to him, one muscular arm fully around th's waist to pull the omega flush against his front.
"fuck, you smell incredible," nj groans, nosing at th's throat, forcing th's head to tilt to the side. his fingers drag up th's thigh and find his hand beneath the skirt, pulling it away from where th was just keeping himself filled with one finger.
th lets go of the bar he's been holding onto for balance, fully leaning into the alpha. his breathing is already a bit too erratic for his liking, control slipping from him far too quickly.
the train lurches again, and the lust bubble bursts when th and nj stumble to the side, nearly falling over if not for nj's pack mates grabbing at both of them. "shit, sorry. you're so distracting," nj chuckles against th's cheek, gripping his waist tightly.
"it's fine," th laughs himself. there are more hands on him now, all for keeping him steady as the train car changes tracks and jostles all of them again, but th hopes that will change soon.
"your clumsiness is seriously ruining our image as capable alphas, joon-ah," the handsome alpha jokes, making nj's cheeks redden considerably and having him hiding in th's neck.
th grins, wide and amused. it's not what he expected from the alphas. playful instead of sexual teasing is a rare occurrence in these encounters, but th is enjoying this too.
the petite alpha pushes his handsome pack mate to the side, nearly sending him flying into the wall if not for the star-eyed alpha catching him with a giggle. the blond seemingly doesn't even register the insulted growl of his pack mate,
only reaches for th, carding short fingers through th's curls. "hi, i'm jm," he says with a smile. th doesn't even get to answer before jm pulls him in for a deep, tongue-heavy kiss.
th's sound of confusion is muffled against jm's insistent lips, so good at what they're doing. these alphas just keep surprising him, unconventional in the best ways.
another set of fingers wrap around th's chin, pulling him away from jm, even as jm grumbles in dissatisfaction, and then th's eye to eye with the kitten alpha.
"yg," is a mumbled introduction th gets before the alpha tugs th out of nj's loose hold, grip tight around th's waist and in his hair as he bites at th's bottom lip before kissing him hungrily.
the next alpha lets yg keep th, only turning th's head so their eyes could meet for a second. th trembles at the intense gaze before the alpha breaks into a heart-shaped smile.
"hello, gorgeous. i'm hs," he says, grin widening when th whines at the way yg nips down his throat, at the way someone else's hands caress the backs of his thighs. there's so many of them; th thinks he might've bitten off more than he can handle.
hs presses an almost gentle kiss against th's lips. but then he licks past the seam of them and explores th's depths expertly, sending shivers down his spine.
and then th is tugged away from yg and hs. he's spun around, skirt twirling, and crashes into a broad chest with a giggle. "i'm sj," the handsome alpha tells him with a grin. he leans in, whispering into th's ear as if a secret, "youโ€™ll like me the best."
sj's plump lips graze th's cheek, silk soft and pillowy, but before their mouths can meet th is grabbed again.
the omega gasps as he's lifted up and pressed against the wall of the train car, legs and arms winding around the alpha instinctively. fingers dig into th's slippery thighs and ass deliciously hard.
"you'll definitely like /me/ best," the star-eyed alpha says, the cutest smile on his lips even as he clearly shows off his strength for th, keeping him up easily. "i'm jk."
th throws his head back as he laughs loudly. a few onlookers grumble about the mood being ruined, or hiss "fuck him already", but they quickly shut up when hs's, jm's, and nj's smiles drop, eyes hardening and glaring around. sj and yg join them with their low dangerous growls.
but th just grins and runs his hands through jk's unruly curls, grinding down into him, enjoying how the alpha's already big eyes widen and his mouth parts.
th leans down to barely brush his lips over the scar on jk's cheekbone, kisses the tip of his nose, the little mole beneath his bottom lip. "they're right, you know," th whispers, his own voice dipped low with arousal. "you should fuck me, jk-ssi."
jk's grip tightens, eyes sharpening. his gaze dips to th's lips. "hyung," he breathes out, and th blinks at being addressed like that. "you should call us hyung, pretty omega," he mumbles as his eyes slide down the column of th's throat.
there's a snicker from jm, and th glances at him to see the blond struggling to keep his giggles in, both hands on his mouth. sj is muffling his laughter against hs's mouth, hs's lips also twitching in amusement.
