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Abū Ismāʿīl

Jan 19
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Some financial/career advise for my younger brothers. 1) Start working from a young age, don’t waste your time doing to university unless you can a) afford to pay for it and b) it will land you in a HIGH PAID job right away

2) I started working from the age of 15 years old as a waiter in my dads restaurant (alcohol free) and I was barely getting paid much but it taught me basic customer service skills which I added to my C.V.
3) I then went on to work in a travel agents around the age of 17-19 and again I was getting paid much but it taught me customer service skills and also taught me organisation skills and how to operate efficiently in a office environment which I added to my C.V.
4) This then lead me to start applying for jobs in the business/commercial sector, I probably applied for 300-400 jobs in the space of 6 months and I wasn’t getting any interviews or any interest at all, I kept making du’a to Allah and then I actually landed an interview
5) I failed the interview and I was unprepared, it was a major corporation and it was my first real interview at the age of 19 and I also requested feedback. What did I learn? How an interview is structured and what to do expect from the interviewers,
For example I did not use the STAR format for when I was answering questions and explaining my interview examples and I learnt that certain corporations will provide interview material that helps you structure your answers in accordance to their requirements
6) This then lead me to revise my interview examples under the STAR format and then I started applying for jobs again. I landed another interview with a major corporation and will the permission of Allah I was given the job (this was my second official interview)
7) In this job as a customer service associate in a call centre I started at 18K per annum and I was 20 years old at the time. My family advised me to save at least 1K per month minimum. I advise you likewise! Try your best to save 1,000 GBP per month. Trust me.
If it means being humble and not eating out all the time and/or buying new clothes all the time so be it! Trust me you don’t need to splash your money cos you will need it in the future!
At the time I didn’t have much responsibility as I was young and my dad Alhamdulillah was running a successful business. This lead me to saving every month Alhamdulillah and because I was not married, didn’t have any kids or any major bills to pay it was possible.
Alhamdulillah with the permission of Allah I have progressed within my current role and gone to a different job role.
So my advice to you is to start working from a young age, get experience in different jobs so that you can build your skill set and your C.V.
When you have a good C.V. which shows you have worked in a couple of places, detailing what work you did and what skills you have start to then apply for the big business and corporations because they will look to take you on.
If anyone needs to speak to me on a personal level, look at their C.V. and them with interview prep I’m more than happy to help.
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