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Heaven only knows; (a/b/o) #taekook #taekookau The conch horn blows and causes the omega to open his eyes haphazardly. They widen when he remembers why the pack guards are blowing the horns so many years later- the alpha warriors were here. Taehyung gets up.

He wears the prettiest hanbok from his bunch and ties the laces in a bow. Washes his face with the cold water from the water stored right outside his hut. Taehyung hurries down, following the horde of omegas to see the alpha warriors. His stomach queasy with knots, and heart
beating fast. When he sees them, his eyes search for the one he has not seen in three years- the alpha he has been waiting for- the youngest warrior of the pack, Jeon Jungkook. His brows scrunch up when he does not see him so he pushes past the horde and looks. He searches
for him amongst the many familiar faces of the alphas who greet him- he was raised with them after all, they all knew each other. Until he sees him. His heart starts to beat faster as a sweet scent is let out from his glands, he bites his lips and smiles, calling him out,
"alpha!" Jungkook turns to look at him, his devilishly handsome face tilting up to a look of happiness, "Taehyung!" Taehyung pouts slightly at the use of his name, Jungkook used to call him his omega only, just like Taehyung only calls Jungkook his alpha. "Alpha what-"
He pauses, his worlds comes crashing down as his heart feels like it has come to a painful stop when he sees another omega hanging from Jungkook's arm, looking at him dubiously with her face on his neck- a position even Taehyung, as Jungkook's destined omega, was not allowed
because it was only supposed to be for his mate. Jungkook's own smile dims when he catches Taehyung looking at the omega in his arms, "Taehyung.." They grew up together. Jungkook and him. They were the outcasts of the pack together. In the twenty one years they lived together,
they had promised each other their everything. Taehyung was to be Jungkook's omega and Jungkook to be Taehyung's alpha. It was all promised. He was courting him, had carried the responsibility like any other alpha and Taehyung had waited for him, waited so many hears for him.
But what was this? What was the fresh mating mark on her neck? What did a stranger like her from a different pack suddenly get more rights on Jungkook then him who has known Jungkook since forever never got? Why was Jungkook acting like Taehyung was the stranger
when they had been each other's constant through thick and thin in the pack they were left orphans in? Where did Taehyung go wrong? How much was Taehyung supposed to wait? The omega takes a step back. Jungkook gets this desperate look on his face then and there as if Taehyung
was the one misunderstanding the situation when it was as clear as day, "Taehyung, listen to me-" Why was he acting like Taehyung was being the immature one when he was the one who mated another omega while he gave his word to Taehyung? "I did not give my word to you", Jungkook
is shouting after him as he runs away from him, from her, from them all. He wants to be alone, he really wants to be just left alone. He does not retort to that, but Jungkook is speaking, "I did not give my word to you Taehyung. I only courted you for sometime because the pack
asked that of us, why do you not understand-" "Congratulations", he says, stopping and turning to look at the alpha, not his alpha anymore yes but he was his world all the same, his only truth, "I wish you a happy mated life with her. I." He pauses, feels breathless,
suffocated, he has to say it even though he will be giving a part of himself away with the next words, "I am happy you found your mate and was not forced into it, Jungkook." Jungkook curses, "listen to me, will you? It was not like that, she-" Taehyung shakes his head, "it
is not my headache anymore. You are not my headache anymore. It is good that you found her, however you did. Please leave me alone now. Finally." "Finally?" Jungkook asks, acting as if Taehyung was the one who broke his heart, "you were waiting for this or something?"
He nods, hides his eyes because he knows they look really painful now, "I am happy for you. I am happy for myself that I did not need to settle for a constant one too." Jungkook takes a step back, "you are happy?" Taehyung eyes tear up as he turns around, "for you, so much."
"okay", the alpha breaths our shakily, watching him with red eyes, "okay. I will see you later Taehyung." Taehyung nods and wait for Jungkook to leave. Falling down on his knees as soon as he does, in the middle of the pack with no one around, the orphan omega finally feels like
he should have died along with his parents. Maybe then he would have the sweet mercy from the pain he feels now. —
Tags: — angst, so much angst — they grew up together, were destined to mate but things went ashtray — angst with a happy ending — violence, wars. —
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- Getting out of his hut has become a chore for him now. Taehyung wants to avoid even been seen outside because on top of dealing with the heartache, he even has to deal with looks full of pity, mocking glares as they all side with the youngest alpha warrior of the pack.
Taehyung remembers a time when these same people were rooting for him and Jungkook when the alpha was courting him. Remembers them swooning over the gifts Taehyung made Jungkook, or the flowers and meat Jungkook gifted Taehyung. He hates how they were just teasing him about
Jungkook coming back and him preparing to mate just on the day before the warriors got back. It does very little however, to affect him because he has been feeling numb since that morning. He remains locked in his hut, curled in the bed that only had his sweet scent on it.
Days pass by, the night passes by too with him in his nest, only going to to eat his meals and coming straight back because to him, right now, it is akin to mourning, he is mourning for a love that was, he is mourning their love. Taehyung is in absolute pain. Every night
the pillows completely get drenched by his tears, every morning he wipes those tears away, washes his pillowcase and goes outside to act like the fierce omega he is. Taehyung rolls out of the bed when he hears the buzz outside. He wipes at his eyes to
wipe away the excess moisture and blinks. There is a knock just then and he gets up tiredly, his joints aching. There are tear stains on his face that he ignores, he does not look at the mirror in fear of the ghost of him that he will see- it is his last resort in living and
he refuses to let that go. Taehyung opens the door only to feel the air whoosh out of him completely as he freezes, his hands curling onto a fist as he matches his eyes with Jungkook's dark gaze, "Jungkook," the name sounds like a sin coming from him now.
