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Feb 22
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yoonmin au– living on the outskirts of the pack, lone alpha yoongi enjoys his peace and solitude in nature. the other wolves are told to not stray too close to his cabin because lone alphas can be dangerous, but omega jimin wants to prove everyone wrong.

there's one thing every wolf in the pack knows about jimin: he doesn't always like to follow the rules.
he's not a troublemaker, per say; he's a good omega who follows the pack and does his equal share of pack duties, but jimin is headstrong and won't hesitate to talk back to alphas or prove to them he can beat them in a fight (most of the time, he can).
other than showing attitude and puffing out his chest as an omega, jimin is sweet and kind and will dote on the other omegas in the den. he would make an ideal mate, really, anyone in the pack knows that. some have tried and failed to court jimin.
they're boring to jimin, that's what he tells the other omegas when they ask him who's brought the newest basket of flowers to the den or who's crafted that feather and stone necklace for him. nobody special.
in reality, jimin is fine living without a mate even if everyone his age is being courted. as long as there are betas and alphas who will fawn over his feet to help him through his heat if the other omegas don't, jimin doesn't crave a mate.
he does crave adventure, which the pack members should have thought about when they started telling more stories about the lone alpha living outside the forest closer to the desert. a big, scary, lonely alpha who nobody has really seen but is still afraid of.
so one day when jimin's especially craving adventure, he ventures out into the forest while the hunting party is out to not raise suspicion that he's also gone for the day.
they live inside the forest that borders the desert and canyons out west, the first point of refuge for anyone insane enough to try and cross the canyons. once in their forest, the mountains and mountain valleys full of life are not far off.
it's a nice fall day when jimin leaves, bundled in a jean jacket lined with fur and a cozy sweater underneath just in case he's out for longer than anticipated on his search for the lone alpha. he's so curious now to catch a glimpse, see just who everyone's nervous about.
frankly, jimin thinks everyone's overreacting. if nobody's seen the alpha, then he probably just wants to be left alone on his homestead and wants to stay out of trouble. except now jimin is the trouble.
he knows he's entering the wolf's territory and the end boundary of their pack when he smells his scent. slightly faint, but it smells rather nice and civilized for someone everyone's scared of. like warm sandalwood and coffee.
jimin didn't really have a plan for trying to catch a glimpse of the alpha. he figures he should try to be a bit stealthy even if he believes this alpha is probably far from dangerous, so he crouches down as the treeline begins to dissapear.
it's still light out, cloudy with the sun still managing to shine through, and jimin continues to approach crouched in the foliage as a small wood cabin comes to view. he stops, sniffing the air, but finds no hint of danger or anything telling him to flee.
the alpha's wood cabin is small, just big enough for one or two people, and he has a wooden porch right out front with a handcrafted couch, books scattered about on tree stumps acting as makeshift tables. a guitar leans up next to the couch.
above, the porch is decorated with strings of mini lights, which jimin imagines creates a cozy atmosphere at night. it almost never rains here in the desert and that must be why so many valuable things like books and lights are outside.
for someone outside of pack civilization, this alpha has carefully planned out his homestead and clearly loves his home. jimin sniffs the air again but the slight breeze has died down and he can't catch a wiff of whether or not the alpha is here.
he fiddles with the edge of his sweater in debate. how bad could the alpha be? his decor isn't giving away that he's dangerous; actually the opposite, as jimin would think an omega would decorate like this and not some lone wolf.
cautiously, he makes his way out of the bushes, glancing around at the empty reddish dirt landscape that just seems to go on for miles. the alpha has built his home underneath a tree and although it has no leaves, it still provides some shade outside.
jimin knows it's foolish, but he's too curious and feels like he has something to prove. a bunch of his pack members are scared of nothing, so if he just takes a peek–
"are you lost or are you looking for trouble?"
jimin freezes in place next to the couch with a book in his hands and looks up towards the source of the voice, stomach clenching tight.
the alpha stands in the entryway of his cabin with an old axe in his hands, feline eyes narrowed. the only dangerous thing about him is the axe.
he's not much taller than jimin. his shoulders are broad underneath the oversized flannel jacket he wears and a beanie is pulled over his head, although strands of red hair frame the alpha's face and his button nose that scrunches out of annoyance.
there's nothing in jimin's body that tells him to run immediately, no flight instinct he would usually have when facing a rogue alpha with a sharpened axe and a deep stare. instead, warm sandalwood and coffee envelops him.
he knows this alpha is nowhere near the danger he's made out to be by his pack, but jimin still nervously sets down the book in his hands and fumbles over his words. "u-um..."
pausing the update for now bc i have papers to write ...... what should jimin say to the alpha? 👀
bangtan bananas ⁷🍌

bangtan bananas ⁷🍌

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