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kookv au || one moon, three suns 🍃 ; mpreg, semi-nsfw and fluff, arranged married Taehyung was born from a prestigious family. Everyone foresees that one of the Kim’s will marry the royal family soon and they're not wrong about this.

» long au??? (idk if i should post this on ao3) » taehyung is asleep most of the time » i haven’t written anything for a year so if there is any wrong grammar and errors please let me know! » don’t like the tags? don’t read it.
Taehyung’s father being friends with the emperor came to an agreement and that is to marry their both sons, Kim Taehyung and the Crown Prince Jeon Jungkook. At the age of 14 the two were bound to marry each other and rule the kingdom one day.
The two didn’t think that their marriage would come sooner. Jungkook’s father, the emperor, is dying and wants his son to take the throne and be married to Taehyung who will be the next empress.
The kingdom doesn’t have a problem with the royalties marrying the same gender. After all, the royal blood can impregnate both genders. A few years went by and at the age of 18 the two got married, getting the title as the emperor and the empress.
Although they know each other before, Taehyung and Jungkook doesn’t interact much with each other and never bring up their marriage. It was arranged after all.
Jungkook did his duties as the emperor and Taehyung did his duties as the empress. On the night of their marriage, the two were together in one room and did what the married couple but before anything else, Taehyung started talking.
“Your highness, I know you’re aware and so I am that this marriage is just arranged. I just wanted you to know that if you wanted to divorce me please tell me beforehand so I can prepare.” Taehyung said with determination.
Jungkook who just got out of the shower gave Taehyung a blank stare, “Divorcing what?” Taehyung rolled his eyes and sat on the bed, still facing his now husband, “You see, I do not want any scandalous issue. If you ever find someone you’re interested in and planning to—
—divorce me just tell me right away! But while we are still married please do not try to start an unfair or cheat on me. I don’t want any dirt on my name.” He said. Jungkook seemed to be irritated hearing this and went forward to Taehyung then leaned closer to his face.
Taehyung didn’t even flinch or move and just stared back at him. Jungkook was fascinated by how beautiful Taehyung looked up close. Blonde hair really suits his ocean blue eyes. As for Jungkook, his hair is jet black with silver eyes.
It is said that people with black hair are powerful and so is the royal family. “I won’t cheat and there will be no divorce.” Jungkook assures.. Taehyung felt like his throat went dry and raised his right eyebrow, “We are not sure.”
Jungkook doesn’t know what he is afraid of. According to the history of the royal family, they never had an affair and only stick to one empress. Jungkook should be the one doubting Taehyung because this one looks like will leave him sooner or later.
Taehyung will probably get tired of him. And just like that, the two went forward with their married life. Unlike other royalties, these two don't have a seperate room to sleep.
Jungkook and Taehyung don't have a problem with it because sometimes they sleep in their study and when there is a chance they sleep in their room the maids don't want to disturb their heated moment.
It didn’t take too long when it was announced that Taehyung was bearing the emperor's child but there goes the real problem. Unlike Jungkook who has royal blood and is naturally powerful, Taehyung is the opposite.
Although the Kim’s were known to have a good mana, Taehyung is different. The wizards said that it’ll be difficult for Taehyung to bear a child. Hearing about this, Jungkook wanted to talk to Taehyung as quickly as possible to get rid of the child.
Jungkook doesn’t want to pressure his husband by bearing a child because he is married to him and they must have an heir. But before he could say it, Taehyung decided he wanted to keep the child.
In the early months of his pregnancy Jungkook and Taehyung fought a lot because of this issue and in the end Jungkook gave up. For Jungkook, he doesn’t want to lose Taehyung but for Taehyung he doesn’t want to lose the child.
Taehyung thought that having a child may change the atmosphere of his boring marriage life. Taehyung would like to have someone to be by his side. But this isn’t easy.
Fever, Deprivation, Vomiting and Pain. If Taehyung was weak he wanted to get rid of the child but the thought of getting rid of his own makes him sad. It might be his pregnancy hormones but most of the time and whenever he is bored he always wanted to fight with the emperor.
