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Jan 24
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san 🪐: ⛰️: deureureureuk ⛰️: what are you all doing❤️ ⛰️: i'm thinking of lying down and going to sleep! ⛰️: to prepare for tomorrow's schedule! ⛰️: i thought of you before going to sleep so i came ⛰️: the weather is very cold today ⛰️: go bring more clothes with you, everyone

⛰️: i'm currently not shaving... ⛰️: i'm going to do it later on when i'm getting my make-up done.. ⛰️: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ⛰️: i'll show it to you later on, right now ⛰️: i'll protect your childlike innocence ⛰️: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
⛰️: even if i do laser (treatment), my hair is thick ⛰️: i have a lot of hair too, you know ⛰️: (i'm saying that) it's something i'm shy about❤️ ⛰️: if it's an appearance you don't want to see.. ⛰️: close your eyes.. ⛰️: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ⛰️: today i watched physical: 100
⛰️: it was fun! ⛰️: the one that's out on netflix today! ⛰️: it's a program where ⛰️: they pick the best physical in south korea! ⛰️: my heart is burning up as i watched it ⛰️: it's cool ⛰️: i worked out today too of course ⛰️: i did everything today too of course
⛰️: quadriceps ⛰️: hamstring ⛰️: deltoid muscle, pectoral muscle, trapezius muscle ⛰️: i should do it diligently! ⛰️: i get anxious if i don't do a single thing in a day ⛰️: i don't know why ⛰️: but whether it's exercise or work ⛰️: even if there's a holiday ⛰️: i should do one
⛰️: should i say it makes me less anxious ⛰️: without getting hurt ⛰️: i work out so i don't get hurt! ⛰️: after my style changed ⛰️: i need a body that can endure it ⛰️: was it a few days ago ⛰️: i watched an old video of myself ⛰️: i think i changed a lot
⛰️: whether it's outside or inside ⛰️: it's fascinating even for me ⛰️: my motive for changing um ⛰️: there's a lot.. ⛰️: firstly, dance ⛰️: it's a transformation so that i don't get injured ⛰️: what else was there again ⛰️: (a transformation) for myself? ⛰️: that must be it
⛰️: if you ask me if i think good/nice people win ⛰️: oh i like this kind of profound question ⛰️: good people won't merely win ⛰️: but i hope that the person who wins is a good person ⛰️: in the world nowadays, it does seem like (a person) won't win merely because they're good..
⛰️: for that reason, if more good people disappear ⛰️: i think it'll be sad.. ⛰️: i should at least be a a good person ⛰️: the standard of being good is really difficult
⛰️: but after thinking carefully, i think a good person ⛰️: is a person who has the courage to proudly say everything with their own mouth ⛰️: these days there's that kind of saying, right ⛰️: if you're nice, you're a pushover ⛰️: in that case, then i hope atiny won't be nice
⛰️: i think i really don't like seeing someone curse at atiny ⛰️: i don't plan on being a pushover ⛰️: if i get cursed at, i plan to hold it in and give it back 100 times more ⛰️: i don't want to be a good person to everyone
⛰️: i only want to become a good person to the people i love ⛰️: it was a very good topic ⛰️: if you ask me if i trust people um ⛰️: i want to trust them ⛰️: putting aside trusting or not trusting, i want to trust ⛰️: i trusted people a lot
⛰️: but i've seen a lot of cases where it isn't like that ⛰️: so there are a lot of cases where it's embarrassing and upsetting ⛰️: there will definitely also be cases where the people i trust most talk bad behind my back or backstab me ⛰️: nonetheless, i want to trust
⛰️: it's sad isn't it, if i got to know that incident from behind ⛰️: nonetheless, these days i feel like i want to try trusting them once more ⛰️: i really like romance ⛰️: that's why i always want to protect ⛰️: if you ask if you can trust me
⛰️: i won't tell you to trust me immediately ⛰️: because it's good to watch slowly ⛰️: and show through actions ⛰️: i'm not the type to just use words (without any substance) ⛰️: what you see through actions is more trustworthy, isn't it
⛰️: i'm talking about my appearance as a person❤️ ⛰️: how will i perform a few years later ⛰️: is my attitude towards this job sincere ⛰️: i swear to you all ⛰️: there isn't a single day where i wasn't sincere ⛰️: so please just judge it according to the way it flows
⛰️: as i always say, i want to become a person with humanity ⛰️: whether as a friend, a person, or artist ⛰️: my roots (one's original intention) um ⛰️: i want to keep it ⛰️: since i treat every stage with sincerity
⛰️: buying a 10000 won t-shirt after wearing a 1000 won t-shirt is not losing my roots ⛰️: did the passion i have for the work i do cool down? ⛰️: i think that's my roots ⛰️: someone converting our and my efforts ⛰️: judging someone from how much they know
⛰️: is the action that i dislike most in the world ⛰️: it's my belief ⛰️: it's not that someone did thatㅋㅋㅋㅋ ⛰️: i'm not mad❤️ ⛰️: i just don't like seeing ⛰️: people who judge after seeing just the tip of the iceberg ⛰️: i won't break my belief, please don't worry❤️
⛰️: i support, cherish and love all of you just the way you are ⛰️: everyone have a good day❤️ ⛰️: i'll go to sleep after reading a book for a bit❤️ ⛰️: have a good morning good afternoon good evening❤️ ⛰️: I love you 3000❤️ ⛰️: Close❤️


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