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Mar 18, 2018
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Dark Waters Yoonmin AU "Mermaids are not always pretty." "You're a siren then?" "You think I'm pretty? God, I'm wondering why I didn't drag you the fuck down in the first place now."

please don't ask anyone else to do stuff with this, im planning to do either a fic or a threadfic~
audio inspiration: I Feel Like I'm Drowning by Two Feet
It started early. It started late. Didn't matter. Yoongi was instantly fucked either way.
He had pushed his luck, sailing past the solidified lava after midnight. The myths said nothing good would come out of a black ocean. He thought he could wait it out near one of the rocks, give himself some space to run. The myths were fucking right.
One moment he had his eyes on the glowing reef, the other moment two sets of crushing waves flipped his delicate boat over. There was no time to hold on, no time to swim, no time to struggle. Not like it mattered anyway. He was bound to be a sacrifice.
Sharp teeth rutting against wet cloth. Deafening sound of water. Blood. Blood. Blood.
Nothing could save him, he knew. Nothing should save him. He had chosen his path. Knowingly or not. Former sounded poetic. He always had a hollow death wish before.
He held onto the agony until the smell of blood became too much to bear, there was no pain. Nothing out of the ordinary, there was no pain. Why was there no pain?
He saw a smile's death, covered in blood. Maybe his own. Everything went dark.
Park Jimin never hesitated to drag his victims down into the cold water. He didn't hesitate when the water was boiling either. He didn't know why he did hesitate for the dumb stray. Maybe it was the reckless foolery, maybe it was his bravery.
The ocean drowned out the smell of the people. Under the reefs, nothing had a label. No faes. No witches. No werewolves. Not even mermaids. They just tasted a tad bit bitter. Fair. Cannibalism wasn't ideal, nature supposed.
The stray's flesh tasted like poison. Not the kind of poison Jimin could tolerate, no. It was flat out bad. Jimin's appetite was gone and he was so ready to discard; until he caught a whiff of the guy. It was /his/. Somewhere in him, he knew the stray was his.
Without a word, he pulled back his teeth and dragged the smiling body into their territory. A stray was his. He belonged to a stray. Park Jimin belonged to fucking no one.
Yoongi knew something was terribly wrong as soon as he could breathe. The thought was almost comedic, but it was true nonetheless. He was supposed to be dead, he had to be. A sharp wave of pain filtered through his spine. His first one.
"He's mine," he heard a high voice growl. "He's mine, stay back!" Shit, he was being fought over. "Jimin," a voice, a deeper one said. "Make up your fucking mind. You almost ate him, let us take care of hi—" "MINE!" the voice screeched. It brought Yoongi ease.
"If you don't move right now, you are losing your hunting territory." Another voice -certainly the deepest- threatened. Seemingly, it worked. "Shit, he's awake. Give me the ne—" Everything hurt. It felt amazing.
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Min Yoongi had never felt pain before. He didn't know why, nor that he cared. He just never did, so he never questioned it. But when he was dragged down, he did feel the pain. The sharp teeth impaling his neck, the claws around his chest.
The claws around his chest were still there; digging and scraping. "Who are you?" A voice hissed behind him. "Min Yoongi." He answered without a pause. What was the gain in trying to keep anything secret? Yoongi wanted to /feel/. Good or bad. Pain or pleasure.
"Who made you mine?" The voice hissed again. It was the thrill of being alive what made Yoongi chuckle. "I don't know /shit/, sweetheart."
Then the hands left his body, the pressure in his chest increased as a figure sat down right on top of it. The boy was the prettiest little thing Yoongi had ever seen. The feeling must've been mutual, because the angry expression on his face wiped out for a second.
Without a word, the boy lowered down and started sucking on his lips. Yoongi let him. It wasn't a kiss, not really. Yoongi could feel the strong suction, but he wasn't able to respond. It hit him when the boy traced left with a groan. He was licking off his blood.
"The hell are you?" He asked as the boy straightened up again. Yoongi could see something was different about him, the boy's expression blissed out and almost happy. He smiled as he wiped a smear of blood with his thumb and licked it off clean. "Mermaids are not always pretty."
"You're a siren then?" Yoongi asked before he could stop himself, eyes glazing all over the boy's oversized black shirt and pale skin. His answer was a mocking snort. "You think I'm pretty? God, I'm wondering why I didn't drag you the fuck down in the first place now."
Drag. Down. "We're underwater?" The boy helped Yoongi sit up, careful to not hurt yet careless to his wounds. As soon as his back found a pillow, the boy was back on his lap; hands swimming everywhere, eyes full of excitement.
"You can say," He giggled, wiggling on Yoongi's lap. "Leave this cave and we're eighty feet underwater. Shallow." "Shallow," Yoongi repeated, more to himself. "You tried to kill me." The boy sighed, almost as if the remark offended him. "Yes I did. You were in my territory."