- “Taehyung,” Jungkook says, watching him. The omega swiftly looks away from the alpha and gulps- missing the stare Jungkook has on him, “what is it?” “You have been missing out on most of your meals.” The alpha begins slowly, still not taking his gaze away from him. Taehyung
shakes his head, “I am having enough,” he sighs, “Jungkook, is that the only reason you came here?” All the way to omegas’ hut. Before Jungkook can speak again, Taehyung is looking up to match his eyes with emotionless eyes, “your omega will not appreciate this. Go before
someone sees us and announces it to the whole pack.” Jungkook shakes his head, “I bought you bear meat,” he pauses again, looking down at the cleaned carcass in his hands, wrapped in a piece of wet cloth to keep it cool, “I know you never liked eating the pack food for longer
periods of time so I- I bought you something when I went to hunt this morning.” Taehyung looks down at it and feels something drop in the pit of his stomach, feels the pain sear across his chest till he cannot breathe anymore because with the alpha bringing in a carcass for him,
brings him heavens of memories. Memories of the same alpha who specifically went hunting for him when he wanted to eat a specific kind of meat, when this alpha always bought something for him whenever he was on duty to hunt for the pack as a whole, the same alpha who used to
bring the carcass into his hut and cut the meat into small bite sized pieces for him because Taehyung preferred to cook it small so it was tender, juicy and to his taste. Memories he has no use of anymore because now, they were just that, memories. He is same alpha who could
not enter the threshold of his hut now without his permission because alphas who were not courting the omega, nor mated to them were simply not allowed in the other’s hut without a strict invitation. Jeon Jungkook, his constant, was not allowed anymore
It pains him, clogs his chest up till he cannot breathe, as he thinks how painful it is to have the same alpha who treated him like he was his moon now treat him as a mere stranger. Because Jungkook was not allowed into his hut anymore, his supposed to be mate is to only
stand outside, keep his gaze away like all those other alphas. Jungkook was now just one of the other alphas for him. He gulps the pain, tries to speak past the painful clog, “I-I cannot accept this, Alpha Jeon.” Alpha Jeon, a name all the other omegas called Jungkook with,
a name that sounded too foreign in his tongue because Jungkook was always ‘my alpha’ for him. A frown marrs Jungkook’s face as if he does not know why Taehyung cannot accept this. “Why cannot you?” It infuriates Taehyung. Irritation filters across the pain he feels as he
narrows his eyes, his eyes sting a bit but the blue eyes cover for it, “how can I?” He asks back. Jungkook matches his eyes with a stare of his, “like you did before-” “Before and now are not the same, Jun-Alpha Jeon,” the pain intensifies every time he has to call someone he
used to consider his alpha with that name, “you are a mated alpha while I am an unmated omega,” he grits, “so no, I cannot accept this like I did before.” Irritation flickers in Jungkook’s eyes as they turn a dark red, “It is not like someone is keeping an eye only on us.
Nobody will see me giving this to you-” “That sounds so wrong, so disgusting, get out of here before I actually kick you out, Alpha Jeon-” “Stop calling me that,” Jungkook curses, “what is wrong with you, Taehyung? Why are you calling me that?”
Taehyung has his eyes widened in incredule, “are you hearing yourself right now?” He sighs, tries to breathe the anger out. "What else am I supposed to call you? You are not my alpha, you are an alpha who is courting me, what else am I supposed to call you?" Taehyung shouts.
"Just Jungkook, we are friends first-" "I do not think I can be your anymore, Alpha Jeon," he gulps, "It will not be a honest friendship for me so I refuse to." Jungkook's face twist in visible pain, "This has been my constant, this has been there since I was born, how do you-
how can you expect me to let go of this?" Taehyung gives him a small, pained smiled, "Just like you let me go as your omega, let go of this to Alpha Jeon. I know you can. It was an obligation right? I," this was so painful, "was an obligation right?"
Jungkook looks down, "I did not mean to say that, I did not mean to say anything even close to that that day-" "But you did," Taehyung says as he steps out of the threshold and closes the door till only their faces can be seen, "and I believed you like I always did, do. Now,
please leave before anyone sees you. I, as an unmated orphan omega of this pack frankly cannot take any more gossips. Leave me alone, Alpha Jeon-" "Taehyung," Finally, finally a bit of desperation seeps into the alphas tone as he holds the door too, "please, I have been trying
to talk to you for a long while, You said those things, those kil!ed me-" Taehyung shuts the door on the alpha's face and presses himself against it, tears streaming down his face as he shakes his head, whispers, "no, no, you do not get to blame it on me, Jungkook, you do not,
I am not strong enough for this. Your words destroyed me," he whispers, he is not sure if the alpha is there anymore or if he is hearing him silently but he knows, he knows he wants Jungkook to hurt, he wants Jungkook to grovel for forgiveness but the alpha probably did not care
enough to stay. He sits on the root of the door and cries till noon rises, no one comes for him anymore and he realizes, an orphan will always remain an orphan when it came to him. -
Taehyung just does the duties he is assigned as the tentative healer and goes back to his life, because he figures mourning a love that was out of obligation was better done in the healing hut, the same hut so many new lives were born, so many wolves di*d.
He avoids all the dinner halls, all the public places like the plagues but the gossips still get to him. It has been two weeks since the alpha warriors were back, one since Jungkook left the cleaned carcass in front of his doorstep that he gave away in the pack kitchen for the
pack to add it in their meals. Because he refuses, even if it was his favorite kind of meat, to even eat a sliver of it no matter how his whole meat compartment is empty, has been empty for quite a while with no one to bring him meat, and him not being allowed to hunt
because he was an omega. But the gossips get to him all the same. He hears from the wolves he treats that one of the alpha warriors, the youngest one known for so many things, the named hero, the orphan, was to get a celebration for his mating. He deserved it. Jungkook
deserves it, he thinks. But he grows numb to the news with the amount of times he hears it from everyone's mouth. He is just done injecting a patient when someone clears their throat behind him, surprising him as he turns around and gives Yoongi a smile, he goes to hug him.
Yoongi hugs him back tightly, "Taehyung, the winter has been tough without you up in the mountains." Taehyung gives him a small smile, "it has been two weeks since all the alpha warriors came back, where were you? I missed you hyung." Yoongi shrugs, "I just came back, Tae, you
know I would have visited you otherwise, There was," he pauses, scrunching his nose, "a family, a family of rogues I needed to bring them here and they were being difficult." Taehyung brows furrow, " a family of rogues? Why would you bring them here?" Yoongi watches him before
he sighs, "my mate. There is unmated omega with them, he is my fated one." Taehyung gasps, his eyes going wide, "you found your fated one? Oh, where is he? Can I meet them?" "slow down your horses, Tae, he is resting but I do not think you can, he is mean, he does not really
like other wolves except for the the mated couple I found him with," he pauses again and sighs, "forget it, what about you? Have you and Jungkook mated already?" Taehyung flinches so bad that it alerts the other alpha as Yoongi grows concerned.
