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Jan 18
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if you got locked/suspended by twitter, read this thread ❗❗❗ (rt to spread) !

step 1: go to 'help center' or just search 'about suspended account twitter" and click the article that will appear.
step 2: look for the "how to unsuspend your account" and click the "file an appeal".
step 3: you will file an appeal under a locked/suspension account. take note: the photo below has been updated this year, so it might not have a phone number option but u're still in the right process!
step 4: this is very important!!! you have to check your email right away to see if twitter has replied about your case.
step 5: important part as well!!! you SHOULD reply to the email that twitter has sent you. please copy/paste this template: I, (your twitter @), state that I've read & understood Twitter's copyright policy. I will not violate it in the future in any form. reply this !!
step 6: if twitter haven't replied to your email within hours. reply again to the first email that twitter has sent you with this template: ++++
Hi @Twitter Support My Twitter account (twt @) got suspended and I've never violated the Twitter rules. Could you please consider and unsuspend it? I appealed the suspension under Case# 0302643355 via the Help Center form but obtained no response. please i need my account.
step 7: kindly wait for twitter's email regarding your replies, it might take up to 24-48 hours or maybe days! just be patient and don't worry, twitter will unlock/unsuspend it! please see the attached photo below.
last part: " Could you please consider and unsuspend it? I appealed the suspension under (ur case no.) " regarding to this, you should put your case number. see the attached photo below.
don't y'all worry, twitter unsuspend my 6 accs last 5 days 😭
this case appeal can be both for locked and suspended accounts. take note: don't forget to put a 'fan account' on your bio.


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