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#taekookau • heaven and back.🔞 if there's one thing that taehyung hates in his life, it's losing. and losing by unfair means? he's fcking furious. he storms into the locker room, jaws clenched and fist curled like he just wants to punch someone, kicking his locker in anger,

totally deaf to a certain voice that followed him. "taehyung, stop, don't do that you'll hurt yourself!" jungkook yells, raising his voice because the elder just doesn't seem to listen to him at all.
"fuck off jungkook, I don't need your goddamn sympathy!" taehyung grunted, his back still faced to the younger, nerves popping out from his neck out of anger.
"i'm not here to sympathize taehyung..." jungkook replied gently, knowing full well that shouting would only lead to more arguments.
"then why are you here huh? to watch me cry and throw up like a loser? tell me because yeah, that's what i am, a loser, and always will be" taehyung spits, hating the apologetic look jungkook was giving him right now. "and you think being angry would help it?" jungkook asks him,
placing his hand on taehyung's shoulder, wanting to turn him around and make him face him, but in the blink of an eye he was pinned against the lockers instead, caged in between taehyung's arms, the elder now looking at him with hooded, dark eyes.
"everything is so easy for you to say jungkook, you got supportive parents, a backup career and fcking everything one can ever wish for...your life has always been good to you unlike me so yeah you have no right to tell me what to do and what not to!" he groaned,
wanting to come off as intimidating but jungkook could see right through him no matter what. no one knew taehyung better than him after all. his hands reached to cup taehyung's cheeks softly, caressing it in an attempt to calm him down.
"taehyung, i know how much football means to you, how you chose it despite your parents not wanting you to do it and i also know how unfair the decision today were close to winning…i know...but trust me everything will turn out just fine—
trust yourself and give your best...the results are never in your hand but your satisfaction is, always…and i'm always proud of you no matter wha—" jungkook was just about to finish his point when he felt a pair of lips on his, cutting him off.
taehyung doesn't understand what prompted him to do that, but it felt like he finally acted upon something he had wanted to do in so long. he doesn't remember when he started seeing jungkook as something more than just his best friend, something about his eyes, his smile,
his voice…kept taehyung hooked on to him even more. maybe he didn't acknowledge those feelings until now, suppressing them to the furthest corner of his heart.
he had convinced himself that only football mattered to him ever, that's the adrenaline that kept him going, but he was wrong. maybe he just needed jungkook all along. he's the one who mattered to him in the end after all.
the realization made him kiss the younger even more vigorously, wanting to taste more of him. when jungkook didn't kiss him back purely out of utter shock, taehyung panicked, wondering if he had done something he shouldn't have.
/fck fck oh my god why did i do that/ he mentally cursed himself, not wasting a second more in untangling himself from the position they were currently in, mouthing a sorry in a hurry, hoping that the younger forgets this ever happened between them
and doesn't let it affect their friendship— that was when, much to his surprise, jungkook grabbed him by the neck and slotted their lips together, pulling him closer once again and taking taehyung's slender long hands in his and guiding them to grab his waist instead.
and that's all it took for taehyung to lose his control, as he licked and sucked the soul out of the younger's lips, making him whimper and open his mouth in pleasure and taking it as an opportunity to slide his tongue further into his cavern,
tasting every inch of his wetness. everything was messy, the intense smell of sweat reeking off from their bodies, their soiled jerseys, saliva dripping from their lips, but all of it was the least of their concerns, because at that moment they felt as if —
they were caught in trance, just the two of them and no one else; it felt euphoric. taehyung's greed increased with every passing second as the last bit of sanity left his brain as he chased his lips, making him gasp in response.
he continued to press kisses down jungkook's neck, making him let out soft moans, as he kept sucking on a certain one spot that seemed to render him speechless.
the obscene sounds he let out only made taehyung hungry to hear more of them. but he wasn't sure if jungkook wanted the same too. he halted in his actions, his hands now holding the hem of jungkook's jersey,
asking for his consent to go further and jungkook swore that he could have melted into a pool of puddle right there. the man of his dreams, kim taehyung, was just too sexy with everything he did.
he pressed his mouth to taehyung's in affirmation, whispering a "i want you hyung" against his lips. and in an instant jungkook's jersey was on the floor, revealing his toned body that had taehyung drooling, a smirk plastering on his face.
and as much as jungkook was confident with his body, proud of the results of working out everyday, taehyung's scrutinizing gaze did make him feel a lot shy, his cheeks and ears burning from the way the taehyung was looking at, /admiring/ his frame.