"Tae, are you okay? What is it?" "How," he tries to speak but there are like thousands of pins pricking his throat now, "how-" Yoongi's eyes widen as he grips his shoulder, "hey Tae, hey calm down," he knows him, he knows how to clam him down because Yoongi grew up with
him. "Listen to me, breathe in, breathe out," he waits for Taehyung to be able to speak before looking at him questioningly, "what is it?" "You do not know?" He asks Yoongi, his voice barely above a whisper, "you do know what is happening?" Yoongi looks confused, "I just came
in this morning with the family. You are the first person I came to meet because I had to come to the healing hut anyway, why? What am I supposed to know?" "That Alpha Jeon mated," his eyes sting as he shakes, "but not to me. Some other omega he found-"
"That is impossible," Yoongi deadpans, his voice leaving no room for argument. Taehyung shakes more, "it is funny how you have more trust in an obligation then he ever did." Yoongi shakes his head, looking ridiculed, "Taehyung, that is impossible. You and I both know that."
He looks at Taehyung, watches him for sometime, "are you trying to tell me he has not given you the necklace he has had a jeweler make for you with pearls specifically in the shape of a moon just a month before because you are his moon as a mating gift ?"
Taehyung's tear stained eyes widen as he stares at Yoongi with surprise, the alpha shakes his head as if he cannot believe it, "that is impossible. The Jeon Jungkook I know cannot simply mate anyone that is not you, Tae. Just a month before we came here, he was thinking of asking
you to mate him! Just a month," Yoongi lets out exasperated, "that guy would kil! himself, kil! the whole world for you, it is an impossible feat for him to even think about someone else. That is impossible so no, I do not, will not believe it."
- a/n, I know I said this before but just for the record, I will say it again, there is no cheating in here. It was not mentioned initially, and I stand by that. -
Taehyung cannot speak, he cannot, because all of these sounds like a dream to him, a dream he had forged up because ha has seen Jungkook with the omega. Once yes, but he knew Jungkook enough, he knew Jungkook's eyes enough to know he was not lying when he said those words to
him. But he also cannot speak in front of Yoongi again. Yoongi curses, "that alpha, how did he fuxk up now? Tae, are you stable? I need to go, I need to talk to him, I need to find out what is up because this, this is not the truth. This does not look like the world I live in."
Taehyung watches as the alpha leaves in a hurry and feels faint. A necklace of pearls in the shape of a moon? For him? He wonder if he gave it to her, he wonders if he would ever even get to see a glimpse of what was meant to be his, he wonders if he deserves it and cries.
- okay babies, that is the update for now, thank you for being here with me, this made me so happy. I really appreciate these, my loves. If you want to support me:
- In the afternoon, some of the omegas have to go and greet the rogue little pack Yoongi bought in and Taehyung as the healer has to go too. They are given a hut in the outskirts of the pack, far away from all the other living quarters. It is close to where Taehyung lives, as
the omega also lives in the outskirts of the omega's quarters. They knock on the door. Taehyung watches as an alpha pokes his head out to look at them with barely hidden suspicion but he asks nonetheless, "Is there anything I could do for you omegas?"
An omega from their band goes forward and bows, "Alpha, we are just here to welcome your pack to our pack" The alpha nods and opens the door more, "I see. My mate is just here. If you could leave all those in the door," he gestures towards the platters of food and necessities
the omegas bought. Taehyung furrows his eyes, they all doo because the alpha was not accepting their gifts until he opens up the door more and sees his mate. An omega nursing a huge bump and smiling at them softly- oh his mate was pregnant. It made sense why he would not allow
other scented things such as the fruits in because his omega was sensitive. Taehyung gives the omega a small smile back, "Kim Taehyung," he bows his head a bit as he introduces himself as the omega looks older than his age. He is stunning though, one of the most beautiful omega
he has ever seen. The omega smiles warmly at him, "Seokjin, and this is my mate Namjoon, Kim Namjoon. I apologize for asking you guys to keep the platters outside but I am a tad bit scent sensitive." "I understand," he hurries to explain because the last thing he wanted was
to guilt trip a pregnant omega. He flutters his hands, "we welcome you to our pack." Seokjin smiles at him. It is a kind of routine in their pack for the omegas to go to the nearby river to wash their clothes together in little flocks. The next day, he somehow ends up beside
Seokjin. The man is groaning ever so slightly as he sits on the stool, spreading his legs in a way that looked too mannered for a rogue omega. He throws him a secretive smile, "I had my alpha washing all my clothes when we were out in the forest. He was bad at it,"
Taehyung gives a little snort ever so slightly, "but did the work. It has hard with this," Seokjin gestures towards his belly, "but I decided not to ask him because I am not sure how mates are supposed to be like in this pack." Taehyung hums, "the alphas only hunt, guard, and
farm. They do that for the pack in unison. The rest is up to the omegas." "No," another omega says as he sidles up beside Taehyung, giving him a once over, "Seokjin-ssi, our pack is not as strict. There is a clear bias when it comes to the alphas and their omegas, our Taehyungie
just does not know about it because he never had an alpha for himself." It stings, makes Taehyung's inside sizzle up painfully but he just gives Seokjin a small smile when the omega looks at him and looks down. Seokjin just smiles at the other omega, "Taehyung-ssi is young and
a beautiful unmated omegas, I am sure he will not have a hard time finding a mate." The other omega hums, "then I guess he would have to find an alpha out of this pack." Taehyung freezes as Seokjin narrows his eyes slightly, "why is that?" The omega shrugs, "because
everyone in the pack knows he is not a virgin omega anymore. He has given himself to an alpha who threw him away, the alphas do not want such discarded omegas as their mates." Taehyung cannot breath anymore as his throat closes up and his eyes tear up, Seokjin notices, alarmed
and he goes to something when they all pause as a new omega enters their circle. Taehyung does not notice her at first not until the other omegas are awing over her, at her fresh mating mark that look a deep, red- meaning the alpha was ruthlessly possessive over her
while he marked her. The omegas loved marks like that, it showed how deeply and madly the alpha was gone for her. He looks up and feels his already broken heart, crack open more, the tears fall freely as his barely healed insides crumble again. It is her. Jungkook's
mate who was more part of the pack than Taehyung ever was despite being born and raised here. Taehyung's inside grow cold, feral. He hates how he wants to slap her, he hates how he wishes to be in her position, he hates how he wants that mark on his neck because Jungkook has
chosen her as his mate, not him, so how much of a masochist, spinless did he have to be to get angry at another omega for having Jungkook when the alpha himself did not want him? How angry did he have to be at the omega existing for him to feel that?
