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Who is LG (Thread) Yesterday in a very derogatory language Kejriwal asked who is LG. In this thread, U will get to know - Journey of Delhi's LG Vinai Kumar Saxena - Why Modi trust him so much - On whom, Delhi people sud be proud - Kejriwal or VK Saxena 1/16

VK Saxena born in Kanpur in 1958 n pursued his graduation from CSM University Kanpur He started his corporate journey as Asst Officer from JK White Cement (Raj) Plant He was active in social works also. In 1991 he started an NGO National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL)
While working in Cement plant, he also kept working on social welfare also. In 1995, JK Cement cement was establishing a new plant at Dholera (Gujarat). He was promoted to GM n sent there. Apart from his professional work he started social work in Gujarat also by his NCCL
His first face off happened in Gujarat against Megha Patekar n Ford Foundation m@fia during Narmada Bachao movement. While Patekar was opposing Narmada dam, he supported dam n fought against Patekar n FF n educated people abt their evil agenda
From there he came in eyes of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, BJP n RSS By 2001 he had become director of Dholera plant n he was also working on other social projects also. When in 2001, earthquake occurred in Gujarat, He tied up with Hyderabad's earth center who specialize in
Satellite photos He used technology for rehabilitation program after earthquake In 2003, He started a project "Trishna" to use unutilized water of Gujarat in arid area of Gujarat n Rajasthan n assisted state govt He used his technical n corporate knowledge of his work
at JK Cement plant n started to work for social welfare. Unesco selected him for a project, he also worked in a project at Yeman He received global fame in 2004 when he worked on a Project ENDURE. This road side area is called shoulder n it causes max dust in city.
He proposed an eco friendly material for these shoulders to reduce dust on Gujarat roads. His idea was accepted n was very successful. His idea won UN award in 2004 He kept working for social welfare by innovation n technology n by 2008 he had won many UN awards
In 2014, His NGO launched a project Rainbow hill to build house of tribals using eco friendly technology in Sabarkantha dist. His Gujarat journey ended in 2015 when Modi had become PM n he wanted to promote Indian Khadi. N for this he was looking for a man
Who is intelligent, technologically superior but also connected with roots n have experience to work at grass root level n the only name came in his mind was Vinai Kumar Saxena In 2015, VK Saxena was appointed Chairman of Khadi & Village Industries Commision (KVIC)
n from there He did miracle in KVIC A separate thread will be needed to explain how VK Saxena converted Indian Khadi into super brand but in short in his 7 year tenure - turnover of KVIC increased by 248% - he generated 40 lac new employment - in 2021-22 KVIC generated
1.15 lac crore. That is record by any FMCG firm in India till date. Have u observed change in Padma awardee winners after Modi. The real achievers started to get Padma award. VK Saxena is in panel of Padma award selection He is also member of CISR panel that is
highest govt scientific research body On other side Kejriwal who used Anna movement n got power in Delhi n by using freebies to win again. By 2022 Delhi was suffering by Pollution, dirty Yamuna, traffic jam, water problem n Kejriwal was not competent to solve these problems
In May 2022, Modi asked him to solve problems of Delhi n he was appointed LG of Delhi by President. As a Chairman of KVIC he already had worked on few projects of Delhi. - As he became LG, he transferred 40 bureaucrats - He immediately started to work on Gazipur landfill site
He exposed various scams of Kejriwal govt n ordered CBI enquiry Must visit his Twitter timeline n check his work… Kejriwal govt tried to intimidate him be fake corruption charges but they were slapped by Delhi high court
LG Delhi

LG Delhi

आज दिल्ली के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में शहर के निर्माण कार्यों में लगे श्रमिक भाई-बहनों से मुलाकात कर उन्हें नव वर्ष की बधाई दी और कम्बल भेंट किया। भीषण सर्दी में भी 24 घंटे देश की राजधानी के काया कल्प को समर्पित अपने इन सह- नागरिकों का हृदय से धन्यवाद करता हूं।
One side there is VK Saxena who started his journey from Asst officer, fought against Ford, solved problems, made Khadi super brand Other side Kejriwal who never solved a single problem of Delhi, who always used lies, freebies to fool people Who is more needed for Delhi ? 16/16
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