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#taekook A/B/O AU Jungkook remembers his words so well, oh so well… “You’re the best that ever happened to me, Jungkookie.” He remembers the omega’s words as if they were said just yesterday but it already happened 3 years ago. He said those words and left, after a long, long-

-talk, after them talking about their plans for the future and with most of their ideas parting at some point, they decided that it would probably be the best to end their relationship, to break off their engagement and to cancel all wedding plans. “You deserve someone who-
-wants to walk your path together with you”, Taehyung told him, “Someone who’s all in, someone who really wants what you want and I’m… not the one because I’m not ready to take that step yet. I’m not ready for parenting. I know, you are and you’re going to be an amazing-
-dad. I’m not there yet and…” He had smiled that beautiful smile which made Jungkook’s heart beat fast and threaten to burst out of his chest but this time, it didn’t reach his eyes. And Jungkook, who had to deal with Taehyung asking him to wait with building a family for-
-years now, wasn’t sure if he’d ever be ready to take this step. So, he agreed on splitting up for good. Taehyung, his beautiful Taehyung, with the smile disappearing from his lips, stepped up to him and kissed him one last time. “You’ll always have a secure place in my-
-heart, Jungkookie. I love you”, he said and then, he grabbed his bag and walked out of their apartment and out of Jungkook’s life. And back then, Jungkook understood why the omega wasn’t ready. He understood his intentions because Taehyung was still in law school and Jungkook-
-freshly out of the police academy, being a simple patrol officer - definitely not the perfect time to start a family. Still, the alpha wasn’t sure if Taehyung would ever be ready for pups… Until today, Jungkook hasn’t heard from him for three long years and their last few-
-moments flash in front of his inner eye when he and his partner arrive at the scene of the accident. There, in the crashed luxury car, is the love of his life, unconscious, a bleeding laceration on his forehead and a weeping toddler on the rear bench seat. Jungkook doesn’t-
-think much about the pup for now. He seems unharmed. Instead, he checks on Taehyung while his partner makes an emergency call, telling the paramedics that there’s a child involved and that there’s probably a pediatrician needed. Taehyung’s breathing so Jungkook focuses on-
-stopping the bleeding on his forehead and from what he can see it’s more of a superficial injury and while he’s pressing a pad from their first aid kit against Taehyung’s forehead, the other regains consciousness. He blinks a few times and Jungkook reaches for another pad to-
-gently wipe the blood away from beneath his eye. “Hey”, he whispers because it’s probably a shock for Taehyung to wake up after an accident and look directly into his ex’s face. The other blinks again, a few times, before he mumbles, clearly confused: “J-jungkookie?” before-
-he sits up rapidly with a panicked “Jihun!” only to sink back because he feels dizzy. “Shh, you need to stay calm”, Jungkook tries and Taehyung closes his eyes. “Jihun…!”, he tries again and the officer looks at the rear bench seat where his partner is sitting next to the-
-small boy. “Don’t worry”, he says, “He’s unharmed.” Hearing that, Taehyung calms down a little and looks back at Jungkook. “What are you doing here?” Jungkook smiles. “I’m here to perform first aid and stay with you until the ambulance arrives, Tae”, he replies and lures-
-a smile from the omega. “Can you look after Jihun for me?”, he asks and Jungkook nods even when he wonders who Jihun is. He for sure isn’t Taehyung’s child, right?
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