He looks down when he sees her turning to look at him, he has given her his position, his alpha, his life, he refuses to give him his tears. Taehyung collects his clothes as fast as he could and wraps them together. Nobody but Seokjin notices as he goes to leave. Seokjin gets
up behind him. The omega flees from there, wet clothes in his hands, drenching him but he does not care as he runs as fast as he could from there, tears streaming down his face. "Taehyung!" a voice calls out, freezes him, makes him flinch as he stops only to run again.
He could not look at the alpha now not when Jungkook was causing him this amount of pain just by being there. He just could not. Jungkook is calling after him, he realizes the alpha is running after him again and like deja vu he stops because he does not want him to run, not
when it was so out in the open, not when it was where everyone knew Jungkook was mated to some other omega but was running after an unmated one, Taehyung at that. "I do not want to talk to you Alpha Jeon," he says when he feels him approaching behind him.
His voice is measured, does not, could not properly capture the intense pain he is feeling. Jungkook is huffing, "you are drenched and are running around the pack in wet clothes. There are alphas out here why-" "It is none of your business," Taehyung seethes as he turns to
look at him, matching his eyes with his blue ones head on- Jungkook's eyes widen when he notices the tears staining them, "what- why are you crying? Who made you cry?" He notices the way the alpha's jaw ticks in anger, ironically, the same way it used to whenever
he caught Taehyung crying before. It is the those exact same eyes- Taehyung wonders then when something drops in him- was it Taehyung who misplaced this kind of care with love before? "What are you going to o by knowing that?" He aks, his voice hollow.
Jungkook narrows his eyes in confusion, "I would make them regret it, make then repent for it, make them apologize to you, I would kil! them for you-" Taehyung gives out a bitter snort, "can you do that to yourself than?"
Jungkook frowns, "just because I said that out of-" "Just because you said that, Alpha Jeon, you ruined my perception of living. I was supposed to be your mate!" He bursts, screaming, "I was supposed to be in her place with your mating mark on me, with your scent combined to me.
I /imagined/ how it would be like for our scents to be intertwined and you made me do so, you made me believe so, three years before, you made me believe so but I guess feeling change right? Three years is a long time," he breaths out, fists his hand as he watches Jungkook
look desperate and he knows what the alpha's reasoning is going to be but he does not want to hear it so he raises a hand, "I know, I know feeling change, three years is a long time but sorry that mine did not change for whom I though was my mate."
"I understand that your changed which is why I said I was happy for you, heck I still am! I understand you love her more, I understand all of it, but dear good, I just do not understand why cannot you just leave /me/ behind. I am not your anything anymore so stop knocking on my
door at as' o'clock, stop running after me like this like we are still together, we are not. You are a mated alpha and I am an unmated omega, there is nothing between us, there should be nothing between us So stop this nonsense-" "Why would you not just hear me out?" Jungkook
shouts all of a sudden, "I have been trying to approach you since the day I came here, I just want you to fuxking hear me out-" "You lost that right when you called me an obligation, Alpha Jeon," he seethes, "If I was just an obligation to you-"
"you were not an obligation to me!" Jungkook shouts, his eyes turning red, tears staining them as he looks at him with a crazed, desperate look. "I did the biggest mistake of my life calling you that and I wanted to apologize as soon so you understand it was not what I believed
or believe but you just will not listen to me." Taehyung shakes his head, his throat is hurting from the effort he has to put to just talk, "you have to have thought that to say it to me, you do not just say things like that until you believe it, you were sane then, I cannot
believe this, I would be mental to believe it." Jungkook shakes his head desperately, his claws coming out from the emotions, "Taehyung, you have to understand-" "I do not think he has anything to understand," Seokjin says as he comes and puts a comforting hand around
Taehyung, "not when he does not want to." "Seokjin hyung," oh Jungkook knows him, "he cannot just let go of me like this, I cannot- he needs to understand-" Seokjin shakes his head, "Jungkook, you do not get to say that when you mated an omega who is not him."
Jungkook's eyes widen, he looks anguished "but hyung-" "No, you do not." Seokjin says calmly, "not when you do not know what you and the pack is putting him through for that mistake of yours. You apology does not, should not matter to him when you mated another omega
without even informing him before hand just because you have been away for three years. That is not how this works." "Taehyung.." Jungkook calls but Taehyung is looking away and Seokjin nods, "unless you can turn back time, do not even grovel at his feet because you do not even
deserve to grovel at his feet." "Hyung that is enough," another voice calls and Yoongi is walking in their little circle to stand in front of Jungkook, his eyes stormy and darkened, "that is enough for today. Tae, go, change out of that, otherwise you will get a cold. Jungkook,
go back to your post, you cannot just leave your post and hyung, Namjoon has been looking for you for a while, go to him." Seokjin ushers Taehyung out as the younger omega stares at Yoongi with confusion, slight betrayal but the alpha is looking resolutely at Jungkook to move.
His eyes meets Yoongi's very briefly when he is just to turn the corner and something like pity and sadness is in them that just makes his cracked heart fall to the pit of his stomach- just what did Yoongi find out?
- "You are the youngest alpha warrior of this pack. You have done excellently in all the sectors. The head alpha of the pack up north prefers these qualities, you got his only omega daughter for you, you are set to become the north's pack leader, Jungkook."
