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Nov 30, 2019
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#kaisoo #kaisooau #arrangedmarriage Kaisoo au An au where Kyungsoo is set into an arranged marriage with Jongin,elder son of the richest business men in south korea,but under one condition that kyungsoo should sign their divorce papers even before signing their wedding papers!

Their marriage is something that is not proposed 5 or 10 years back but even before their birth between Kyungsoo’s and Jongin’s grandfathers. jongin’s and kyungsoo’s grandfathers were bestfriends to the extent of agreeing to the marriage when there are sons are born on both
the sides. Unfortunately on kyunsoo’s side his mother was born and jongin’s side his father was born.So it automatically comes to the next generation where both sides boys were born...fortunately.
Kyunsoo was brought by his grandpa,his parents died in a car accident when he was 6 y/o.Kyungsoo was brought up with the stories about his grandapa and kim’s friendship.
Grandpa kim went to seoul because he fought with his parents and never came back after that.kyungsoo’s grandpa and kim lost their contact between each other too but the precious thing called friendship never died between them.
After many tears he came back, met his friend,happy to know that boys were born on both the sides. Few years later after his grandpa’s and kim’s death,kyungsoo went to seoul with his best friend-Baekhyun to complete his
grandpa’s last wish,his marriage with jongin. The kims welcomed kyungsoo happily and announced that wedding was already set by the late Kim grandpa himself which is on January 13,which is one month from now on.
The kims arranged one of their guest houses for kyungsoo and baekhyun to stay in it. They asked kyungsoo to come to seoul one month prior to the wedding because they could arrange his wedding suit and wedding ring.
At first jongin avoided meeting kyungsoo for selecting the suit and ring.He told his parents that is he is too busy to go to the they sent the designs to his office so he could choose them. when jongin’s assistant sehun bring the booklet to jongin’s
room and jongin never cared even glance at him.sehun knew from the start itself that jongin has no intrest in this wedding with kyungsoo or with anyone else. since he sense the irritating look from his secretary aka his best friend,sehun...jongin grabbed the booklet hurrily and
chose the ring and the suit randomly.sehun marked the designs with a scoff expression in his face Before leaving the room all sehun said is “Don’t do this to you or atleast to him”.
The Next day- kyungsoo received a mail about the details of the ring and the suits chosen by jongin,he was told that if he didn’t like the designs he could discuss about his preferences with jongin later but
It is all new to him getting a personalised tailor,spending thousands of dollars just for the is all new to him. He hopes that he could adopt to all these things hereafter because this is how his life is going to be from now on.
All these times he never felt lonely because of his chatterbox friend,baekhyun. All these time baekhyun was always there for him,after his grandpa’s death,when he graduated from the culinary college and when he told abt the marriage proposal between the Dos and the Kims family.
Baekhyun was very happy when he heard about the marriage because who wouldn’t want to get married to the richest Kims of the country. Though baekhyun is quite annoying but we always need this kind of friend in our life to keep us feel alive.
...And yes kyungsoo met jongin’s parents several times but never once he met jongin in person since he came to seoul.
Kyungsoo searched about jongin on the internet when he came to know about the marraige. He came to know that jongin is older than him by a year, looks colder outside because there are photos which are rarely found to be seen him simling but
all of these,the thing which made kyungsoo to have a slight crush on jongin is his character. There are many article out there which says about how jongin actively involving in charity activites even more than his partents themselves,
articles about how jongin never involved in any dating rumors,or partying and there are very few articles also there which claims him to be asexual beacuse he was never seen out on a date,which is the funny reason they gave for the claim,according to kyungsoo.
kyungsoo never cared about the last news. All kyungsoo want is to love and loved by jongin,because kyungsoo is always loved by everyone around him though they may be few in numbers.
Kyungsoo told his date with jongin to baekyun.To be honest baek was more happier than kyungsoo,which is nothing new though. Baek already started to plan about kyungsoo’s outfit and hairstyle but kyungsoo has another plan which is just to go to the date being himself.
He just want jongin to feel the real kyungsoo not the kyungsoo with some fancy clothes or diffrently styled hair...just the real kyungsoo.
when kyungsoo told his plan on makeover to first there were some exchange of words but at last baekhyun agreed to his friend’s decesion saying “no matter what you wear you are always one of the handsome men i ever came across.”
To which kyungsoo stuffed a piece cake in baek’s mouth with shyness.
As he was informed before,at 8 pm sharp the Mercedes Benz has arrived to pick him up.After a 10 minutes drive kyungsoo arrived at one the High-end Hotels of Seoul,anyone can easy say this as kyungsoo cannot even count how many floors it has.
A guy approched them, now kyungsoo is being led into the top floor of the hotel which seems like roof-top restaurant .The guy-the personal server said “if it is too cold outside,you can have a seat inside too,sir”.
After few minutes of enjoying the seoul’s beautiful view he went inside beacuse he doesn’t want to look so pale while meeting his fiance for the first time.
After entering inside only he came to know that there are only two chair opposite to one other in that biggg room. He becomes more nervous now because meeting your fiancé for the first time that too just two of them ...he never imangined that.
He didn’t order anything to eat when the chef himself came to take the order.After a good 20 minutes of waiting ,he regretted for not ordering back then. He is hungry,He didn’t had his lunch beacuse of,but because of excitement of meeting his fiance.
While in mid of regretting, the door opens and there comes jongin.kyungsoo could only stare widely, his heart races crazily.
Kyungsoo checked out jongin, while he is walking towards their table.White shirt rolled toward his elbows,the tie is loosely hanging around his neck, but most of all of this he looks Beautiful.
Even before kyungsoo could avert his eyes away from jongin...they suddenly made an eye contact just for a second...which made kyungsoo to turn his head away in the speed of light.
