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BTS being feminist a thread-

wearing shirt with radical feminist and gender equality written on it
his UN speech:(
supporting women's world cup
jungkook wearing girl power jersey
Namjoon mentioned reading the controversial feminist novel Kim Ji-young, Born 1982 in a 2017 VLive.
The Asian Feminist repost Namjoon's interview about getting lyrics reviewed by women studies professor.
supporting the marymond project
wearing clothes regardless gender
them supporting women again<3
Jhope donated £65000 to support female students from low income backgrounds
BTS donated 3% of their album sales and raised over 1 billion won for the end violence against women and kids campaign
women protects seokjin🥺
yoongi supporting and respecting women
Taehyung noticed the female reporter might hurt herself against the sign so he held out his arm to warn her
googie best baby ever
them making boy with luv which does not see female as objects, and ending toxic masculinity.…
"BOY WITH LUV" & The Subversion of Toxic Masculinity and Harmful, Anti-Woman Tropes In Entertainment (A THREAD)
how we can forget about 21st century girl…
In the Potato magazine interview, Taehyung said his favourite memory from school days is when he used to participate in Drag competition & he won several times.
Seokjin saw a “lesbians love seokjin” on a flag and smiled :( (sorry i was unable to find video)
ending thread with this
@mirabbora⁷🎭 are you in my taglist baby?
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