Jungkook notices Yoongi, see the way the alpha's jaw ticks, the bursting anger shining in his eyes, he nods. All the alphas around them rumble together, the elders share glances. Their claws are out and Jungkook knows they are only a sliver close to rip his throat apart.
tw//violence They are going to do it, soon, he knows. The pack leader looks down at him, "you are to be burned at the end of this, you know that right?" Jungkook nods, gives the head alpha a small smile, "an orphan is kept in this pack as a sacrifice I know."
"Do not dare touch the omega," he warns, "she is not yours to touch." He nods again. Yoongi stares at the head alpha, "you know she can kil! you in your sleep any day, right?" The alpha barks out a laugh as his eyes flash, "I would like to see her try, Yoongi."
Yoongi grits his teeth, a hand holds his shoulder, Jungkook is shaking his head. It is his eyes that make him top however, his eyes, that look dead. He nods, bows his head and leaves the hut with Jungkook beside him. The younger alpha has his head held up like he was just not
discussing his dea*h. Yoongi curses but does not say anything until they are way out of anyone's radius, "I will get rid of him one day." He promises, "that bastard deserves to have the worst ending." Jungkook shrugs, "funny is it now? We are the strongest alphas of our
troop," he curses, "in this pack and yet we are utterly powerless when it comes to actual power, makes one think what is the purpose of having such a strong wolf in me." Yoongi growls, "I have to get out of here, I have to take you out of here-" "No you," Jungkook says, "you
are to take Taehyung and your mate and his family out of here and disappear." Yoongi shakes his head but Jungkook just gives a painful smirk, "my hands, my feet, my body is shackled already hyung, there is no way for me to escape but I would be damned if anything
happens to Taehyung. Give him the necklace I gave you when the time is right, tell him I wished I could call him my omega for one last time, tell him," his voice cracks but he does not cry just looks at the horizon at the dying sun as if it was his only hope leaving him
"I am sorry for lying to him till my last breath, it is not what he deserved," his voice cracks further until he cannot speak anymore but Yoongi understands as he hugs him tightly, "I will, I will I promise I will." "It is not what he deserved," Jungkook repeats, shaking
"I am not what he deserved, he deserves so much better and I hope he understands that because his alpha let him down, I hope he does not hold a flame to it. Let only heaven know, how much I love him, but I hope he knows too because he deserves to be loved and I hope he does not
care enough for my love for him. I do not deserve to be remembered by him." He nods and watches as Yoongi, the strict hyung who never shows much emotions, the aloof one, cries while he hugs him. "I am sorry," the elder alpha says, "I am sorry you have to go through this-"
Jungkook shakes his head, "it is my fate. Being an orphan is being cursed, I am cursed, I do not want Taehyung to fall on that though," he laughs. "Take him away, only then I will take your apology hyung." It is funny, hilarious even, how cruel that fate really is.
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Jungkook holds out the clean towel for her as he waits. He has his gaze cast downwards. She brushes their hands together as she takes it from him causing Jungkook to grit his teeth but the alpha does not say anything. "Alpha," she calls softly, "why would you not look at me?"
He narrows his eyes but does not move his gaze, "do not call me alpha, Jieun, I am not your alpha." She watches him, "he will never take you back you know that right? Your previous omega," she whispers as her voice drops enticingly. She takes a step towards him. Jungkook
takes two back, looking sideways. "him not wanting me is not equal to me not wanting you. Know your place." Jieun scrunches her nose distastefully, "Is it not? Then," she drops the hanbok she was wearing all of a sudden, leaving her only in her inner robe, "nothing is
stopping you from becoming my first." Jungkook looks up with reddened eyes, "I am not your mate, Jieun. I think," he grits his teeth as he picks the hanbok up to drape it on her again, "you are reading too much into this settlement. That mark is not mine."
She grips his hands over her hanbok as her eyes grow blue, widen, desperateness seeps into them. Jungkook has grown accustomed to them so he just stares back with cold, dead eyes, "please," she whispers. The scent of her is rising. She is trying to get him aroused.
He pushes at her hands but sharp nails dig into his wrist, "Jieun, the head alpha-" "I cannot let him take me purity too, Alpha, I cannot," tears flood her eyes, "I loved you, I love you, please be my alpha for this at least-" "No!" He snarls as he takes his hands away.
"We have had this conversation before, Jieun. You do not feel anything for me, you just do not want an old alpha to be your first-" She fists the shirt he is wearing, tears it up a bit with the strength she uses to pull it, "he took my mating mark from me, why do you not
understand that? That omega of yours is not going to come back, he knows we are mated! So what is stopping you from taking me when I am giving myself to you. I am a virgin! A princess! He is an orphan-" "I am an orphan," Jungkook says, his voice dropping dangerously low.
"An orphan you are begging on your knees for to take the only thing you hold to your name now." "He is an orphan yes but he has never yielded himself to any alpha but to me, his alpha. So you get the difference yes? Between a princess and an orphan?", He spits out. She
lets out a curse, "I did not have any other choice! My appa sold me to you, you sold me off to that old man instead of taking your responsibility-" He raised his hands, "I got you for the head alpha, you knew, your appa should not have trusted a mere warrior- my own hands are
tied-" She drops on her knees, cries out- Jungkook knows it is another one of her tantrums coming so he just sighs, "I told you to run away with me, I would have given you so many pups, royal blooded ones but no you had to come back-" "for my omega yes," Jungkook curses out.
"what am I gonna do with royal blooded pups if I know I will never love them the same as mine and Taehyung's pups, I keep telling you that." Jungkook's voice withers out. Jieun shakes, "you have seen him now, let us leave." Jungkook barks out a laugh, "I am not having this
this conversation with you, you are going mad." "Go to him then! Go beg to him, as if you will get anything from him," she snarls as she starts crying full on. "I will," Jungkook says as he whirls around, "I was only here to see to my duty, nothing else."
Jungkook gets out of the hut, the same hut that he built before going away. He built it for him and Taehyung. His eyes sting, every single wooden bar he put in here was had all the memories of him and Taehyung, trying those strands together.
"I want a circle bed, Alpha, my nest would look so cosy" He can hear Taehyung's voice echoing, he breaths out painfully. "Hang bars here, Jungkook, I want to plant flowers all over." "I did," he whispers, "I did, but you are not here anymore."