"I know," Yoongi said. "I'm sorry." Jimin waved his hand. "All in the past. You're mine now." "I'm yours." The boy made a humming noise, satisfied with the response. His hips were definitely moving, and Yoongi didn't know how to feel about that.
"I belong to no one," Jimin hissed, the movements of his hips getting harder by every second. "But you are mine. Understood?" Yoongi nodded, too blissed out to respond properly. "If anyone wants to feed on you, touch you; you will come to me."
"You're talking all nice, pretty," Yoongi growled, hands pulling the boy to his chest. "But I don't care about what is not mine." His breath hitched, a tiny gasp leaving Yoongi speechless. He didn't look like the part. Apparently, Yoongi was too quick to judge.
"Jimin, what the hell are you doing?!" Another boy entered the room, pulling the mermaid back in the blink of an eye. Jimin hissed, struggled, but the boy didn't let him go. "Jeongguk?" Yoongi called out, voice far too calm for the situation.
"Hyung," Jeongguk called back, eyes apologetic. "You must be scared as hell right now. I'll explain." Yoongi really wasn't that scared, but some explanations and Jimin back on him could be nice. "Jeon, let me go," Jimin growled out. "He needs the contact!"
"Hyung!" Jeongguk called someone from out of the room, ignoring the cries. "Hyung, I need assistance!" "Jeon, he's gonna die!" The younger's grip tightened around Jimin's wrists. "And whose fault is that?!" "I had to feed!" Jimin cried, and, Yoongi really understood.
woooo i'll come back to this later~~
"Let him go, Kook." In shock, the youngest of the three let Jimin go. He was so, so quick to get up on Yoongi's lap and possessively cling to him. Yoongi gave a gentle stroke of comfort to his back before he looked back to Jungkook. "You can explain now."
"Why are you so calm?!" Jungkook backed up, eyes widening with confusion as he watched Yoongi practically pet the mermaid. "You do realize he is the one who turned you, right?" "Turned me into what?" Yoongi asked, voice void of surprise. He knew damn well.
"A mermaid." Jungkook breathed out. "You are a fucking mermaid. There was transfusion." Yoongi raised a brow. "Why do you sound sad?" Jungkook had never looked angrier before. "Because this is fucking why I left and never came back!" It was understandable.
"Because when I wandered for food, one of them dragged me down and, and..." Jungkook seemed lost. Seeing his brother after four years couldn't have been the best thing when he just got used to his new life. "There was blood." His eyes were glassy. "I felt pain, hyung."
"I know, Kook." Yoongi slowly put Jimin down on the bed and leaned to hug his younger brother. "It's 'kay. We're together now, yeah?" "Hyung," Jungkook clung onto Yoongi's arms. "I was scared." "I know, I know..." Yoongi raised one hand to pet his hair. "Me too."
"I..." Jeongguk looked around the room and pulled back. "I'll see you at dinner time." "Yes, you will." Yoongi brushed a bit of hair from the younger's forehead. "Go. Do what you have to do." With one last jug, Jeongguk left the room.
Yoongi didn't even get to see his transformation, because he was pulled back by the waist and pulled down onto the bed. "Why was he all over you?" Jimin growled. "Who is he to you?" "My brother," Yoongi answered calmly. "I'm yours. You know this." "I do."
Jimin snuggled onto his neck almost violently, and Yoongi felt different. He had a slight scent of coral and salt spread on him. "I know. And you are mine. Only mine." Yoongi could tell Jimin wasn't in a rational headspace. He let him do his thing, careful to not move.
The growling almost lasted for ten minutes, until the scent of corals became overwhelming and Jimin was happy with the result. Yoongi was happy with the result, too. The high of the pain was still there, and he wouldn't dare to disagree with the source of it.
"I'll be by your side in dinner." Yoongi nodded faintly. "Don't you dare as far as look at someone else." "I thought I told you," With a sudden strength, Yoongi got up. "I don't care about the things that are not mine." And he stepped into the ocean.
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Outside was nothing like Yoongi imagined. It didn't really matter, because he had a tail. With the sudden loss of balance, he started to sink down. "Careful!" Something mumbled above him. He could feel a current coming his way, but he couldn't pinpoint exactly from where.
"I should've known you would do this— Hoseok, help me!" A strong set of arms started to pull him up until he was backed against a rock. In front of Yoongi, was two other beautiful men. One had sharp features on his face; his nose almost looked like a triangle.
The other mermaid had the opposite qualities; face round with cheekbones dissolving into smile lines and a set of dimples. "You okay?" He asked, eyes concerned "Here, get on my arm. I'm Namjoon." Yoongi drew the conclusion that the other man was Hoseok.
With every single instinct inside of him protesting, he clung to their arms. "Yoongi." "We know," Hoseok humored, eyes glinting with mischief. "You are quite the talk of the town, to put it lightly. The one who tamed the monster." The one who tamed the monster.


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