"you're so sexy baby" taehyung spoke up, as he proceeded to press kisses to jungkook's chest, playing with his perked up nubs with his fingers as the younger yelped in pleasure coursing through every nerve in his body.
"'re talking as if you haven't seen me naked before" jungkook managed to reply between his whimpers as taehyung worked his tongue around his rock-hard nipples, making him smirk against his skin in response.
cue to teasing his chest and decorating it with bite marks, he moved back to his lips, his hands now reaching to grab his ass instead, giving it a hard squeeze making jungkook arch his back into his hold prettily,
making taehyung's cock twitch inside his own shorts at how fcking responsive his body was. he was so fcking hard, damn, thanks to jungkook. and the younger sensed his hardness through the shorts that did a poor job in hiding it.
"hyung let me make you feel good too..." he spoke up, tracing his thighs over taehyung's hard on, proceeding to place taehyung in his place instead, the elder's grip on his waist still tight. he kneeled down in front of him,
tugging off his shorts and underwear in a swift movement, revealing the elder's rock hard erection, /god was he thick/. jungkook gulped a few times, looking at his girth, wondering if it would even fit in his mouth when taehyung's fingers carded through his locks,
urging him to go further than just looking. "go on, suck me off" taehyung spoke up, hissing at the sight of jungkook's pretty lips slowly wrapping around his cock, taking him in entirely.
he bobbed his head back and forth, deep throating the elder like a champ, sucking on it and gagging a bit at times and taehyung could only moan and wonder how pretty he looked like this, mouth wrapped around his cock, taking him so well.
he couldn't believe this was the same jungkook, his best friend, who has been there for him ever since they were kids, never once leaving his side all these years. and he knew really shouldn't be in this position with him, but fuck it. if this was a mistake he was going
to regret later, then he should atleast make it worth it.
he tried to hold himself back but when jungkook slowed down, he couldn't help but began fcking himself slowly into jungkook's mouth, not breaking eye contact with him once.
he didn't go fast though, wanting it to last as long as it could, reaching so close to his high yet holding himself back.
"fck baby, you're so good at this" he moaned, jungkook's ears reddening at the praise. "i don't wanna come...just...c'mere" he spoke up,
helping jungkook get up as he kissed his him on his lips again, tasting himself on him this time, as his hands began palming the younger's clothed erection now.
with the way jungkook's breath hitched in his throat, taehyung knew he was enjoying this to the fullest and as if it was a green signal to go further ahead, he removed his shorts, stripping him completely naked.
jungkook felt so fcking shy he was just about to cover himself up with his hands when taehyung pinned them to his sides.
"you're beautiful everywhere angel, no need to hide yourself from me" he assured him in his deep voice, close to his ears and jungkook felt so relieved he finally relaxed into the elder's touch, looking at him with those glossy doe eyes that always had taehyung weak in knees.
"do you still want me to go on?" taehyung asked him, worried because everything had just happened so quickly and maybe jungkook wanted to back off before they did something more.
"hyung please, go on..." jungkook replied with desperation evident in his voice and who was taehyung to deny?
"we don't have lube tho—" taehyung protested when jungkook took his fingers and began sucking on to them, just like how he was sucking on his cock few minutes back and something feral just snapped inside taehyung the moment as soon as jungkook did that.
"it's okay, use this" he spoke up, sucking on his fingers as he coated them with his spit. "you have no idea what you're doing to me, you better be prepared..." taehyung replied, pulling his fingers out from jungkook's mouth and placing it against his rim,
circling and teasing the entrance for a bit before slipping one finger in, catching jungkook by surprise. jungkook cried, tears fell from his eyes as the sensation hit him tenfold harder since they were doing it raw, without any lube, just his spit and nothing else.
