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Oct 31, 2022
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152. the release day (mama irma makes an appearance lol don’t mind it. whatsapp read from martin’s pov)

153. celebration and congratulatory messages
154. drunk texts
155. impromptu agenda
156. dolled up for you
157. a precaution
158. mastermind (someone said jasio is a mastermind, and he damn is)
THE sio in question with his three undone buttons:
159. another plot that he wrote
160. sebuah permintaan
in contrast to sio’s glamorous dress style with lots of accessories as statement, tzvi is more simple—but bet equally dashing.
161. a lesson from jasio
162. about to feel fazed and drunk
163. conversation over drink
164. trust the process (+jasio’s gallery)
165. for tomorrow
166. sudden news (from both sides)
167. and if i am?
168. into you
169. the aftermath
170. sebuah informasi
171. confirming the information
172. menyampaikan hal-hal yang berat
173. prayogo untuk hardhian (3,5k)
remember when we used to sneak out late to go and blaze. seemed like loneliness was all we’d ever do. but now she’s knowing you, just like i used to.…
174. distance sucks
175. trying to win you
176. the agreement
177. first video call (if this is cringe please look away lmaoo)
178. no compliment for me?
179. menghampiri seseorang
180. menggoda hardhian
181. the bonding between two potential bestfriend and cheeky yogo
182. the merrier, the better
183. unpleasant news
184. RSVP (earlier that day)
185. the history of jivin and saka
186. a glimpse of us? no?
187. so who’s happy? yogo? or jasio?
188. berbagai penawaran
189. it comes from pain
190. you’re my advil (flashback)
## playlist for COTS ps. there might be some changes in the playlist as i will still add some and might delete some. but feel free to theorize based on the playlist!!! (if there is).…
191. just part of his life
192. mysterious gift
193. solving the mystery
194. to make you feel better
a commercial break but here’s jasio when he’s annoyed (or mad).
195. pictures for you and pictures of you
he was actually smiling from ear to ear every time sio didn’t look at him.
196. drive-thru dates
197. another d jokes
198. taking care of you
199. quick shopping
200. all for you
201. tzvi’s pov
202. how the confusion manifests
203. got the man talking
tzvisio in yogo-jivin’s jack and joel party
204. object of entertainment
205. a familiar voice
206. deer in headlights
207. in need of healthy points
208. fair chance for all
209. is this a fantasy? cw // detailed description of kissing
210. jadi buronan
211. menghindar
212. see you in few hours
213. literal healthy points
seragam sleepover
214. making up excuses
215. identifying a gentleman
216. claiming a seat
217. an attempt to find out what you like
218. a compensation for the brave boy
219. thank you for the quality time. cw // neck sucking, not very graphic
220. bintang paling terang
221. another bouquet of flowers
222. tak terselamatkan
223. it sucks
224. it’s definitely my day
225. trying to be part of his life
226. slowly getting used to it (pls pay attention to the dates!)
227. 2 vs 1
228. satnite date
229. hi pretty
230. the boss baby and the confident man (1,8k)
231. another order from the boss like usual
232. being introduced to one of the brothers
i wanna be with you. just love me, just love.…
233. jasio the whole week: bangs down.
234. ya udah
235. worrying
236. making sure someone’s safety
237. sebuah instruksi
238. alongside me
239. doing mundane things
240. taking whatever is left
241. terkait rencana selanjutnya
242. discovering something new
243. euphoria. tw // choking, breath-play ⚠️
244. a flashback: unfit for each other (cw is provided inside) ⚠️
245. tension erupted. cw // dry humping
246. reel around the fountain 🔞 (1,6k)
247. an awakening (implied hand job but not narrated)
248. all i ever want in man
249. mama’s little kid
250. sebuah rencana
251. scrapping every inch of sin
252. a dinner for two, a web made for you
253. movie night (4,7k)
254. The Ellis Boyd Redding. tw // suicidal thought
255. Andy Dufresne
i’m a prisoner to my addiction, addicted to a life that’s so empty and so cold. but you bring good to my lonely life, and i would be nothing without your love.…
256. uncomfortable
257. the continuation of what was started. cw // sexual tension
258. lust after you. cw // handjob 🔞
259. take over the wheel. cw // handjob, edging, one little kiss 🔞
260. back to playful mode
261. fresh air
262. almost caught
263. little devil (a bit suggestive)
*it was a flight to catch ya huhu sorry midnights’ brain. but anyway ... can’t keep my hands to myself. i mean i could but why would i want to?…
264. look forward
265. waving at each other
266. eulogy keperjakaan
267. cortisol
268. trying
269. trying
270. a tale of your thighs. cw // phone sex
271. the list of things i want to do to you. cw // phone sex, breath-play, masturbation 🔞
272. be a professional (the side effects of the call)
273. jokes between best friends (only with closest one)
274. the spoiled little one
275. dinner for jivin
276. asking for your permission
277. fishing out some curse words out of him. (anggap aja kemejanya sama). cw // shirtless pic
278. know him best
279. personal preferences
280. assessing the similarities
## iklan: yang katanya mirip tp jinkook memang agak mirip (so let’s make a plot out of it).
281. fate can be funny sometimes
282. a new blossoming friendship
283. unpleasant response
284. apology
285. realizing things
286. mama dan kak wista (also still ignoring his texts).