“Aren’t you gonna visit me and your child? that I have to go here to your study room? Is work more important than me and your child? Why aren’t you responding?” Taehyung said with his arms crossed while glaring at his husband who was currently working on the papers on the table.
Jungkook took a sigh and dropped the papers on the table, “Tae, We just saw each other this morning. What are you talking about?” Taehyung gasped, “What did you just call me?” He said, can’t believe what Jungkook just called him. Jungkook was confused.
“You call me Wife or Husband! What’s with the sudden call to my name Tae?” Taehyung said madly. Jungkook took a glance at Namjoon, his chancellor but Namjoon just shrugged and mouthed, hormones.
Taehyung looked like he was about to cry. Jungkook stood up on his chair and asked the two people, Namjoon and Yoongi to leave his study room as he walked towards Taehyung. “What do you like the most? Wife or Husband?”
Jungkook asked and used his hands to caressed Taehyung’s cheeks to face him. Taehyung gave him a pout, “Does that even matter? What matters the most is you call me Tae instead of those! Have you grown tired of me? Are you going to divorce me and put me and—
—your child in the trash! How dare you! Is it because of me? Am I the problem? Is it because I become ugly because of this big belly? Husband, tell me! Is it me?” Jungkook wanted to laugh because he keeps on spouting nonsense but that would make...
Taehyung more mad so he just smiled and gave him a forehead kiss. Taehyung went silent because of the sudden movement but followed, “Why on the forehead and not on the lips?”
Jungkook smiled more but Taehyung didn’t notice it as he kissed him more. Jungkook is not gonna lie, Taehyung always takes initiative on this marriage and he doesn’t mind it but recently because of his hormones Jungkook is discovering something new about Taehyung.
Something that makes him adore his husband more. Time flies and the day that Jungkook is afraid of finally happened. Taehyung gave birth to a boy with dark hair but ocean blue eyes.
The baby is alive and healthy but because of this the young prince causes Taehyung to fall into a coma. It said that Taehyung used too much mana as a medicine during his pregnancy that caused him to fall asleep.
Devastated with the news, Jungkook kneels in front of his wife who just fell asleep after giving birth. A tear fell down on his cheeks. Never in his life he cried, even after his father’s death but this is the first time Jungkook felt great pain.
His wife didn’t die but no one knows when he will wake up. In the early months, Jungkook didn't want to see their son out of bitterness but he gave him a name. Taehyung gave him permission to name their first child.
“Linus,” Jungkook called when he saw his son for the first time after neglecting him. The boy is already almost a year old. He can now walk but his words are still confusing.
The maids who were taking care of Linus suddenly felt scared when the emperor approached his son. Of course, they heard rumors about how Jungkook tried to hurt his son after the empress gave birth to him. Jungkook hates him but the innocent Linus doesn't know it.
In truth, Jungkook doesn’t want to hold a grudge to Linus because this is son and what reminds him the most is how Taehyung treasures this boy that he had to sacrifice himself for. Jungkook carries Linus in his arms and stares at the boy.
Linus stares back at him, confused but he doesn't cry or panic. Maybe he recognized his own father. Jungkook scans his son and now that he thinks of it, he grew faster. Well that’s normal because he is a royal blood.
You see, the royal blood is really different from the ordinary people. Jungkook wouldn’t be surprised if his son can speak fluently in a month now.
The maids wanted to ask where they were going when Jungkook started walking with Linus in arms but they kept their mouths shut because they didn't want the emperor to be mad.
After Taehyung succumbed to sleep, the whole castle went silent and the emperor became more terrifying than before. At this point, the people in the castle only pray for the empress to soon wake up. Jungkook is like a moon who needs a sun.
“Your highness the emperor, where are you going?” Namjoon asked with a gulp, “and you’re bringing the prince with you.” Jungkook gave him a stare, “I just want to take a walk with Linus.”
“That …” Yoongi, his knight and friend, butts in, “That is not something we're going to believe. Put down the child—” “Yoongi, are you thinking that I’m a beast?” Jungkook asked, causing the two to shut their mouths. Because it’s true, that is what they think.