"how old are you?" th asks, taking the alpha's chin and turning his face as if to get a better look. it's surprising how easily jk lets th expose his throat like that. "25," jk answers immediately, and th is flattered that jk thinks th's younger than that.
"alright, /hyung/," th giggles. "fuck me, jkkie-hyung, pretty please?" th pouts his lips, purposefully making his eyes big and pleading. jk's breath catches and he breaks th's hold to surge up and kiss him, wet and biting and eager.
"thank you for indulging our baby," yg rumbles from beside them, voice soft, only for their ears to hear. jk whines as he pulls away from th. "hyung," he pouts adorably at yg, who only chuckles and leans in to peck the young alpha's lips.
"didn't the pretty omega ask something of you, jkkie-hyung?" hs teases with a grin. all the alphas are now far closer, pressed all around jk and th, blocking th's view of their audience.
"mmm, that's right, don't be rude to your dongsaeng, jkkie-hyung," nj murmurs right into jk's ear, eyes locked on th and a wicked grin on his lips.
nj's big body pushes jk even closer to th. sj's hand joins jk's on th's left thigh, making jk move his fingers closer to where th's pulsing with heat.
"need hyungs to coach you through fucking an omega, baby?" sj mocks lightly. "you need to make sure he's ready to take you first," he advises as jk rolls his eyes and pulls his hand out of sj's hold.
jk probably intends to slap sj's hand, but sj pulls away quickly and the slap lands on th's thigh, jolting the omega and making his eyes widen in surprise.
"fuck, i'm sorry," jk blurts out immediately, his own eyes wide with guilt. th wonders if this is the first time the young alpha is about to use an omega in public. either way, jk's worry is endearing, if unnecessary.
th lets the rush of arousal consume his whole body, no doubt translating into his scent. "hyungs can be rough. i like it," th lets them know, glancing at each of them as his tongue flicks out over his lips.
the alphas snarl in response, hungry eyes and eager hands running all over th's body. "let him down, jk-ah," nj's low voice orders. "we'll give the omega what he wants."
jk gives th one last kiss, far gentler than the occasion demands, and then th is back on his own two feet. he doesn't get much of a say before he's spun to face the wall, chest and cheek pressed against it.
sj replaces jk behind th, his big palms sliding up the backs of th's thighs, over the globes of his ass, and pushing the skirt up to reveal him to the alphas. someone else's hands on th's waist keep the skirt from falling down as sj kneads the cheeks.
"such a beautiful omega," sj near whispers, lips tickling at th's ear. "everyone should see how pretty you are, don't you think?" th nods, agreeing wholeheartedly. he wouldn't be on this train car if he didn't thrive on people watching him.
so sj pulls away some and kneels down, his pack mates fanning out too so every other alpha on the train could get a look at him. as sj's palms slide down from th's ass to grip his thighs, someone's dexterous hand slaps one of th's cheeks, making the omega jolt and gasp.
"fuck," th whimpers because it wasn't a light tap but a proper smack that left heat behind. several voices around the train echo th's sentiment, though more growly and rough.
there's a laugh from th's left, the alphas there out of his visual range. "i won't be able to stop spanking you, if you keep making those pretty sounds," hs tells him. "then don't," th mumbles and trembles right after when hs lands another deliciously hard hit.
"you turn pink so beautifully," jk whispers, eyes locked down where th's ass is bared.
th doesn't get a chance to say his thanks before jk himself lands a hearty slap to th's other ass cheek. nothing but swears, whimpers and moans leave th's mouth as all six alphas take turns on each of his cheeks.
the skin is red and tender when sj kneads at the globes of th's ass again, eliciting a hiss from th. sj coos at him, as if sympathetic, and places a few butterfly kisses that still sting. at the same time, he hooks his thumbs into the waistband of th's panties
and pulls them down oh so slowly. "you're fucking drenched," sj chuckles, and th can only turn his head to face the wall, whining, embarrassed all of a sudden at the evidence of how much he wants the alphas in plain sight.
