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Jan 20
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This article presents answers to questions that have been on my mind, including incredibly odd statements in Cormac McCarthy’s new book, Stella Maris. A 🧵:

Here's my latest article on longtermism, eugenics, and Nick Bostrom's racist email. I explore the deep connections between longtermism and eugenics, and argue that longtermism is just the most recent iteration of the "eternal return of eugenics."…
From Stella Maris: “Jews represent two percent of the population and eighty percent of the mathematicians. If those numbers were even a little more skewed we’d be talking about a separate species.”
I was gobsmacked when I read this—who seriously talks about races as species? Choosing the Jewish people out of all the races/ethnicities—as one may recall, the Nazis *also* had the opinion that the Jewish people were a separate species.
One would think that this matter was settled—that a fundamental brotherhood existed that unites all of humanity. What other conclusion could be drawn from the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust and the Japanese projects like Unit 731?
Instead, we find an utter perversion of brotherhood, an utter perversion of the meaning of humanity itself. Humanity itself is to be atomized, race hierarchies are to be established, indentured servitude the norm to be. Perhaps experiments are to be run on individuals and groups.
It is no wonder that so many in charge are afeared of so-called “race wars”—they themselves have abandoned the idea of any alternative! These leaders who are rotten to the core—call it despair if you like, the result is the same—literally cannot perceive of equality and equity.
How can such a thing exist among multiple graded races and ethnicities? It is a blatant contradiction. And here we find the ultimate solipsism defended by McCarthy: incest. Its justification? Pure exceptionalism. Here we find a woman talking about her desire for her brother:
“I just thought that we would always be together. I know you think I should have seen that as more aberrant than I did, *but my life is not like yours. My hour. My day.*” [emphasis mine]
Now, we must get into the intended audience of this book—as far as I can tell, it is targeted particularly to individuals in high-up places like the theoretical math, physics, and, given the numerous references to nukes, the US nuclear program itself.
Now, if we recall that McCarthy works at SFI, it’s worth remembering that Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, Christine, served on its board for a number of years in the 90s.
Epstein himself seemed intent on setting up a Lebensborn program less than an hour’s drive from SFI (and in close proximity to LANL and White Sands).…
Steven Pinker shows up in that article dismissing the legitimacy of the program—but what really is his objection? He already holds eugenics beliefs—was the idea itself reprehensible, or was it the implementation, or was it that too many people knew about it?
Meanwhile, Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico who was also accused of participating in Epstein’s sex trafficking, now serves the Biden administration as a diplomat.…
Just what the hell is going on here? What is going on in New Mexico? What is going on in proximity to our nuclear and defense programs? What is going on with Bill Richardson and the State Dept?
Meanwhile, as Emile points out, MIT has been host to virulent contingents of racists/misogynists/eugenicists/“transhumanists” since at least the 90s. MIT spawns Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison—both scions of prestigious professors, both of the highest pedigree.
And now it is revealed that one of their most acclaimed physicists, Max Tegmark, has committed funds—possibly dollars that were stolen from the public via FTX—to literal Neo-Nazis. It is all simply unbelievable—were the facts not all here for anyone to see.
And, to top it off, a full one-third of Senators and Representatives *also* took money from FTX. Questions of legitimacy and integrity abound: the Judicial, the Legislative. Our nuclear and defense programs—which means the Executive.
MIT harbors professors intent on giving explicit financial support to Neo-Nazis. Well-loved writers are spouting explicit longtermist and eugenicist ideas in some of the worst literature of the century thus far. Incest is somehow being reconsidered.
It is beyond horrific. These offenses cannot be brooked. It is no wonder why the stewardship of nature, of the climate, of the people of this country have all gone awry. Simply put, our leaders are insane. They believe insane ideas, they commit to or allow insane plans.
Never have we faced what we now face—extreme technical progression being leveraged to enforce extreme social and political regressions. What can be done? What must be done? I leave these as open questions—this is beyond my ability to answer right now.
Jeremy Flores

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