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2 minutes ago

5 tweets

people who stan blackpink, ive, and itzy have the best taste in music honestly

ale⁷ •᷄ɞ•᷅


4 minutes ago

4 tweets

tae for celine yoongi for valentino jungkook for balenciaga jimin for yves saint laurent jin for gucci hobi for off white joon for vintage versace

Jessica Ayodele


8 minutes ago

20 tweets

I planned to do a thread about my wedding but kept putting it off. A lot of folks asked me how much we spent to help them plan towards theirs 💃🏽, so let me address that first. Total expenses came up to ~$22K (₦15M) incl. honeymoon expenses Details x pictures👇🏽

Enid 


11 minutes ago

10 tweets

Big thread 🧵 Explaining the famous @ 1x, @ 2x, @ 3x with visuals 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Join LACWE on Gumroad or Patreon to learn iOS development with visuals👇

Matt Pocock


12 minutes ago

9 tweets

Today's the day. My Beginner's TypeScript tutorial has dropped. And it's free for everyone. 🧵



12 minutes ago

7 tweets

C programmers be like: i want a function with a short name and a looong body



15 minutes ago

12 tweets

#Earthquake (#potres) possibly felt 25 sec ago in #Croatia. Felt it? Tell us via: 📱 🌐 🖥 ⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon!

The Wildlife Trusts


15 minutes ago

5 tweets

Today’s a big day – beavers are officially recognised as a native and protected species in England! Beavers are brilliant natural engineers and amazing at restoring wetlands – it is vital they are protected! (1/5)



16 minutes ago

4 tweets

1-Once again, I have the feeling that the demonstrators in Iran, especially in the big cities, have invented a new way of demonstrating. "Guerrilla demonstration". ⬇️ Tehran Shariati Metro station. #MahsaAmini

Art of Thinking


17 minutes ago

11 tweets

10 Harsh Truths of Psychology & Life: 1.

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