panties tangled around his knees, th is pulled to push his ass out, chest sliding down the wall. there's nothing to grab onto and th's fingers uselessly claw at the smooth wall.
breath leaves th in little pants as more hands find their way onto his body - sliding up the insides of his thighs, tugging the shirt out the skirt and feeling up his tummy, gripping his hair and turning his head so he wouldn't hide.
that last one is nj. the alpha smiles, dimples on display, so soft looking, but then he's forcing th's head to the side to expose his neck and bites down the column of it.
there's a whistle from behind th when sj separates his ass cheeks and the alphas see the plug that sits snuggly in his other hole. "little omega came prepared," jm teases. th can't see but he very clearly feels as one of them pulls at the plug and then pushes it back in.
"you want us to fill all your holes, baby?" yg's voice husks in th's ear. "yeah," th breathes out, trembling with need and desire. "yes, please, hyungs," he adds to entice them more. "keep being so polite and we might just do it," sj says.
th is very curious to see what they'd do if he weren't polite, but there's a limited amount of stops to this track, and he /aches/ with the need to be filled. "please, alphas. please fuck me," he begs, voice whiny and needy, something no alpha before has been able to resist.
th near laughs at their responding growls. he's quickly turned around again, back pressed against nj's chest this time.
nj's hands slip under th's shirt, teasing at his nipples with little flicks while his tongue keeps darting out to lick at th's neck before sucking a bruise there. in this position th at least can see the rest of nj's pack, as well as their audience.
the amount of lust-filled eyes on him, all alphas touching themselves to the sight of th's exposed cock and pussy, hearing their snarls of impatience to have him fucked - th thrives on it, a smile on his face.
"fucking hell," jk breathes out. he reaches out to touch, long fingers making th's cock look even more tiny and pretty in his hold. th inhales sharply at the touch, at how sj guides jk's fingers to th's folds and between them.
"hyung's never - oh, fuck - hyung has never seen an omega with a cunt and a dick at the same time?" th asks, halting in his words at jk's curious exploration. a harsher blush taints jk's cheeks and he pulls his hand back, shy somehow. th can only giggle.
"our baby has never been intimate with an omega before," hs supplies, quietly though, so only th can hear and not the other strangers on the train. "shit," th groans, head falling on nj's shoulder. the alpha's chest vibrates with his laughter, shaking th too.
th can't believe that he can get more turned on, but thinking that he's jk's first experience with an omega has slick dripping down his thighs. sj's fingers glide over th's folds, shiny with a coat of slick. the touch is only a tease but it still has th's breath catching.
"wanna taste him?" sj offers his fingers to jk. jm, who's hugging jk now, forces the younger alpha to bend down and take sj's fingers into his mouth.
"good, right?" jm mumbles into jk's ear, biting the earlobe as the other alpha groans and catches sj's wrist to lick every last bit off his fingers. hs's laughter is bright next to th. on his other side, yg hums.
"does the puppy want a taste from the source?" yg asks, a smirk curling one side of his mouth. jk nods eagerly and drops to his knees next to sj.
th is just as eager as the young alpha, and jm laughs at him when th can't manage to spread his legs because of the panties still constricting his legs. sj laughs too but at least he's helpful and tugs the garment down.
"here," jm says, maybe affected by the indignant pout th sent him, and lifts th's leg, keeping it up in the air. th gulps at the loudest yet growls ringing through the train car as his pussy gets even more exposed.
the omega trembles at the rush of air to his most sensitive and wet area, raising goosebumps on his skin. but then jk is leaning in, hot tongue dragging up the folds and up the shaft of th's cock to suck at the head.
"fucking fuck," th groans, eyes shutting tightly automatically, and grabs at jk's curls with one hand and onto another alpha with his other.
jk is a lot better at this than th expected, considering his lack of experience with omegas. but then, deliriously, th thinks of jk eating one of his alpha hyungs out before fucking him and the dots connect themselves.