The picture of the events where he almost hurt Linus terrified everyone in this castle. It’s his own son. Just, how could he? Jungkook got the answer just by looking at them and said, “Rest assured. I am not going to hurt Linus. I just want to take him to Taehyung.”
He said and left the two. The little Linus who knows Namjoon and Yoongi stares back at the two and waves at them as a goodbye while his father is taking him away.
Jungkook continued to carry Linus in his arms through the corridor on the way to Taehyung’s room where he slept peacefully. This is the first time for Linus to visit his mother.
Throughout the walk, Linus just keeps his eyes on his father who looks exactly like him except for the color of their eyes. “What?” Jungkook said coldly and gave his son a glance.
If it isn’t Linus, everyone will be scared of those stares but Linus kept calm and even gave Jungkook a small smile but it quickly faded when he felt pain on his tongue. Jungkook got confused by his actions, “What’s wrong?” He asked.
The little boy sticks his tongue out and to Jungkook's surprise, Linus' tongue is filled with burns and it’s very red. “What the? What happened to those? Is this the reason why you can’t speak properly?” Jungkook worriedly asked and checked his mouth.
Once the two arrived at the room, Jungkook put Linus on the huge bed where Taehyung was sleeping. Linus stares at his mother with innocent eyes. No one knows but the first thought on Linus' mind was, pretty.
Linus crawled over closer to Taehyung’s face. Jungkook was about to get him when Linus touched his mother’s face and mumbled, “Ma,” Jungkook was shocked to hear those words coming from him. Linus looked back at Jungkook and giggled, “Ma!”
This is where Jungkook changed perspective towards his son. After they visited Taehyung, Jungkook announced that he will change Linus' maids. It is where he finds out that the maids were treating him badly and the evidence is the burns on his tongue.
Jungkook was so mad about this and changed almost everyone in the castle. Thanks to Namjoon who tries to compose the emperor's patience. If the empress is here, things will be a lot easier. 3 years have passed and the relationship between father and son is still complicated.
You can’t say they are close but you can also not say they aren’t close. There are times where they talk especially at the dining table but most of the time they are not communicating due to his father’s busy schedule.
Linus is not like the other child. He is mature in thinking as expected of a royalty. He is now three years old but he is like an eight year old kid. He can now talk properly and understand his father well.
He doesn’t hate how Jungkook treated him because although his father is cold in talking and expression, Linus can feel that he is genuine about it. Weird but that’s how he feels.
Although many years have passed, his mother, Taehyung is still in a deep sleep. It’s been three years and Linus was aware of the details about what is happening right now but just like how his uncle Namjoon said, he doesn’t need to think about it negatively.
But there are times where he blames his existence. One day in the afternoon, His Highness the Emperor invited his son for lunch. This mostly happened and Linus was really happy joining his father for lunch.
It’s been a week since Linus didn’t see his father due to his tight schedule as an emperor and his father is still the same. Mighty as ever but Linus can feel that something is missing with him.
He doesn’t know what it is, it’s been like that for years yet he cannot still find out what it was. “How’s your week?” Jungkook started as they ate. “F-fine. How about you, your highness? Did you have fun overseas?” Linus said and continued eating.
Jungkook sighed, “Nothing much. Just bunch of annoying people wanted to have connected with the royal family just for their own sa—” Jungkook stopped talking when he noticed he talked too much about the topic that a child cannot understand.
He cleared his throat and said, “Just continue eating your meal.” He said. Linus gave him a small smile and continued eating. Just like that, a normal meal between father and son. Complicated right?
The two were almost done eating their lunch when the double doors of the dining room opened harshly. Linus jumped on his seat and Jungkook gave a person a glare who dared disturb their meal. “YOUR HIGHNESS! THE EMPRESS!” The man announced.
Jungkook quickly widened his eyes and dropped the utensils as for Linus he was quite intrigued by what the man just said. “THE EMPRESS IS AWAKE!”
