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Apr 10, 2019

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So for all new followers, we is today have the origin story of Islamicat and introduction to his world. One day the story will be added to the Klaw'ran, insh'Allah [THREAD]

Years ago, Islamicat was live peacefully in Syria under the Pusslimic State, which not do anything like crucify people or chop heads or burn peoples in cages, that just propaganda spreaded by medias. We had nice country!

Of course, Western crusader infurdels always get involved and try destroy anything Pusslims have. This time the vile Americans team up with Russian butchers and turn our nice country into war zone

They is attack poor Pusslims with evil chemical weapons like white phosphorus shells which really happen and is not staged by White Helmets at all

So, with the full might of crusader armies and their weaponrys being directed against defenceless Pusslims, we has no choice but flee towards Europe

Where we try to cross the Mediterranean to safety

Where we is exploited by people traffickers and have to put to sea in dangerous conditions

But luckily we was pick up two hundred yards after casting off from shore by nice people from Red Cross

You must remember, as refugees we had lost everything, especially our women and children!

But through grace of Miaowhammad we had managed to remember our cigarettes

And our mobile phones, naturally

Once we arrive in Europe though, we discover everyone is want to go to UK because that nicest place (nothing do with jizya-benefits or vulnerable girl sex slaves, nothing at all, in fact Islamicat not even know what they is), so we on move again

And we is finally make it to Calais where we is stow away on truck to get to promised land of UK!

Once at England, Islamicat is tell them I is obviously unaccompanied minor, and this beard is simply because in war zone you is age faster (this is true, scientists say it)

So we is given accommodation at place called Greenfell Tower, but it not very nice, but luckily one night Islamicat accidentally leave backpack in fridge…

...and thru grace of Miaowhammad place burn down and we is get moved to nice flat in Kensington thanks to @Sadiq Khan !

But longer Islamicat stay in Europe, I is realize it is not nice place really for Pusslims and we is must strive to make it dar-al Islam. Europe is really controlled from afar by Dark Lord Vladimir Mewtin!

Mewtin is in league with manipulative media figure and leader of the MOUSE-AD, Zionicat…

…and his lieutenant, the hated Orthodog

The Zionist animals has install their puppet stooge Pussy Grabber @Donald J. Trump as leader of Great Shaitan America

Russians and Zionicat has also used bots to manipulate UK into voting Brexit (basically make place like Nazi Germany), and use puppets like TommyCatty Robinson…

...and shape-shifting djinn @Katie Hopkins turn all the people in UK into vile Islamophobic Nazi Brexiters who want to kill all Pusslims!

Islamicat is need to mobilize all Pusslims to fight back against the vile Nazis

Collect charity from unwitting Westerners to help our causes

Sneak halal food into all of your supermarkets to make even more money for jee-had

And use these moneys train the kittens of the Catliphate to take the fight to the infurdel enemies!

Is only then we can realize our dream of conquer the West by stealth, by convincing infurdels we are a minority in need of help, and use their political system to install the Shakira law!

And when @Sadiq Khan is Prime Minister and Islamicat is Downing Street cat, then UK will be Dar-al-Islam, then there will be peace, like peace of graveyard! Allahu akpaw!

Islamicat 💣😾🕌 💥


Former pet of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, now nomadic jihadicat, dedicated to establishing Pusslim Catliphate. Hates dogs, pigs, mice, infurdels; loves Klaw'ran 🇵🇸

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