He can hear their laughter echoing off the hut and he squeezes his eyes shut, "I am sorry for taking this away from us." "Alpha Jeon?" A voice calls out and he wipes his eyes hurriedly to look at the omega who called out to him, "yes? What is it?"
The omega has her head bowed, "the alphas are calling you to join the hunt." He nods, then licks his lips, "Mina," he says, his voice shaky, "were you there when Taehyung went to wash his clothes this morning?" Her eyes widen slightly as she shakes her head, avoiding his gaze,
"I was not there. But," she pauses, "he has been getting backlash from all the omegas." "Backlash?" Jungkook's voice gets edgier. "What backlash?" "Al-alpha-" "Tell me, Mina, tell me." She gulps.
- Taehyung watches as Seokjin guides him inside their makeshift hut. His alpha is absent from there but another omega is there who is sleeping in his nest. Yoongi's mate. "Jimin," Seokjin calls out softly, "get up darling." The omega is chubby, soft and everything an omega
should have, everything Jungkook's mate is now. He wonders if his body was like this, would Jungkook choose him? Jimin blinks his eyes open, "hyung.." then his eyes widen as he sits up and bows, "Taehyung-ssi, you are here, I-"
Taehyung bows too, "Jimin-ssi, it is nice to finally meet you." Jimin matches his eyes, there is something in his eyes, something that he has seen in Yoongi's eyes that makes him look away. "I was tired." "You just got mated, I can only presume how tiring it all is."
Jimin looks at him again, gives him a small smile, "I would say it was my heat tiring me more, Yoongi is not as strong as you think," his voice lilts to that teasingly. Taehyung snorts out a laugh, "if he hears you saying that." "It is okay, I can always hold his pups over him."
Taehyung's eyes widen, "Are you-?" Jimin shakes his head as he gets up, "no," his voice is soft as he laughs, "no. Anyways, Taehyung-ssi, want to go pick flowers with me to decorate our hut?" Taehyung smiles.
He wonders as he picks flowers in the wick basket he is carrying if the other omega knows which flowers are Jungkook's favorites, wonders if she ever decorates their...hut with them. Taehyung wonders if she makes the arrangement more delicate or not. Jimin is beside him as
he picks out flowers meticulously. The basket from Jimin's hands fall though when he sees someone approaching them, "Taehyung-ssi," he smiles, "shall we go over to the mountains?" He says, a tad bit too fast. Taehyung tilts his head, "you will not find these flowers there-"
"When were going to tell me that the whole pack has being calling you a wh*re?" Jungkook asks, his voice tight as he stands steady with his hands in a tight fist. Taehyung pauses, Jimin glares at the alpha. "Alpha Jeon," he bows.
"When?" Jungkook says, his voice measured. "Never," Taehyung whispers, sighs, "Alpha Jeon, like I said, my issues should not bother you-" "Yes they should!", the alpha bites out, "yes they will when they are caused by me. You are no who*e, you are-"
"I am an orphan, a nobody, I /know/!" Jungkook shakes his head vehemently, he presses his fisted hands on his eyes, "please, you have to know- you can be angry with me as much as you want, but do not dare to put yourself lower than the moon you are, Taehyung please."
"What moon?" Taehyung feels his eyes stinging, feels weak as his heart aches, "whose moon? I was at least something to someone before you chose her, now I am nothing." Jungkook is desperate as he takes the stubborn steps towards him, Taehyung is shaking all over. "your value
does not end with me-" "It does," Taehyung looks at Jungkook, "it does when you mean the world to me, it does." Jungkook looks pained as he breaths out shakily, "why cannot you just hate me? It would be so much more easier for both of us if you just did. If you just seeked
revenge on me and understood how much of an as*hole I am to defend yourself because an assh*le like me is not worth listening to all those sh*ts from this pack-" "Alpha Jeon," Jimin says, his voice steady but his gaze never moving away from Taehyung.
Jungkook stares as Taehyung curls into himself. Jimin watches as they both break, standing inches away from each other. They will keep breaking, he knows, until there was nothing left to break for themselves, for anyone new, this would be it.
They were ruining themselves beyond repair. Like a gun being shot, like a life seeping out of the warm body. This would be unrepairable. "Tell him," Jimin breaths out. Jungkook snaps his gaze to him, eyes in panic. Taehyung shakes more, like a leaf.
The alpha takes a cowardly step back from Taehyung, shakes his head, “tell him what?” “Tell him the truth,” Jimin feels numb, numb for a pair of alpha and omega he just met, the ones who had promised each other their worlds and were breaking each other apart. “Truth?” Taehyung
echoes, sniffling horribly as a sob breaks out of him but his watery eyes are clear as he looks at Jimin now. Jimin shrugs, "you are a poison to him now, you are kil!ing him slowly, painfully, do you not notice? The life is seeping out of him. You are hurting him that much by
merely being here now, do you not see what will happen when he finds out and it will be too late? Take him out of the hell, I beg. For the memories you share at the very least, rid him of the hell that will befall on him. Let him choose." Jungkook lets his vulnerability show
then, "he will choose wrong." "Then let him di* peacefully choosing at least. Not having a choice will give him a more painful de*th than why not grant him this mercy?" "What- what are you talking about, Jimini-ssi?" Taehyung's voice is fearful.
Jimin never strays his gaze away from Jungkook, "tell him, you at least owe him this, if not your mating mark." Jungkook deflates like a leaf withering then. Jimin knows he has won as he sees the alpha turn to look at Taehyung, Taehyung still stares at Jimin in confusion.
The alpha takes a deep breath in as Jimin swiftly turns around, "he will tell you, Alpha Jeon will tell you." Taehyung watches as Jimin goes away from there, his shoulders hunched. The omega refuses to look at Jungkook until Jungkook is right in front of him and gulping.