Before they knew it, the two ran as fast as they could to the empress palace where he was sleeping. Because Linus is a kid, he can’t run as fast as his father. Jungkook noticed this right away and carried his son as they ran.
Linus held tight on his father and his face was nervous. His mom is awake! He is finally awake! The moment they arrived at the door they could hear Taehyung’s shout, “WHY AM I SEEING NEW FACES INSTEAD OF MY HUSBAND! CALL THE EMPEROR RIGHT NOW!”
Jungkook and Linus quickly entered the room. Taehyung noticed them right away and widened his eyes once he saw the person he wanted to see but he was more shocked to see the child in Jungkook's arms.
“T-that..” Taehyung tried to move towards them but Jungkook went closer to prevent him from moving. “You only woke up. Stop moving.” Jungkook said. Taehyung didn’t hear his husband and just focused on the child in his arms. Tears were starting to form in his eyes,
“Wha-What is his name?” He sniffed. Jungkook put down Linus closer to Taehyung, “Tell him your name.” He said to Linus who stared at him but stared back at Taehyung.
Linus seemed nervous, “M-my name is Jeon Li-linus your highness the empress.” Taehyung felt a doki doki on his heart after hearing how cute his son mumbled those words. Taehyung gave him a peck on his cheeks and that caused their son to feel shy.
“Come on! You just met your mother. No need to call me empress, just call me dad, papa, mom or mama. Anything! I want to hear those words coming from you.” Taehyung smiled. Linus felt so warm. Him, calling the empress like that(mom/dad). He felt so Happy!
“You are too energetic for someone who just woke up.” Jungkook butts in and now Taehyung remembers he is here. He forgot.
“Of course! I’ve been sleeping for three years! That is a lot of rest!” Taehyung said and looked at their son feeling guilty, “Pity that I didn’t take care of him during his first three years.” He said and caressed their son’s cheeks.
“You will now have a lot of time to spend with him.” Jungkook said. Taehyung laughs, not leaving his eyes on their son, “You’re right.” But they were wrong. After Taehyung woke up in a slumber, he did what he said,
he spent a lot of time with Linus to make up for the three years he was gone. He had a hard time walking again because his body was just sleeping but he seemed fine after a few weeks.
Taehyung was also back at working as the empress but always had a time to visit his son and spend time with him. As for the emperor, instead of getting better he seemed to be in the worst state.
Because he was waiting for their heated time every night but Taehyung always sleeps at Linus' room as an excuse to spend time with him. Not only that, Taehyung seemed mad at him after finding out that Linus called him the emperor instead of father.
In Taehyung’s point of view, Jungkook doesn’t really want Linus. Now that he came to that conclusion, he imagined the years he was gone were like hell to Linus because of his uncaring father. I mean, he is right 👀 but that is not exactly the case.
“You again.” Taehyung gave him a tired look. Jungkook couldn't handle it anymore and visited his son’s room and as expected the one who opened it was his husband.
“Wife, you can’t sleep forever in this room.” Jungkook said and looked at Taehyung’s back. It seemed like their son was sleeping now. “Of course, I can. This is my son’s room. I can sleep here whomever I want. I want to pamper my son because he is a child!”
Taehyung emphasized the word child. Ok, this is Jungkook’s fault. He is not good at dealing with children and thought to his son that he can survive on his own. He thinks that Linus is an adult and can do everything.
“Wife, Linus is OUR son.” He corrected him. Taehyung crossed his arms, “Did you ever think Linus is your son?” The question had an impact to Jungkook.
“Because of what I see and heard these past few weeks something doesn’t seem right to me then I remembered you don’t want Linus in the first place! You even told me to get rid of him and when I gave birth—” Taehyung paused,
suddenly feeling suffocated because he was trying to stop his tears, “You almost killed Linus.” Taehyung cried. Jungkook felt complicated about this.
“Jungkook, I don’t care if you’re the emperor but fuck you! Linus is just a child! That is your child! How could you even think of hurting him?” Taehyung cried. “I know, I know. I’m sorry. I was so mad that time that I didn’t even know what I was doing.”
ungkook tried to explain. He wanted to say a lot but he couldn't. After all, those events aren’t worth explaining his side because he was wrong. Taehyung stares at him, he can see how Jungkook feels bad and doesn’t want to remember or talk about this.
