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// omegaverse, mpreg omega jk, the son of a ceo or smth, lived too recklessly in university and got knocked up by a one night stand so his parents, trying to protect the family image, pull him out of school and have their pregnant son finish his studies with an alpha tutor, nj

nj is hired bc he's so intelligent, so proper & polite, but he's actually quite strict... which jk has never really had before... and jk is annoyed at first but also nj is like. way hotter than jk thought his tutor would be. and he's kind, even if he's strict. and his scent 😩
jk is in his second trimester and even if he plans to raise his baby alone, the alpha's scent is !!! SO GOOD. it's warm and rich and soothing and makes jk feel so relaxed and safe, makes him want to curl up next to the alpha and nap 😩 but jk is shy with his strict tutor...
so he tries to hide how much nj's scent affects him, until nj catches jk wincing, hand on his belly one afternoon, and asks in a hushed, worried voice, "are you okay? are- are they okay?" jk blinks over at nj. "hn?" "you- you touched your stomach, i assumed..." "oh!"
jk smiles, grabbing nj's hand and bringing it to his belly, holding it over jk's bump where the baby is kicking. nj's lips part in shock. "oh my god." "hyungnim," jk says, grinning wider, "have you never felt a baby kick before?" "no, i— god, that's incredible," nj murmurs.
"it doesn't hurt too bad yet, but ah, if they're already this strong..." jk complains, rolling his neck and then blinking at nj in surprise when he realizes nj is staring at his face, not at his belly. "what?" "your scent, um." nj clears his throat. "it's nothing, sorry."
"are you okay to continue?" jk isn't sure what nj meant about /his/ scent... jk just smells like any other pregnant omega, doesn't he? but with nj still close, with jk breathing in the alpha's scent, he can already feel the baby settling. no more little kicks. "hyungnim."
"yes?" "if- if i get the next question right, will you scent with me?" nj turns his head and laughs, and jk pouts, waiting for nj to look back at him. to realize he's being serious. nj raises his eyebrows. "jungkookah. it- it's not proper, we can't..." "please?" jk whispers.
"is it just because." nj pauses, clearing his throat again. "is it because you're, ah, lonely...?" jk huffs out a short laugh, holding his belly with both hands now, smoothing them over the round curve. "do you really want to know?" "yes," nj says. his eyes are dark,
his stare unusually intense behind his glasses in a way that makes jk want to squirm. "your scent makes me feel better," jk admits softly, reaching up to nervously tuck his hair behind his ear. "it's- it's so nice, and i just have this feeling that the baby likes it too."
nj draws in a sharp breath. "i don't think it's just because you're an alpha, i mean, some of the staff are alphas, and their scents are just whatever, but yours is like- like sinking into a warm bath," jk mumbles, watching nj duck his head with a bashful, dimpled smile.
"so i'm not trying to fuck you or anything," jk whines, although as soon as he says the words, something close to arousal flares hot inside of him, wanting. whatever. it'd be weird if jk didn't want to fuck nj-hyung a little - jk has /eyes/. nj chokes out a startled laugh.
(jk really really hopes pregnancy-brain didn't make him say that last part out loud.) "i wasn't accusing you of trying to do that, i just didn't know, ah. what scenting would be to you." "comfort," jk says, slumping down a little in his chair, belly sticking out when he does.
"it'd be comforting for me, a- and for the baby." nj has that intense look again, the one that makes jk's breath catch in his throat. "okay. one correct question and then we can try that, okay?" "hyungnim, please go easy on me," jk whines, and nj snickers, opening his book.
— jk starts to feel uneasy, watching nj flip through the later chapters of a Law textbook, humming as he scans a page, and then he looks up and asks, "what do you want for lunch?" jk blinks. "wh- what?" "for lunch, jungkookah. what would you like to eat? your first answer."
"i- i, uhm." jk is confused at the abrupt change of topic, but nj /did/ ask, so— "samgyeopsal." "ah," nj says, one cheek dimpling with a smile. he closes the book he's holding. "good job, you answered correctly. where would you like to try scenting, then?" jk stares, surprised.
and then his eyes well up with tears, realizing that nj intentionally asked him a question he couldn't get wrong. nj's smile drops. "jungkookah, oh, is it— are you okay?" "i'm fine!" jk says quickly, wiping his face with his sleeve. "i- i am, it's nothing, i'm just sensitive."
"i didn't mean to tease you about food, i'll speak with the staff so you can really have samgyeopsal." jk sniffles loudly. "hyung, i- i'm not crying because i thought you were teasing me, i promise. can- can we scent on the couch…? it's easier on my back." "yeah, of course."
"let me help," nj adds softly, standing up and holding out his hand for jk to grab, helping him stand without looking bothered at all by how heavy jk is. ugh, jk thinks, failing to suppress his growing crush on nj. he's just so hot… jk gets settled on the couch in the study,
and nj sits next to him, loosening his tie, unbuttoning the top of his shirt so his collar is open. even just that small change to nj's usually tidy clothes makes him look different. less formal in a way that has jk swallowing, eyes widening when nj touches /his/ open collar.
he almost seems fixated, with the way he stares at jk's neck, and jk can't help a hard shiver when nj's thumb brushes jk's exposed collarbone. "oh, sorry," nj says, voice low and pleasant, scent already tickling jk's sensitive nose. "'s okay," jk replies, tonguing his lip ring.