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- The sun falls over them, dimming them in its soft hues as it melts over the horizon. Flowers whirl side to side along with the cool breeze. Taehyung stands still, the flare of his hanbok gripped in his tightened fists. Jungkook’s eyes are glued on him, the alpha not moving
an inch. “Taehyung, look at me.” Taehyung deliberately looks further away, Jungkook curses, “are you going to be this difficult? Listen to me, Tae, listen to me.” He goes to pull him closer but Taehyung flinches, moving away, “stay where you are Alpha Jeon, I do not
want an alpha near me.” “Taehyung, I am Jungkook, your Jungkook, please do not look at me like this,” Jungkook says desperately, “please, just- just listen to me-” “You are not my Jungkook,” Taehyung turns to face him, eyes red rimmed, “Do not refer to yourself in such a way
when you are mated to someone else Alpha Jeon. What will she think? Having her mate just grovel at another unmated omega’s feet huh? What will she think when she sees you putting yourself on an orphan’s level-” “I am an orphan,” Jungkook grits his teeth, “If you will listen to
me.” “You know,” Taehyung seethes, “I do not know if I want to listen to what you have to say. You did not wait to tell me before you got mated, I get it,” he raises a hand as his hand grips his elbow, curling in on himself. “We broke whatever we had off before you went away
because you knew it was for a long time and you did not want to want to string me along incase I met another alpha, I did not want to, I protested against it in every single letter I sent you, you told me you wanted me to have the option but told me to not fear because," his
face twists painfully, "you would always remain as mine without the label- now I am wondering, if she was always there in the picture.” He breathed out, shaking his head adamantly. Jungkook curses, as his eyes sting at the notion of it, he just shakes his head, "I-I, just," he
gulps, "just listen to me please. You cannot just make me the culprit without knowing my side," Jungkook says silently. "I did not want to tell you this but I will make sure, even after I tell you, I am not going to let you change anything no matter what you say, but just,"
He shakes his head, "She is not my mate." Taehyung freezes, his eyes widen, "w-what?" "That omega is not my mate," Jungkook says silently, gaze stuck on Taehyung, "She is not. I do not have a mate." "W-what- what do you mean?" Taehyung stutters, his body shaking as his knees
wobble. "She is the north's only pack heir. A royal pureblood." Taehyung shakes, "what do you mean she is not your mate? Or if she is royal, you do not get to claim her but keep her in your hut as your mate?" Jungkook's eyes redden as his scent thicken in the wide air, "I
do not understand. What part of 'she is not my mate' do you not understand?" Taehyung glares, "all of it?! She has your mating mark, your scent laced to her, she is living in that hut you built for /me/, the whole pack is getting ready to celebrate your mating, which part then?"
Jungkook grits his teeth, "Taehyung, that mating mark is not mine. She is only pretending to be my mate as per her father. It is-" "Alpha Jeon," a voice shouts, makes Taehyung flinch involuntarily as Jungkook hides Taehyung from the other alpha view, scare of what will happen if
Taehyung were to be seen with him. "Yes," he shouts back. "Alpha Jeon," the guard alpha calls again, "it is your mate! She has fainted." Jungkook curses. Of course she would faint, of course she would rather die than let Jungkook talk to Taehyung. Taehyung watches him. "Why
are you pretending if she is not you mate? Why go to her now?" Taehyung holds the shirt over his chest in a fist. Jungkook holds his hand over that, "allow me to come to your hut tonight." Taehyung's eyes are blue as he lets go of his shirt and shakes his head, he point at where
the shout came from, "it does not paint a pretty picture when you are seen with an unmated omega after your mate fainted. I will not let the foul words of the pack come true." Jungkook shakes his head, "so you do not want to listen to me." "The mountains," Taehyung whispers,
scared of the wind hearing their conversation now, "I will wait there after everyone retires for bed," then his face hardens, "do not expect me to believe you just yet, Alpha Jeon. I am only giving you the benefit of the doubt in honor of our past and it is the last I will ever
give you. Do not expect me to forgive you either, nor forget it-" Jungkook just gives him a small, barely there smile, "you can choose to do whatever you want with what I have to say. I will drop down on my knees for you to only listen and you granting me that, it is enough."
- Seokjin holds his hand in his as he sits numb. His heart is in tatters, he does not know what to believe- when he was talking to Jungkook, he did not really register, took the words at face value but now, he did not know what to believe. One side were his eyes, what he saw
from the very minute Jungkook had come back, the mating mark was there, raw and red, what he heard- their mating celebration taking place. The other side was a person who betrayed him, who was someone who for the most part of his life, he considered to be his alpha.
"You do not have to go to him," Seokjin says, "you are not obliged to." Taehyung feels his heart wither, "why do I feel like I am? My omega is feeling so unsettled, it is making me feel nauseous." Seokjin looks at him sadly, "you did consider him as your mate," he says softly.
"Omegas are stupidly loyal, it is not easy for us to get used to another scent, it is not easy for us to let go of who we considered our own, much less our alpha. You are so very brave, Taehyung, for coping with this feeling of emptiness, this feeling of having your nest empty
yet you are surviving. I would have given up," Seokjin says, laugh sadly, "it is a sad truth, my sad truth. I cannot live without Namjoon, he is the only one I know, my only truth. Maybe it is engraved in us, being this loyal," His smile turns wry, "Jiminie is like that too."
"He just met his alpha and yet they are mated- what do you really know about Yoongi then? But Jimin knows him, his omega understands him, so that is okay. I wish, I will pray you get an alpha your omega understands that too, in Jungkook or not."
Taehyung gulps, "But I am scared, so scared," he whispers. Seokjin watches him, "that you will melt when you hear him out?" Taehyung shakes his head, "I am afraid of that yes, I do not want to but I am afraid I will want him back once I know he is not mated."
"It is not what I deserve," he continues, his voice breaking, "after the weeks worth of pain he put me through, it is not, our past is not worth it. But I will go to him if he asks me to be his mate, I know I will," his eyes sting, "and that hurts me, so much."
"My pride, my self respect, I am afraid I will let go of them if he asks and that thought itself leaves me feeling horrible, useless, so dirty because with him I had more things, without him, I have only these and if I say yes to him again, I will have nothing- because I do
not know if he will stay, I cannot trust him to not leave me, it will take a long time for me to trust him even if he says he is not mated but I will still say yes to being his mate because I just want to keep the one I love with me, keep my alpha only for me."