"more..i can take more...hyung…" jungkook mewled amidst his tears making taehyung slip one then two fingers into his twitching hole, scissoring him open as he thrusted into them hard and fast.
it didn't take long until he hit a certain spot and jungkook moaned his loudest, taehyung understood that he had already found his prostate. perfect.
he kept ramming his digits into him, kissing him in the process so as to ease the pain, and when taehyung felt that he was open enough he pulled his fingers out, wanting to replace it with his cock so bad already.
jungkook whined when he did that, feeling empty and taehyung smirked, looking at how fucked jungkook already looked when they haven't even started with the entire thing yet.
"turn around angel" and jungkook immediately obliged, spreading his legs a bit more so as to give taehyung a perfect view of his hole, the same guy who was shy minutes before, taehyung swore that he couldn't understand jungkook's duality at all.
"fuck" taehyung grunted, as he slowly slipped his cock into jungkook's hole...waiting for a bit, letting jungkook adjust to his length first.
"you' big..." jungkook moaned, and taehyung wasn't sure if that made him blush or made him just want to ruin jungkook's ass even more. maybe both.
he pulled his length out, only to slam it back in, hitting jungkook's sweet spot just right. he increased his pace with every thrust, fcking him like his life depended upon it.
"you're so tight…fck you're taking me so well baby…" taehyung groaned as he pistoled his cock in and out of the younger's heat, loving the way jungkook's velvety walls engulfed his cock.
jungkook couldn't do much except moan in pleasure, loving the drag of taehyung's cock inside him, making him roll his eyes and see nothing but white. he cried tears of pleasure when taehyung's hands reached his belly and caressed the skin there softly.
"don't be loud baby...we wouldn't want anyone to come here..." taehyung whispered against his ears, nibbling at it, making him shudder at his deep voice. "i did lock the doors before i came in…" jungkook replied amidst his tears.
"hmm are you sure?" taehyung asked him, teasingly. "i…i don't know…" jungkook replied, sounding wary. "what if someone sees us like this?" taehyung asked him and he felt jungkook clenching around him harder as he did so.
"oh, the thought turns you on huh?" "shut..up..." jungkook is beyond embarrassed to admit the effect taehyung and his words are having on him right now.
taehyung continued to thrust into him even more faster, his hands now stroking the younger's cock at the same pace he was fucking him, jungkook reduced to nothing but a moaning and crying mess at his mercy, being pleasured from both sides.
"hyung...i'm coming..." jungkook cried out, the urge to release his load getting intense. "come for me baby, let go..." a taehyung replied,
and that's all jungkook needed as he spurt thick ropes of come in taehyung's hands as the elder helped him milk out every single drop of his load.
it didn't take much before jungkook fell limp in taehyung's arms...letting the elder use him at his mercy and not much later taehyung came too, warm and thick filling up jungkook's hole just right.
— ♡ if jungkook looked pretty before, post sex him was ethereal and delicate...with that soft smile with a sex glow on his face...taehyung swore that he could actually go for a second round then and there...but he restrained himself.
they still had to talk about a lot of things…yeah. they had to talk.
"uhmm..." taehyung began to speak, not really knowing what to say. "don't you dare say you regret it…" jungkook retorted, making taehyung gasp in surprise.
"what— no, when did i even say that? i was about to say i..." and jungkook slapped him on his cheek, though not hard enough to cause pain. it was quite a gentle hit.
"couldn't confess your feelings to me but were brave enough to fuck me, huh? asshole..." jungkook spoke up, looking mad (but he just looked adorable instead.)
"my feelings…what— how did you know?" taehyung asked him, wondering how the hell did jungkook even know about his feelings that he wasn't even sure about until now.
"don't i always know you better than anyone else?" jungkook replied with a softly, making taehyung smile at his response, warmth spreading all over him. jungkook really knew him inside out. "you do."
"yeah, so you better take me out on a date first, i'll tell you if i feel the same for you or not" jungkook spoke up, getting out of the shower already, leaving a very perplexed taehyung behind.
"wait, you mean i have to wait until then?" taehyung asked him, drying his hair with his towel, following jungkook around like a lovesick puppy. "yes, now come outside after five minutes of me exiting, yeah?" jungkook replied, already leaving.
"hey that's unfair? you can't just do that—" "should've thought that before yelling at me and then fucking me, now stop following me, do as i said..." jungkook spoke up and once he turned his face away from taehyung,
he broke into his biggest laughter. he liked that dork a little too much.
— finish.♥︎


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