"you can go first," the alpha murmurs, and jk nods, one hand resting on nj's shoulder and the other on the swell of his own pregnant belly out of habit as he leans in, nose tucking up against nj's scent gland. the alpha's full scent washes over jk like he's been doused in it,
and a moan leaves jk's lips before he can stop it. "shhh," nj hushes him, "we can't be caught doing this, jungkookah." he knows. he does. he doesn't want to get nj in trouble. but he smells so /good/. it's warmth that soothes him, that smells like it was made just for him.
a feeling stirs inside jk, something he mistakes for hunger at first, how desperately he wants to keep breathing in nj's scent. but it's not /hunger/, it's just— yearning. an ache to have nj close. no other alpha scent has ever made jk feel this way, and definitely not recently,
when pregnancy has made him more cautious about foreign scents, more sensitive to any small change. jk nuzzles shyly at nj's jaw and gasps out, "hyung, wh- why do you smell so good?" "jungkookah," nj rasps. he's been quiet, sat still the whole time jk has been breathing him in,
but now jk notices how tense nj is, the darker notes in his scent thickening, like, like— "your turn," jk tells him, pulling back and tilting his head to the side, swallowing a startled cry when nj is suddenly - and gently - pinning jk to the couch, caging him in with his arms.
the baby has settled, maybe fast asleep right now, even with jk's heart beating so fast, and he huffs out a breathless laugh. "jungkookah," nj growls, dropping his face to jk's neck, breath hitting jk's sensitive skin in hot puffs. "i don't know why—" "what—" but jk cuts off,
quiet and still for the alpha as his nose grazes jk's scent gland, as his breaths huff loud so close to jk's ear. "the way you smell," nj starts again, leaning close enough now that he must be able to feel the curve of jk's belly against him. "it can't be possible, but—"
"what?" jk is confused, worked up and nearly drunk on both of their scents, the underlying dark arousal, the slightly humid spike in the air that jk knows is him slicking up. maybe nj was right before. maybe jk has just been too lonely, eager for a touch that isn't his own.
"you smell like you're carrying my pup." jk jerks back, staring at nj with wide eyes. "what? wh- why would you say that—" "jungkookah, i'm sorry to ask, but do you know the father…?" jk flushes. nj has never asked him about this. maybe too polite for such a personal question.
and even if nj has always had this aura to him - firm, but respectful - that makes jk want to do as he says, jk wouldn't have told him about this. "it's not your business," jk mumbles, eyes widening again when nj pulls away, collapsing onto the couch next to jk. groaning.
"hyungnim?" "you don't have to be ashamed," nj says roughly, scrubbing a hand over his face before he turns his head, meeting jk's eyes. "but— about, ah." nj pauses, staring down at jk's belly. "about six months ago, i did something at a party." it feels like jk's heart stops.
it's a lurch of realization. shock, denial. there's no way… "probably the only reason i agreed to go to hoseok's party in the first place is because i was in pre-rut—" "hobi-hyung?" jk interrupts. he has his arms wrapped around his belly now, almost unconsciously protective.
"hobi, yeah, jung hoseok. i was in pre-rut," nj repeats, "and that's the main reason i didn't leave the room after walking in on yoongi-hyung sat back against a headboard, an omega bent over with his face in hyung's lap—" "stop," jk blurts out, face flushing hot, pulse racing.
he doesn't remember /everything/ from that night - it was a long night, jk was in pre-heat himself, he was /needy/ - but he can already see it. "do you really want me to stop?" jk's breath hitches, hand absently rubbing over the swell of his pregnant belly. he shakes his head.
"i wasn't wearing my glasses," nj admits, almost sheepish for a moment, "but i remember a slender waist, the omega already bare and wet, smelling so strong of heat." "i wasn't in heat yet," jk whispers, even though his hands rest on the evidence that he must have been too close.
nj ducks his head with a shaky exhale. "i know. even with my hormones making me an idiot, if i came across an omega i've never met before in heat, i wouldn't have touched them. but your scent was irresistible, you /begged/, so i just—" "hyung," jk says, desperate. "r- really?"
"jungkookah. could it be anyone else? did yg-hyung also…?" nj trails off. he doesn't sound judgmental, but jk still winces at the question. it's not like he didn't do worse, more reckless things on other weekends. jk just didn't end up /pregnant/ from any of those things.
"no," jk says, sniffling when it starts to sink in. nj-hyung isn't just his tutor. nj /pupped/ him. nj is the person jk told himself over and over that he was fine living without, never realizing it was the same polite alpha now teaching him statistics and law and english.