He was about to say another word when Jungkook spoke. “I’m just afraid of losing you.” Taehyung was surprised to hear this.
“I can’t lose you, Tae. Not you.” Jungkook said, looking straight at Taehyung’s eyes. The two have so many words for each other but they were suddenly interrupted by someone. . “Ma? The emperor? What is wrong?” He asked in a sleepy voice and—
walked towards the door where his father and mother were talking. “Linus, didn’t I tell you that you should stop calling your father the emperor? Try to call him dad, father or papa.” Taehyung said, “Or try to call him Mama just like what you call me.” Taehyung giggled.
Linus seemed nervous about this, “Eh?” Taehyung gave him a look to try calling his father. Jungkook looked down to their son and took him by carrying him in his arms.
“Come on, father is waiting for you to call him.” Taehyung encouraged him with a smile. Linus shyly spoke, “Pa-Papa, do you want to sleep with us?” Taehyung was so happy that his son called his father as a normal father but what annoys him is the second thing he said.
SLEEP WITH US? WHAT IS THAT? Jungkook was astonished to hear his son calling him but this made him feel something warm inside him. He smiled, “Sure.” He answered.
Although sleepy, Linus is sure that he will never forget how his father smiled. He looked at his father and thought of something. Finally he knew what was missing from his father. His mother.
Taehyung and Jungkook are back to communicating with each other but this time something improved and another person added to their conversation. Linus loved this kind of atmosphere and he is so happy that they have a conversation like this but—
that all changed when 4 months after Taehyung woke up there was another news. “Your highness the empress is pregnant.” Linus doesn’t know what that means but his parents started a complicated relationship again.
For some reason, Taehyung doesn’t know how he should talk this out to Jungkook while Jungkook doesn’t want to start a conversation with him because he is certain that it will only lead to a fight.
“Mama and Papa are fighting.” Linus suddenly said out of nowhere when they were having a meal one time. Taehyung and Jungkook felt guilty to show this kind of situation to their son as they tried to defend.
“No, we are not fighting. We are just busy, that is why…” Taehyunh defended but couldn't explain properly. “Your mom is right. No one is fighting.” Jungkook assures.
Linus stayed silent for a moment before taking his own plate and walking towards the door. Taehyung was surprised on what he did and asked, “My son, where are you going?”
“I don’t want to stay in the same room with liars.” Linus said. Taehyung gasped in shock while Jungkook called his son, “Linus come back here!”
Jungkook stood on his chair when Linus didn’t listen and tried to grab Linus by carrying him but Linus refused like a child in tantrums. The plate he was holding fell on the floor creating a loud crack noise.
Linus was screaming because Jungkook won’t let him go but when he got tired and gave up he started crying and yelling. Jungkook never saw this side of Linus. Actually, Linus acts like a tough and mature boy but when Taehyung woke up,
Taehyung told him it’s okay to act like a child, cry and be spoiled for once. Linus just had enough of this situation and can’t bear it anymore that is why he burst out crying. Taehyung was feeling heavy inside too.
Seeing his son crying because of them made him burst into tears too. After what happened in the dining area, Taehyung and Jungkook talked about his pregnancy. The conversation went down at first because Jungkook doesn’t want Taehyung to push himself again but Taehyung refused.
He wanted to keep the baby. It’s a hard decision for both of them but in the end they both came to an understanding. “Ma, is having a baby in his belly?!” Linus was enthusiastic about this news.
After knowing that Taehyung is bearing a baby, he was so happy to be a big brother and always talks to Taehyung’s belly. And as usual, preggy tae is very sensitive, his preggy hormones are acting again. Always wanted to fight, attention, be intimate, and time with his husband.
Actually, Taehyung doesn’t even realize this side of him. Jungkook doesn’t really mind. He likes this kind of behavior from Taehyung. So he spoiled him a lot, like A LOT.
