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Charisma is such a fantastic trait to have naturally, but it's a skill that can be enhanced. It gives people influence, and an impact outsized to the interaction. Here are 5 essential elements I've seen in very charismatic people...Do you have it? 1/

1. Easy Confidence - it's the cornerstone to charisma. Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, but is clearly in command of their space. Confidence takes many forms, but this feels authentic, smooth, and unforced with nothing to prove. 2/
2. Infectious Positivity - they're optimistic, seemingly happy with themselves and their lives. There is an energy about them you want to be around, and it's an experience where you walk away with a bit of energy yourself. 3/
3. They Pay Attention - They're great listeners and can make you feel like you are the only one in the room. Eye contact, great focus, curiosity, and they seem authentic in their interest. They make people feel...flattered, and that they are genuinely engaged by them. 4/
4. Genuine Empathy - You feel they care. Not only are they engaged with what you have to say, they ask thoughtful questions and seem to really care about your experiences deeply. You feel that they *feel* your experiences. 5/
5. The Exude Passion for what they do - Whether speaking to a room, or one-on-one... They show enthusiasm, excitement, engagement and can stir it in others. They are infectious, and make you a believer too. 6/
So the next time you're attending a dinner or just interacting with others...think about how you can be a bit more charismatic. It's worth the effort to leave a lasting impression. Reflect, challenge yourself, and drive your business forward here...
Dr. Julie Gurner
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