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rakista, segundo. — jeonghan x oc au extras! on a random saturday, at exactly 2:15AM, tri received a message from gelo. why? he wants you to hear him practice for the next gig or just because.

ps. this is a work of fiction. details, businesses and characters are all based on the author's imagination. any resemblance with other works are purely coincidental and are not intended. ## fiction — this happened before the previous extra + the talk (to be posted soon)
🎸 random igs
🎸 crush ka nga e ampots
🎸 sana all may ka late night talks
🎸 the consent
🎸 song recommendation today!…
🎸 late night talk
🎸 and just like that, they're off to dreamland. ;)
🎸 from this au!


rakista, segundo. — a jeonghan x oc au
🎸 give the artist's songs a listen! i love them so much hihi. thank you for being here, palagi.
thank you for the idea, @panini ★! 🖤 — initially thought of using fallen as the song but Aphrodite suddenly played and i thought, why don't i give it a try, so here's this.


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