And when it’s his labor day, everyone was so anxious on what will happen next, even Taehyung. Jungkook on the other hand doesn’t know what to say but he didn’t want to argue with Taehyung especially in times like this so he just stayed by his side.
It took almost a day laboring and finally a baby girl was born. Once Linus heard the cry of the baby, he couldn't stop himself from entering the room. His parents forbid him to enter throughout the labor but he also wanted to be there for his mother.
But when he entered, his smile faded. The maid is holding a crying baby, his father is kneeling beside the bed and his mother. His mother isn’t moving. Linus froze on his position. Can’t move or process what is going on.
Before he knew it, he started crying like his father did. Taehyung fell asleep again but unlike before, the mages weren’t sure if he would wake up again or die in his sleep. Having a second child with a weak body consumes a lot of mana. It’s a very tough process.
In the first months the baby was born the father and son didn't know what reaction to give her but this time Jungkook took the baby in his arms. The baby has blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, just like his mother. Jungkook let out a frustrated laugh as he watched his daughter.
So, this is what Taehyung left him? “Father, Can I see her?” Linus asked as he watched Jungkook caress the baby. Jungkook kneels in front of Linus, letting his firstborn see his sister.
“Remember what mother told you?” Jungkook said, asking Linus, “Treat your baby sister well, okay?” He said, sounded so bitter. Linus stares at his father. Again, there is something missing from his father. Linus stares at his little sister. He just looks like his mom.
“Father, what should we call her?” Linus asked. Jungkook stares at his daughter who yawns when a ray of sunlight hits his face, “Solaine.” He said. Linus smiled and greeted his sister,
“Hi sister Solaine, I’m your big brother Linus! Let’s hang out a lot, okay? Mother will be happy once he sees you, right father?” He said and looked at Jungkook. Although he wears a complicated expression,
Jungkook gives him a small smile and uses his other hand to ruffle his son's hair. “Yeah, you’re right.” He said.
Linus is the one who often took care of his little sister rather than their Father but that doesn’t mean Jungkook hated his daughter. He is just in a hard situation right now. Linus noticed how his father worked a lot to occupy his mind from sadness.
Every Night he saw his father visiting their mother. Linus didn’t know this before but he somehow got this feeling that even on the day he was born his father visited his mother everyday. Many months have passed, and Jungkook stayed in his study room as usual.
His two companions, Yoongi and Namjoon were so damn worried about him because he works night and day. But Jungkook never forgot to visit his two children, still this man might die because of over fatigue yet he doesn’t care or notice it.
“FATHER!!” Linus screamed and opened the double doors of the room with Solaine in his arms. Jungkook was alarmed and stood in his seat. “Wha—what happened?” He worriedly asked.
Linus was so happy and carefully put down his sister on the floor. Jungkook just stared at his son. How come he didn’t notice that Linus got bigger? Has he always been this tall? “Father, look! Solaine can now walk!” Linus excitedly said.
Jungkook went forward closer to them. “Solaine, go to father, okay?” Linus instructed his little sister. The baby girl seems to understand his brother with a pacifier on her lips and looks at the terrifying guy who’s known as her father.
The little girl tries to walk carefully on her father for a short distance. Jungkook watched his daughter walk forward to him but before she could reach his feet, Solaine almost fell. Everyone in the room was alarmed, thank god, Jungkook was so quick to catch his daughter.
Jungkook smiled and looked at his daughter who didn't seem bothered by the fact that she almost fell on the floor, “My little sunshine is growing bigger, huh.” He said and gave her a eskimo kiss. Now that his daughter is getting bigger,
he noticed that he resembled a lot like Taehyung. The blonde hair shines like gold and his ocean eyes sparkle. Jungkook looked at Linus and uses his hand to sign Linus to come closer.
Linus was confused but followed and when he got closer he was surprised when his father carried him in his arms too. “Father! I’m heavy, don't carry me!” Linus refused. “Who said you’re heavy?” Jungkook asked.
