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Jan 21
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We are naive The laxity of geopolitical Keynesianism made us abandon the Versailles treaty & led to WW2. Today, the fragility of our international order is based on the same mistake 🇩🇪 preserved its Nazi elite & its imperial geostrategic culture 🧵 THREAD…

1. It was not the treaty of Versailles that provoked WW2, as France gave up all the advantages it had obtained (reparations were suspended in 1933).
2. The UK persisted in appeasing Nazi Germany as long as it could and only acted decisively when it was attacked on its territory. This is how the UK, in its turn (after having pushed France to do the same), lost its great power status, its empire, and ruined its economy.
3. For François Mitterrand, who had spent a short time in the Vichy administration at the beginning of the Second World War instead of joining General De Gaulle in London, the Europe of 1919, under 🇫🇷 preponderance and not wanting the return of 🇩🇪 as a great power, was an evil.
4. Hitler: "All the problems which are causing such unrest today lie in the deficiencies of the Treaty of Peace which did not succeed in solving in a clear and reasonable way the questions of the most decisive importance for the future. ...
5. Hitler (2): ... Neither national nor economic — to say nothing of legal — problems and demands of the nations were settled by this treaty in such a way as to stand the criticism of reason in the future."
6. It is difficult to differentiate between Hitler's speech and that of Keynes as well as that of the designers of the Marshall Plan and the European Union.
7. Germany should not have the right to run the European economy and politics. It should instead have paid reparations to the countries it destroyed.
8. 77% of all senior officials in the German Justice Ministry in the 1950s and 1960s were former Nazis, a higher proportion than during the Third Reich, according to the study “The Rosenburg Files – The Federal Ministry of Justice and the Nazi Era”, published in 2016.
9. The Fed Rep of 🇩🇪 was against the dissolution of the USSR, the independence of 🇺🇦 and the Baltic States, and the membership of 🇵🇱 and Central and Eastern Europe in NATO. "Documents on the Foreign Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany" (published on May 3, 2022).
10. The German companies have been rewarded for taking part in Nazi crimes. In financial theory, we call this “moral hazard”. It is like bailing out a bank that has engaged in fraud. It is a guarantee that they will do it again. Not right away, but one day, inevitably.
11. Russian networks in East 🇩🇪 have linked up with anti-🇺🇸 networks in West 🇩🇪. One of the best examples: Olaf Scholz. The Scholz file published in January 2022 shows that he was favoured by the STASI in the DDR at a time when Putin was a liaison agent for the KGB there.
12. "Documents show how Olaf Scholz was already trying to get close to the Kremlin. A spokesman for the protests against NATO policy at the time was Olaf Scholz. Old photos show him demonstrating against 🇺🇸 missiles in Bonn and ‘Subordination to US imperialism'." @Hubertus Knabe
13. "Scholz put the responsibility for the nuclear escalation entirely on the shoulders of ‘U.S. aggression’, but has never criticized the presence of Russian nuclear weapons in Germany’s immediate neighbourhood." @Hubertus Knabe
14. "Scholz represented positions that were extremely close to the Kremlin in the conflict with Moscow. As previously unpublished documents in the Federal Archives show, he also maintained close personal relationships with officials in the GDR and the USSR". @Hubertus Knabe
15. How do Germans justify their attitude today? The Germans claim to be traumatized by the violence of their own wars and would not want to hurt a fly now. But the facts say otherwise.
16. The 🇩🇪 made war on Europe with the wrong regime, the wrong objectives and the wrong allies. Now they seem to have the right regime, the right allies and the right objectives. What do they do? They do everything to make it fail.
17. We see very well that Germany has not really changed its geopolitical culture since the Second World War, only it justifies it in another way. Other methods, other pretexts, but same results.
18. If we look at the facts and stop listening to the rhetoric, 🇩🇪's strategy is perfectly clear and consistent: fund and develop the enemies of the US. It has a name: betrayal (assuming that it ever ceased being an occupied territory).
19. Russian gas was not a foregone conclusion. 🇵🇱 politicians were already warning against the construction of the North Stream 1 pipeline. Since the 2000s, 🇷🇺 has used gas blackmail as an instrument of foreign policy to pressure Europe and demand what it wanted from 🇺🇦.
20. @Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Chairman of the FA Committee of the EU Parl: "The fact that Gazprom, in defiance of the agreement with Kyiv, has sharply increased gas prices for Ukraine proves that this dispute is about more than energy and prices - it's about politics." (06/01/2009)
21. The risk of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was to allow Russia to cut off the gas to Ukraine and to be able to invade it. Germany did not shy away from this risk. 🇩🇪 knew exactly what it was doing. All the justifications of the 🇩🇪 politicians are gross lies.
22. On May 19, 2022, Chancellor Scholz said that a move by the German parliament to strip Schröder of his taxpayer-paid office space in Berlin was “consequential” and “correct”, but he stressed that there should be no further punishment against the former chancellor.
23. Scholz was a close collaborator of Schröder and played a key role in the implementation of the neo-mercantilist Agenda 2010.
24. The origin of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is to be found not only in Russia’s imperialism, but also in our naive conception of geopolitics, which consists in believing that trade encourages political liberalism and peace, and of which Keynes was the father.
25. Our problem today: our internat order has been built on this commercial vision of the world. We find ourselves confronted with powers that take advantage of it, & our Western societies are corrupted by the lack of lustration that followed the end of WW2 + the fall of the USSR
26. The new 🇩🇪 was rebuilt by Nazis, it collaborated with the USSR as well as with Putin's 🇷🇺, and we almost all believed that a former KGB agent could lead 🇷🇺 in a liberal and democratic direction.
27. The US has therefore unfortunately built its hegemony on the laxity that caused the fall of the British Empire.
28. Nazi Germany did not entirely lose the war, as it managed to achieve some of its strategic objectives and retain some kind of goodwill among the Allies.
29. According to Adam Tooze, Germany’s looting and forced labor allowed it to develop in an incredible way and transform its industrial apparatus, which was more productive in 1945, even partially destroyed, than in 1939
30. 🇵🇱 lost 38% of its national capital and lost 20% of its population during WW2. This is the highest price paid by any country in Europe. These destructions have made Eastern Europe a good subcontracting area for 🇩🇪 companies, providing them with qualified and cheap labor.
31. So, 🇩🇪 actually achieved a big part of its main strategic objective during the Second World War: destroying Poland. Ten days before this invasion, Hitler outlined his genocidal aims for the “physical destruction” of “Polish men, women and children”. 👇I'm not finished yet
32. The famous "German question" has therefore never been resolved and continues to weigh on Europe. The solution is that there must be a prosperous economic unit between Germany and Russia.
33. Germany must repair what it has destroyed and the disequilibrium it has created in Europe through war reparations; this will be the only way to regain a European balance and to guarantee peace in Europe, militarily, politically and economically.
34. It is necessary to ensure that Germany cannot crush its neighbors or let Russia crush them because of its economic weight, which does not result from a form of intellectual superiority, but from methodical, effective and brilliantly organized destruction.
35. There can be no strong Europe without a strong Poland. This is the way to guarantee the common prosperity of the continent. Poland is showing that it can be a leader. It should also be recognized as a leader by France and Germany.
36. But this is made impossible by the German imperial logic born in 1870, which is still there. It must finally be eliminated.
Daniel Foubert 🇵🇱🇹🇫

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