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May 10, 2018
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Jimin is an intern in a small production company working on a indie film, it is decided for the film to have Audio Description so he's sent to a workshop of sound editing and translations ran by Sound Engineer Min Yoongi, a blind soundman #YoonminWeek18 #YoonminWeek18_D4

I won't be writing a whole threadfic because I think I would need more research to be respectful to the prompt (disability), however I will write some stuff about this AU, and about how important sound is for movies and how sound can tell stories on it's own :)
So, Yoongi lost his sight and he already was a soundman, (sound director/editor) that's why he's familiar with the mixers and dashboards. And he feels the need to make movies accesible to everyone Also, he works with Pro Tools, a software that is accesible to blind people!
Basically, Audio Description is adding a track of descriptions between dialogue, so he teaches how to record the translations and how to direct the voice actors (because the description needs to represent the feelings of the movie). But it's not over with just the descriptions
Also the sound effects need to be re-edited to make the experience based on the audio rather than the visuals. And even when he had sight, sound was the most important aspect of Yoongi's life, mixing, editing, producing, and he knows sound can transmit sensations and build spaces
And Jimin, like any person that just started their career on the film industry, at first doesn't realize how important the sound is. He's interested only on creating impacting and beautiful visuals, well composed-shots, but does don't mean nothing without a good sound mixing
And Yoongi is so passionate about sound and Jimin doesn't seem to understand, and Yoongi /NEEDS/ to prove to the younger how important sound elements are to a film, and if the dialogue is badly recorded or the post production poorly made then the visuals don't have impact
And Jimin actually admires the older man, admires his work, and how he loves film so much that he's still working on it even if he can't see them ("I don't need to see them if I can hear them, Park") And Yoongi is so passionate, and he gets giddy when he talks about his work-
Jimin knows that when someone loves what they do is when they shine the most, and watching Yoongi talking about sound, explaining how to direct, edit, record: Jimin thinks the man shines a lot, And little by little, he begins to understand Yoongi, by listening to him for real
***** Yoongi making Jimin watch a movie with his eyes covered, to realize how messy it is, how impossible it is to follow the plot, and Jimin feels bad because that's what Yoongi feels like when he goes to the cinema but Yoongi explains that there are ways to calm down the chaos
There are more stuff i'd like to say about the AU, specially Yoongi's character but it would be just ideas all over the place haha maybe I can actually turn it into a threadfic, meanwhile... SUPPORT CINEMAS WITH AUDIO DESCRIPTION, FILM SHOULD BE ENJOYED BY EVERYONE!!!!!


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