287. feeling guilty
288. delivery man
visualisasi delivery man. habis lembur tidur bentar terus mandi dan berangkat ga nunggu rambut kering jadi pake topi. plus pake jaket tebel biar gak masuk angin di jalan soalnya kurang tidur.
289. ex-boyfriend
290. almost
291. kembali ke percakapan sipil
292. merasakan rindu. cw // exhibitionist 🔞 (but depends... is anything watching?)
293. kesaksian anak magang...
294. iya ganteng tapi jangan lupa donat (wista the real middle child, anak ke tiga dari lima).
295. yogo’s night tonight
296. PES championship
just a moment but here’s rowan playing PES with his rolled shirt sleeves
297. late night talks, love lesson from Tzvi
298. a plan for two by two
damn, i could get lost in a heartbeat. i can’t get over your body. can’t take my eyes off you, baby. sweat for me.…
299. addicted to you (7k) 🔞🔞🔞
300. after the high; sweet little moment and an almost heart to heart convo.
iklan dari calon pengantin yg asli (selain yg ini palsu). making an appearance in their supposedly pre-wedding video
301. embarassing morning
ini dia dua jagoan kita di pernikahan Yogo dan Jivin
where the wedding took place:
this is just my excuse to use this clip of yoonmin but if you need a wedding playlist:…
302. the wedding (the wedding reading comes from Tokyo and Trivia:Love by one and only Kim Namjoon)
303. and i join my life to yours (plus the appearance of baby helen and om wistara)
304. wedding toast
305. love isn’t real
306. one level above anything
307. getting unblocked
308. two sides of coin for two different people
309. sebuah kesimpulan
310. night wedding
more from rowan haris because i love this namseok so much!!! (another lovebird di pernikahan orang lain)
311. secretly taking pic of him
tzvi tonight (pake jas yang suka dipake seminar ceritanya).
312. suasana rumah cilandak
313. /invisible/ invitation
314. Hanggara
potret mas-mas yang menolak memakai honorific in addressing someone’s older brother
315. a very awkward conversation
316. being ignored on purpose
317. making sense of everything
318. meluruskan semuanya
319. your call
320. the irony of the good boy gone bad when the bad boys gone good
321. the aftermath
322. still aching
323. another situation from rumah cilandak (iklan dulu biar ngga sedih)
visualisasi hanggara dan karin bc they look good together as couple
a lil story about hanggara, a kind caring brother. i actually have this vision of him after watching in the soop friendcation! (the video isn’t mine. credit to the owner of video)
324. sementara itu yang lagi honeymoon mau nonton NBA dan yang paling suami
325. pun kabar dari bad boy gone good lainnya; si paling Mas Haris
326. scattered puzzle pieces
327. past memories
the first meeting of Tzvi-Saka (dari chapter Madana Prayogo) siapa tau lupa...
328. love hugs, always hugs, until it doesn’t—until it hugs so tight it crushes you (5k)
untuk menemani part love hugs hugs hugs until it hugs so tight it crushes you. also tzvi has mentioned ab this song in the beginning of story to rowan!…
329. back to business
330. channeling the anger through retail therapy and maybe a bit of dark humor
331. unresolved emotions
332. still trying to cope
the instastory and the song and the part that’s chosen
333. sudden news
334. all the mixed feelings
335. checking up on him
336. ...still half-heartedly
337. but deep down he cares
338. still sick
339. all the running thoughts
340. trying to stay civil
341. the obstacle
342. worrying over something
343. be a companion (should him?)
344. war of the senses
345. truth is, he hates dentist
346. despite the awkwardness and past rejection
347. the air thickens
348. tough day for two souls
349. Tzvi dan dokter gigi (flashback)
350. it’s the body talking; the body confessing.
351. there’s still war inside of him
by the way visualisasi tzvisio ke dokter (plus hardhian, 27-year-old-guy, 186/187/188cm—he doesn’t know the exact cm—looking all scared like his 13-year-old-version)


RPS. bts writing acc—mostly writes.
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