"jkkie-hyung," th whines, fingers twisting in jk's hair probably painfully.
but jk only snarls as he licks harder, more enthusiastically than before which in itself is a feat. his tongue probes inside th's heat once in a while, fingers digging in harshly where they're gripping th's thighs, ripping into the stockings.
th doesn't know, nor does he really care, which hyung gives jk a helping hand by stroking th's cock. all he knows is the white hot pleasure rolling through him with every suck of jk's mouth, with every lick of his tongue, with every squeeze around th's throbbing dick.
th comes with a long drawn out moan, fingers tightening in jk's hair, hips moving in frantic thrusts of their own accord.
jk pulls away, galaxies in his eyes swallowed by a black abyss as he stares at th hungrily. through his slitted eyes, th admires his own slick glistening on jk's lips and chin. still kneeling beside jk, sj leans in to lick at jk's face before delving into his mouth.
but then yg's fingers travel down, over th's sensitive pussy, and he pushes two of his fingers in without warning, starting a quick rhythm at once and completely derailing th's thoughts about how pretty the two alphas look kissing by th's feet.
th shouts something that vaguely sounds like /hyung/ and grabs onto yg's wrist. his legs threaten to close, but jm's got a good grip on his thigh, his own fingers sliding down to th's crotch.
it's so overwhelming right after an orgasm, and th whines, body shuddering. nj's arms tighten around him in response. the alpha rumbles, his thick cock pressing into th's lower back.
"you look so pretty when you come. i wanna see it over and over again," yg murmurs. his free hand catches th by the chin to keep him still so he could kiss him.
th tries to reciprocate, tongue gliding together with yg's, but his last brain cell withers away when jm's exploring fingers join yg's in th's cunt.
"oh my god, please please please," th mumbles for who knows what reason. the only thing on his mind are the fingers in his pussy - the way yg's reach deeper but jm's stretch him wider.
they're so good at this, th thinks, thoughts hazy with arousal. they fuck him in perfect tandem, stroking all the most sensitive spots inside and out. th is nothing but a puddle of pleasure in nj's arms, glad that there's a strong alpha at his back to keep him standing.
the second orgasm is quick to come, oversensitive as th is. he trembles in their hold, not having even realized he dug his fingers into hs's arm so harshly. as th tries to get some air into his lungs, he watches as jm slathers th's slick over yg's mouth with a grin.
yg rolls his eyes and does the same to jm before grabbing sj for a wet kiss. not to be outdone, jm tugs hs closer and smashes their lips together even as hs can't stop laughing.
"oh no," nj whispers by th's ear. "come here, baby," he calls to jk, who, th only now notices, is pouting something fierce at being left out of the kissing.
it's slightly ridiculous, and th giggles breathlessly when jk presses close to him so he could press his lips to nj's over th's shoulder. distracted by the six cute alphas all around him, th barely notices one of the others on the train approaching.
"if you're just gonna make out with each other, give the omega to us," the stranger says and tugs th from between jk and nj.
th crashes into the alpha's chest, snarls from around the train intensifying into open hostility rather than arousal. not only is the pack growling their displeasure, but other, more decent, alphas are clearly not happy with such treatment of an omega either.
but before anyone can come to th's rescue, he turns to the alpha and grabs him by the shoulders, kneeing him in the crotch with force. the alpha groans and crumples to the ground on his knees, hands between his legs.
"did i let you fucking touch me?" th snarls out. the train stops and the doors open slowly so th takes the opportunity to put his booted foot on the alpha's shoulder and give him a not so gentle shove towards it.
"don't enter this car if you can't respect the omegas on it," th growls as the alpha stumbles out of the train and onto the platform, an expression of pure bewilderment on his face.
when the doors slide shut a second later, th smooths down his skirt and turns to face the pack. as the rest of the train, the six alphas stare at th with their mouths open.
a grin splits th's face. "now," he says and jumps into the arms of the closest alpha, hs, who to his credit only grunts with th's added weight. "will hyungie finally fuck me, or do i have to kick his ass too?"
he rubs his nose with hs's, as jm and sj sputter in laughter, the others soon following. the heart-shaped smile makes an appearance on hs's lips. the endearing sight getting ruined only slightly by the way hs's hand slips to th's ass and tugs at the plug there.
"hyung would love to fuck you," hs answers with a wicked tilt to his mouth. th trembles all over. finally, he thinks.
// tbc honest to god we're getting to the actual fucking next update lmao


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