“I’m big now.” Linus said. Jungkook gave him a perplexed look, “Big? You’re still a kid.” “I’m growing!” He defended. The two continued arguing that they didn’t notice, Solaine succumbed to Jungkook’s chest with sleepy eyes.
“Ah, Solaine is falling asleep.” Linus is the first one who noticed it. Jungkook gave his daughter a glance and smiled. Linus looked at his father and noticed his father’s dark circles under his eyes. He looked so deprived and this made Linus worry.
Somehow he feels sad. Is it because of his mother? “Uncle Yoongi, Uncle Namjoon?” Linus called. The two men bowed their heads, “Yes, your highness?” They both answered. “Does father have a lot of work to do?” Linus asked.
“Actually, his highness finished the affairs with the other countries so I can say that he is free now.” Namjoon. “His highness also finished by my request in the armoury of the knights.” Yoongi. Linus' face brightened up.
“But there is still some work I need to finish.” Jungkook said, causing Linus to give his father a complex look. “Father, you work too much. Can you sleep with me and Solaine?” Linus said. Namjoon and Yoongi almost gave Linus a thanks because finally! Someone said it.
If you say this directly to Jungkook he might get mad but Linus saying this made Jungkook think about it. “Pleaaaase? Solaine is sleeping on your chest. It might be uncomfortable for her.” Linus pleaded.
Jungkook looked at his daughter who has now fallen asleep in his arms. In the end, Jungkook didn’t have a choice but to sleep with his children, in Solaine’s room full of colorful things.
That afternoon, Jungkook fell asleep with his children by his side. Linus is the last one who fell asleep and seeing his papa fall asleep the moment he lay on the futon made him watch him for a moment before falling asleep.
He admires his father a lot. He wanted to be like him by the time he grew up. Years have passed, although the relationship between the kids and the emperor is good but at the time they grew up it’s been awkward.
Who wouldn’t be awkward if you only spend time with someone once or twice a week? It’s been 3 years and people were expecting that Taehyung will wake up soon just like what happened before.
Linus turned seven and he is attending the royal academy, Jungkook on the other hand is still busy as ever, as expected of being the emperor while Solaine … Uh, Solaine is so damn lonely.
Maybe because she relies so much with his brother that she forgot to also hang out with the others. Solaine may look like her mother but she got her attitude from her father. “When is Oppa coming home?” Solaine asked the maids while he was using colors to draw on the paper.
The maid beside her gave her a helpless smile. Solaine has been asking this the whole day, “Your highness, Prince Linus will come home later in the afternoon.” Solaine pouted, “Is it still morning?”
“Yes, your highness. You just asked the same question 5 minutes ago.” The maid answered, carefully, afraid that she might anger the princess. Solaine let out a grunt, “Solaine is bored.” She said,
The maid fully understands her situation. She depends on her brother so much and it’s not that Linus dislikes it. He loves to spoil his baby sister a lot. “Young Princess, why not try to visit your mother?” The maid requested.
Solaine brightened up with the idea, “Mother?” Solaine likes her mother a lot. The first time they visited their mother, Solaine doesn’t want to leave the room and stay there forever but she is not allowed to.
Linus and Solaine often visit their mother but these past days ever since the academy started, the two didn’t have time to visit but now that the maid suggested it, she might come there alone. “Yes, His Highness the Empress might be sleeping but you can always talk to him.—
I’m sure the empress can hear the princess.” The maid said with a smile. Solaine was intrigued about this and jumped on her seat, “Let’s visit mother!” And just like that, Solaine visited her mother together with the maid but they halted once they opened the doors.
His Highness, the emperor, Jeon Jungkook is there. The maid was shocked by this and bowed his head, “Your highness! Pardon our intrusion, Princess Solaine wanted to visit the Empress! I am sorry to bother you.”
Jungkook didn’t say a word and just stared at his daughter. Solaine doesn’t know how to react. You can say that Jungkook and Solaine aren’t that close. Whenever the kids or Jungkook visit them, Solaine is always with Linus.
Linus is the one who often talks to the emperor, as for Solaine, she doesn’t talk much and often hides behind her brother because she was shy to interact with their father. “It’s fine. You can now leave us.” Jungkook said.