"no, yg-hyung didn't… a- and my heat was weird, that cycle, after the party, so i didn't spend it with anyone." "weird," nj echoes, staring at jk's bump again. "because you were already pregnant." "i didn't even ask yg-hyung your name," jk says, trying to blink away tears,
his breath just hitching louder when nj reaches over to wipe at jk's round cheeks with his thumbs. "i- i felt so lost and ashamed, that's why i didn't tell anyone for so long, it was /lonely/, hyung, and—" "jungkookah," nj breathes out, voice warm, eyebrows furrowed in concern.
"you didn't have anything to be ashamed about, you know that, right? you- you and i were no different, that night. neither was yg-hyung," nj adds with a short laugh. "please don't blame yourself for that. if i'm allowed to say so… you've already been very brave and strong."
jk feels more tears roll hot down his cheeks, trying to keep his face from crumpling as he asks, "you could really smell that it's your baby?" nj smiles softly. "it's more like, ah, this instinctual feeling? rather than a particular scent. but i feel it so strongly around you."
"that must be why your scent is so nice to me and the baby," jk mumbles. nj is silent for a minute, fingers petting jk's hair away from where it's fallen over his face, and then he says, "i don't want you to feel pressured by any of this." "hn?" "like— pressure to include me."
"oh." jk realizes, from the complicated look on nj's face, tense again, what he's referring to. "but- but now that you know, hyung, would you want." jk pauses, swallowing. "would you want to be included?" "i'll support you in any way that you let me," nj answers immediately.
"hnnn, that's not what i meant…" jk's face wrinkles with a little smile, taking both of nj's hands and placing them on the curve of his belly, watching nj's lips part as he stares down between them. "do you want them to know you?" "truthfully?" nj asks, and jk nods.
"i want to take care of you. i think— i've wanted that since we first met, and i could tell you were scared and upset. r- rightfully so, being separated from a normal life, but my instincts just wanted to protect you, even from the start." "you were strict," jk says with a pout.
nj ducks his head with a laugh, even as his hands smooth over jk's belly, tracing the firm swell of it in a way that /does/ make jk feel safe. protected. "i'm sorry i came off that way. i just wanted you to study well, to show your parents they shouldn't underestimate you."
"i don't care what they think," jk mutters, watching nj's expression soften. "hyung. you never answered." "i do want the pup to know me," nj says quietly. "if you'd be okay with that. it's— we made a baby, jungkookah." nj's smile is wide, his deep voice tinged with disbelief.
"we did," jk agrees, lips tugging up with his own smirk. he guides nj's hands to either side of his belly, covering them with his own and whispering, "look at how pregnant you got me, alpha." nj's scent spikes, dark and pleased. "don't say it like that." "say it like what?"
"say it like you- you're trying to rile me up, ah, don't play innocent—" "i'm not," jk interrupts, moving a hand to curl around the back of nj's neck, dragging his face down closer. nj's eyelashes flutter, lips parting in surprise. "i'm not playing innocent." jk kisses him.
nj hums in surprise against jk's lips before kissing back, but as soon as he does, oh— jk really /has/ been lonely for too long. nj's kisses send tingles right down his spine, make him even more aware of their closeness, of nj's comforting scent, of their loud shared breaths.
nj kisses him like he means it, like he knows how much jk aches for this intimacy. and maybe he does know, with jk's whines muffled quietly between them, with the way he tries to arch closer and only feels heat as his belly meets nj's firm stomach. nj smiles against his lips.
it's partly to deflect from how much jk knows he's slicking up when he breaks the kiss to say with a pout, "hyungnim, you said something earlier about lunch…" (but it's also partly just because jk is hungry.) nj tips his forehead against jk's gently and laughs, a short huff.
"i did. we can take a break for lunch, but let me get you a washcloth or something, your eyes are all puffy—" "it's fine," jk mutters, waving his hand, hiccupping out his own embarrassed huff. "the staff already know i cry over stupid stuff regularly, ah, it's just another day."
nj stares at him, then, expression so soft that the tingling warmth down jk's spine is back, even without the slick glide of nj's lips with his. jk glances down at nj's mouth, just for a moment, and nj raises an eyebrow. "oh?" "it's not—" "what are you hungrier for, really?"
"food," jk says immediately, watching nj duck his head cutely again. those dimples… he's so handsome, jk thinks, and their pup will probably be just as beautiful— jk's thoughts cut off, laughing at himself when new tears blur his vision, brushing them away before nj can worry.
"ah, so you weren't kidding about the crying." "hyungnim!" jk whines, slapping his chest. maybe harder than he means to, from the way the alpha winces. "i was thinking of how beautiful our baby will be a- and how much i can't wait to meet them." "our baby," nj repeats softly.
"it's really…" nj trails off, and this time /he's/ the one who stares a little too long at jk's lips before meeting his eyes again, gaze a little dark. "it's going to take some time to sink in, i think. fuck, it feels sudden, even though it's been months for you." "it's okay."
jk hums, leaning back into the couch because his neck has started to ache some, and nj pets through his hair again. he looks so good with his top buttons undone. jk hopes it's not long before nj lets jk see him naked. "what are you thinking about," nj rumbles, eyebrows raised.
🍦🐰 semi ia 🍃

🍦🐰 semi ia 🍃

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