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Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson

Mar 13
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Right. So, I’ve known for years the BBC has been a brittle car crash of cowardly compromise & lickspittling grovelling by its higher management, who of course went to the same schools as the political class which perennially kicks it about like a sad stepchild in a sleeping bag

I know this because I was reared & educated in the same class, thanks to my embourgeoising through adoption. I also know that media/sports matrix overpaid celebs play the previous like a fucking Stradivarius, to levels so deeply embarrassing the homoerotic element’s the least…
…of it. So all this has just been the standard taunt/counter taunt which both fuels & lags all human interaction, & good luck to both sides, & fair play to the winner of the latest out. But if you could care less, what’s significant about this is the abject total complete…
…fucking hopelessness of the frontline troops in the Culture War the cunts who think they know how to run the country. The pale, wanky Wykehamist spars & wonks, the grizzled old nutcases, the foaming hedge fund near puppets, the pathetic troll prole bitches of the Cuntocracy…
…these useless pricks & arseholes couldn’t run a credible rebuttal operation if you crammed a Chernobyl of Fox News up their Jacksies & then detonated it with Paul Dacre on steroids, ignited by a unicorn on heat, on ketamine. Christ but they’re crap. I mean, beyond crap. Crap…
…to the power of crap forever. They even had some Tory MP on the news tonight reading (badly) off his crib sheet saying this meant we had to rethink how to fund the BBC sounding like a whining 12 year old who’d just had a big boy piss in his satchel. They’re shit. They’re…
…trash. They’re just clapped out rubbish, from the commanding depths of the fascist media to the huddle of frightened marmosets currently constituting our government. What the fuck are we waiting for?
Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson

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