The maid nodded and was about to tell the princess that they should visit the other time but Jungkook called the princess. “Solaine, come here.” Jungkook ordered.
The maid knew what he meant so she left. Princess Solaine was afraid to be alone with the emperor so she panicked inside. But Solaine awkwardly walks towards his father who was sitting beside her mother’s bed.
Jungkook stared at her. Just how fast time flies? Yesterday, Solaine was just a toddler walking towards him. Now Solaine is three years old and can now walk properly. Solaine stopped in front of him and did the curtsy,
“M-my name is Jeon Solaine, I gr-greet your majesty, the e-emperor.” Jungkook was surprised by her action but it didn’t take too long when he laughed. Solaine panicked more, did she do it wrong? But that’s what her brother taught her.
Jungkook took his daughter by carrying her and placed her on his lap, “My dear princess, didn’t your brother tell you to not do curtsy in front of me? You can simply call me Father or Papa. No need to be formal.” Now that Solaine thinks about it,
his brother told her to be herself in front of their father but Solaine also remembers that they should greet the emperor like this. “So, tell me, did you miss your mother, that is why you wanted to visit him?” Jungkook asked.
Solaine is shy to answer, “Ye-Yes. Oppa Linus is not yet ho-home and Solaine is bo-bored.” “Is that so? Do you want to spend time with your mother while Linus is not home?” Jungkook asked, causing Solaine to nod, “Ah, so you wanted mother more than me?” He teased his daughter.
Solaine panicked, “N-no! No-Not like that!” Jungkook laughs, “I’m just kidding but my dear Solaine can also spend time with father, okay? Don’t forget that.” He said and poke her nose. “I … Ca-can I really do that?”
“Of course.” And so, Solaine did spend time with his father starting from that day. Linus couldn’t just believe what he saw on his father’s study.
“You’re playing a tea party with Solaine while you’re working?” Linus asked when he visited his father’s study room and saw his sister playing with teacups. He heard that his sister spends most of her time with their father playing in his study room—
and now that he came to visit he was more surprised because not only that, some toys of Solaine were placed everywhere. “Yes, I am watching over Solaine while you’re gone.” Jungkook confidently answers.
“The maids can do that though. Just say that you wanted to spend time with her.” Linus said and sat in front of Solaine, “Sol, are you having fun here?” Solaine gave him a smile and nodded.
“Why is that question somehow implying that she is not having fun here? Of course, she is having fun. I bought her a ruby necklace!” Jungkook said, causing Linus to massage his forehead.
“Sure Father but Solaine is just a three year old kid. She doesn’t know the value of those things. Why not give her something that she can use or play with.” Linus said. “She can use the necklace.” “The necklace is too heavy for a three year old.”
Innocent Solaine felt a tension between the two. Suddenly the double doors opened, “YOUR HIGHNESS!” The two men arguing gave him a glare, “WHAT?”
The man who opened the door was terrified but said, “His Highness the Empress…” before he could finish the sentence, Linus took his young sister and ran together with Jungkook. It’s the time of the year! Taehyung is finally awake again!
The moment Taehyung saw Jungkook together with the kids, the first thing he said was, “I AM NEVER GOING TO HAVE BABY WITH YOU AGAIN!” He cried. Just by seeing his kids grow without him made Taehyung feel bitter.
He doesn’t want kids anymore! He has been sleeping half of their lives! He can’t let that happen! He wanted to spend more time with them. Jungkook just laughed at what he said and hugged his husband, “Welcome back, My Empress.” He said.
Taehyung felt awkward with Jungkook acting like this. Did he just wake up in another world or is this really his husband? “Mother, Welcome back! This is Solaine!” Linus went closer to him. Taehyung was surprised to see his two children!
“My dear Solaine!” Taehyung greeted and hugged his two children. Solaine was surprised by this but she was so happy on how warm her mother hugs her. Solaine nervously looked at Jungkook but Jungkook only had his eyes on their mother. —end
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part one (3/3)


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