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bry || aus πŸ“Œ

bry || aus πŸ“Œ

Jan 25
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[β€’ simp || a #mihyun oneshot β€’] β€” 'wherein Dahyun spammed her girlfriend's inbox with her pictures, in resulting of Mina simping all over her'

notes: β€” socmed + slight narrations β€” read each pics carefully β€” all photos aren't mine β€” this is pure fiction β€” full in english β€” & ENJOY <3
β€” start.
β€” one.
β€” two.
β€” three.
β€” four.
β€” five.
β€” six.
β€” seven.
β€” eight.
β€” nine.
β€” ten.
β€” eleven.
β€” twelve.
β€” thirteen.
β€” fourteen.
β€” fifteen.
β€” sixteen.
β€” seventeen.
β€” eighteen.
β€” nineteen.
β€” twenty.
β€” twenty one.
β€” twenty two.
β€” twenty three.
β€” twenty four.
β€” twenty five.
β€” twenty six.
β€” twenty seven.
β€” twenty eight.
β€” twenty nine.
β€” thirty.
β€” thirty one.
β€” thirty two.
β€” thirty three.
β€” thirty four.
β€” thirty five.
β€” thirty six.
β€” thirty seven.
β€” thirty eight.
β€” thirty nine.
β€” forty.
idrk kung cringe worthy sya pero sakin oo 😭 this os was mainly dahil miss na miss ko na ang mihyun natin kaya ayan, ayan yung resulta HAHAHAJ pero anyways hope nag enjoy kayo hehe 🫢🏻 drop thoughts 🫠 β€” β™‘
bry || aus πŸ“Œ

bry || aus πŸ“Œ

β€” writerist for #twitzy || main : @loumincarts β™‘
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