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Apr 24, 2018
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#luwoo au | jungwoo and lucas are nct’s power couple that have been together for a year. the two are sickeningly in love, until lucas suffers from a concussion and forgets his life as an idol, including jungwoo.

a few things before we start: • probably won’t be updating regularly until finals are over • there is a car crash in this!! if that scares u or anything pls skip it! • this is gonna be angsty probs • quote don’t reply!! • also i’m new at this pls don’t judge
black on black mv added 10 years to my life
schedules begin! also ignore the time and battery life i’m too lazy to crop it out lmao
fans react
third picture is what mark posted 💛
some clarity on what happened
that’s it for tonight 💓
taeyong is a good leader ❤️
i live for best friends wooyoung
back to our regularly scheduled angst
lucas messages jungwoo
logging off
things go back to normal
*red velvet’s ‘ice cream cake’ plays in the background*
psa i’m drunk this was vv hard to type
sad uwu
lucas messages johnny
new comeback, new profiles
jeno and taeyong talk 😊
taeyong is a good leader pt. 2
(reuploaded) mentions of sex btw
lemon drop
👀 (mentions of sex)
it’s the truth
that’s it for tonight 😇
taeyong is a good leader pt. 3 (also my plans got done earlier than i thought so i can update more)
jungwoo deserves better
jungwoo support 💘
read 12:47 ✔️ (also the thread went weird 😭)
rumor has it
only a few more updates before this is finished!
thank you guys so much for following this crazy au! all of your quotes and messages made me happy 💞 i have another au in the making but i’m not sure if i’ll ever post it ha. 💓
i’m officially starting the markhyuck spin off! please support it 💓…


#markhyuck au | mark and donghyuck have been best friends since pre-debut, but hyuck has been crushing the entire time they’ve known each other. it’s not until a serious accident that mark realizes his feelings for hyuck.
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