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If you are gonna be a founder, you gotta choose if you are going to be an insider or an outsider. Insider: Nirav Outsider: Naval Every insider secretly wants the freedom to be an outsider. Every outsider secretly wants the respectability of being an insider. ๐Ÿงต

Insiders protect the status quo and change things gradually at the margins. Outsiders are bomb throwers. They tend to be more disagreeable and they are less likely to fit in.
Sometimes outsiders become insiders. @Marc Andreessen was an outsider who became an insider and now he is actually becoming an outsider again.
A great founder can be an insider (like a Nirav) or an outsider (like a Naval). A good board member is generally an insider but there are definitely exceptions where outsiders make good board members.
Most people are actually outsiders. But most high-status people are insiders.
most parents play it safe. They encourage their kids to be insiders. Even children of successful outsiders are almost always insiders.
So are you an insider or an outsider? A @Nirav Tolia or a @Naval?โ€ฆ
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