Seokjin nods lightly, "no one blames you for that, you should not blame yourself either. Love", he breaths out, "hurts. It is not the sunshine, rainbows and unicorns like folklores speak of it as. It is blo*d, it is dark, it hurts, it leaves your scathed, it leaves you feeling
for a long, long time. You remember pain for a longer time, your remember pain better than you remember happiness and that sadly, what love is most of the time." Taehyung's eyes are full of tears as he looks at him with rounded eyes, "then why do we love hyung? If it is pain,
why do we dive right in?" "Because it has its good moments too," Seokjin shrugs, "and we are a sucker for it. It please to own someone like that so." Taehyung lets the tears flow as he sits still again, they had finished their dinners, the time to go to the mountain was coming.
"Go safely," Seokjin says. Taehyung wipes at his eyes furiously, "I will hyung." "If you do not come back in an hour, I will bang his hut down yes?" Taehyung snorts, "go hyung. Namjoon hyung and Jimin must be waiting."
Seokjin nods. Taehyung watches the elder omega leave his hut and sighs, he prays that he is brave enough tonight and that the goddess will grant him just this. - Moonlight falls on him, the surrounding giving them a silver glow. His tan skin glows beautifully as Jungkook
Jungkook is breathless by the time Taehyung comes up to him. Taehyung has his jaw set, eyes hardened but the alpha cannot find one reason to be offended, to feel any remorse because Taehyung looks so so beautiful in the light.
"Taehyung." "Jungkook." They stare until Taehyung averts his gaze away, "is your mate okay?" Jungkook can hear the sarcasm in that tone so he just huffs, "she is not my mate, believe that at least. That mark is not mine."
"Will you stop repeating that! Just tell me what you mean, I do not fancy talking about her, Alpha." Jungkook stills, "alpha? I am your alpha?" Taehyung glares as his face twist, "you are such a stupid alpha, why did I even agree to listen to you, my god."
Jungkook sits all of a sudden, pats the patch of the ground beside him, Taehyung sits so, rigidly. "tell me now, alpha Jeon." "do you remember the conversation we had when we were nine? About us being orphans and being the core of each other?"
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Taehyung gives him a bitter sideways smirk, "yes I do but ever since then, it has lost all its meaning." Jungkook does not let the sentences deter him as he watches Taehyung, his gaze never wavering, "three year ago, just before the day I broke," he winces, gulps, "this off, I
was called. By the head alpha. He told me about this omega I needed to /mate/. A princess who lives up north, told me I needed to work it up to her so her father would allow me to mate her." "So you did mate her?" Taehyung says, his eyes narrowed as he moves away from the alpha.
Jungkook snarls. He grasps at Taehyung's elbows and pulls his closer till the omega's hands fall on his chest and the omega feels the alpha's erratic heartbeat underneath his fingers, he watches with widened eyes as the alpha just shakes his head, "He told me that, he forced me
me to accept the duty. Said as the youngest warrior I had the most potential." "So you just said yes?" Taehyung asks, his voice in a whisper that dissolves in the air between them, Jungkook gives a nod, "I would be gone for three years. Three years is a long time, I asked for
your protection from him- asked him to protect you like a pack member with a family and not just an orphan. He granted it. At the time, I thought I would just get her father to accept me and leave her later to come back to you", he looks away when Taehyung's eyes shine with a
fresh batch of tears, "but I still let whatever we had go because it would be cheating and I could never do that to my omega. I figured the head alpha could not do anything to me if I showed him that I tried." "Why did you not tell me this then?" Taehyung says, voice shaky
"I was leaving, if I told you you would not look forward to me coming back,Yoongi hyung was leaving with me as well," he gives him a watery smile,"there would be no waiting for me, I would burn out like a candle and nobody would miss me, remember me, I guess I was a bit selfish."
"Just a bit?" Taehyung asks, his voice is lined with pain, it makes Jungkook's heart ache. "You had to mate her and yet you did not tell me that, you told me you only had me, why would you not tell you only one then?" The omega continues, his eyes turning blue.
"I never said I was not at fault, Taehyung. It would be my only fault if not for what happened way later." Jungkook's voice drops. Taehyung shivers at the alpha's tone, "what happened?" "I managed to get her appa to give her to me-" Taehyung freezes as his eyes narrow, he
cannot, cannot in any way imagine what could the alpha possibly say that would lead to him not mating her- he wonders if he was just here to run on circles because all of it looked bleak, all of it had him out of the equation and he did not really want to hear the mating part.
"but then I left her in the pack before they could pronounce anything. Me and Yoongi hyung ran away to the nearest pack, stayed there for a few days but the others found me again. Head alpha personally went to bring us, found us in that shabby inn, almost gave the owner a
heart attack," he gives out a snort, "he did not do anything however. Stayed there for a whole day. Hyung found Jimin there, in that inn and he had to go after them because Namjoon ran away with Jimin and Seokjin hyung to protect them- thought Yoongi was just another alpha
who was after an unmated omega. After he went away," Jungkook smirks, gives out a shake of his head, "fuxk I was naive, oh I was naive." He looks at Taehyung, licks his lips and shakes as Taehyung cups his cheek, he closes his eyes. He does not deserve this, he is sh*t.
Taehyung wipes the tear off gingerly, "what happened?" Jungkook has destroyed him, has ruined every concept to mating that there is but he still feels pain at the pain he sees in Jungkook's eyes, he still feels his heart shake, feels suffocated, his omega feels nauseous at the
thought even. Jungkook shakes his head, "he brought me down to my knees." Taehyung waits with baited breath, not really sure if he wanted to hear it but he waits nonetheless. "Showed me where orphans really belonged."
Jungkook matches his eyes, both of their eyes are red rimmed, raw emotions swimming in them. "He will burn me," Taehyung's body locks, his omega screams in agony as he forgets how to breathe from the searing pain he feels, "at the end of this he will burn me I had to save you, I
will always save you, please know that. He told me then that he will burn me, burn all of us orphans if needed because we were all bastards who were all unloyal to the pack that fed us That I was a bastard for letting go of my duty. He was right," Jungkook gives a delirious
laugh, "I told him I would get her, but I did not. I felt sorry, begged on my knees because I was forced to but then he had other plans," Jungkook gulps as he looks at Taehyung and the omega actually fears what is to come next as he gulps.
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