Now jongin checked out kyungsoo, with a sigh he reached the table finally.They both shared the greeting in a formal way by jongin saying “hello” to which kyungsoo bowed replied the ‘hello’ back.
Its been five conversations are made yet.The atmosphere is dense too...all kyungsoo could do is to see the night clouds through the glass wall and jongin is busy on his phone...sometimes kyungsoo could feel a pair of eyes on him,
but he said to himself that ‘why i am so delusional now!.’
With a snap jongin made the personal chef come to take the orders with a menu in his hand...kyungsoo doesn’t know what to order,he confusingly looked the looking at the confused kyungsoo jongin made the order himself for both of them. While waiting for the food there
are train of thoughts running on jongin’s mind.
Jongin never had an ideal type before,He barely dated a girl for a week when he was in his high school,but within a week he understands he himself a gay, but the main reason jongin never dated after that was, if he dated a person that means there would be
feelings invoved...he never wanted that,he never wanted to get married,he never wanted to have a family of own in the first place...never.
But now he is front on kyungsoo,his fianće.Jongin is doing all these things only for his late grandpa,the last person that brought some warmth and love into jongin’s heart but he is no more with him.
“So your name is kyungsoo,right?” finally jongin started the conversation and kyungsoo replied with a “y-yes”.
Jongin hurriedly conitued “Look kyungsoo,i just want to get straight into the point...i never wanted this marriage but because of some unwritten rule made between our grandpas i am doing this.”
kyungsoo couldn’t listen after the word ‘i never wanted this marriage’. Before jongin could even continue, their food is being served with champaign...isn’t the champaign to be served for the winner, not for the loser like him thats all kyungsoo could think now.
After having a bite of his food jongin continued “As i said before ,i never wanted this marriage, so i would like to have a divorce on a mutual consent after a year of the marriage” and
he continued “i hope you understand me and i hope that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a person who doesn’t even want this marriage to be happen in the first place.”
All this time kyungsoo just sat like a statue and just hearing what jongin is saying.By not getting any reaction from kyungsoo,jongin pressed the words “you understand,right?” kyungsoo could only nod his head.
By taking the nod as a ‘yes’ from kyungsoo jongin said “Good.Lets just eat then and thank you too.” While jongin made himself busy with his food and mobile...kyungsoo didn’t even touch his food...his appitite is long gone.
The atmosphere is not very dense now as like it was before beacuse they get to know the purpose of this date. After few minutes jongin speak again that “i have to go now,once the divorce papers are get ready i will give you a call,so that we could sign them and
i will tell you the time and venue on the call and all of this above i don’t want this aggrement to be ever known by anyone except us...ever.”
With that jongin paid for the food and left a message small sheet with a phone number and a note saying ‘Give me a call tomorrow’. With that jongin left...just like that.
Kyungsoo felt numb,he never knew the next stage in his life would start with a twist. Finally after making up his mind, he got up from his seat and left the hotel,he didn’t even take the number that jongin gave him.
Reaching the lobby,he saw the chauffeur waiting for him,he asked him to take him straight to his place.
When he reached his place it was already past 11 in the night, he tried to make less sound so he won’t distrub baek who is soundly sleeping in the sofa,probably waiting for kyunsoo’s return, so he could get the details about his friend’s first date.
That night kyungsoo cried so much...the last time he cried this much was when in his grandpa’s funeral. Sleep refused to conquer him.
Morning comes soon than he fears him more because he have to face his friend,he doesn’t want to share anything that happend yesterday. Coz if baek comes to know about the divorce means he would refuse the marriage and even start a war against the kims.
After taking a good long time on the bath...he goes to have his breakfast. He tries to act more casual,but as soon as he take seat, baek lifted his head and analysed his and asked “what happend, have you cried!?”
kyungsoo replied that “what? no,why would i cry” Of all the things baekhyun hates when kyungsoo lies because kyungsoo would never share his sadness with anyone,baekhyun hates it and it irks him too.
“Don’t lie to me,kyungsoo.your face says something else.” kyungsoo stayed silent. “Why your eyes are swollen? Did the date didn’t go well ,did that jongin said anything wrong!?”
Kyungsoo still maintained his silence and this is the stage where baek lost his patience and shouted at him “Answer me,you idiot!!”
kyungsoo answered in the form of cry. He cried while he hugging baekhyun tight.It breaks baek’s heart it’s been long time ever since his friend cried this much.
Suddenly kyungsoo panicked beacuse he shouldn’t let baekhyun, to know about the agreement so he detached himself from the hug and said “i am so happy...he treated me well.I cried because grandpa is not with me to share my happiness...i suddenly missed him more.” he lied.
With a relief in his sigh baek told “He is always watching and don’t forget ‘the people we love, only their body-flesh dies but their memories will remains with us forever’ ,so don’t cry much,soo.”
Kyungsoo quickly wiped his tears,he doesn’t want his friend to suspect him more but the lump in his throat still remains.
Beakhyun teases “So, he treated you well uh...Did guys kissed?” Kyungsoo only glared him as a reply,by noticing the glare he said “There is nothing wrong in kissing on the first date itself tho.All you need is to make sure that the feelings are mutual!”
Kyungsoo suddenly recives a text from him,...from HIM.
He didn’t reply after he knows it is jongin.he didn’t know what to say because he knew jongin would only contact him for their next,a meeting to sign their divorce papers.
After not replying for two whole hours,jongin called’s so sudden and he didn’t know what to do...should he answer the call? or just let it rings? in the middle of thoughts he decided to answer it. When he slide to attend it, the call gets cut.
‘Oh my god,should i call him back,or should i wait for him to call back’ kyungsoo thoughts are collapsed, ‘why am i even worrying about his he’s not ur real husband,kyungsoo.Get a grip,you fool’ Kyungsoo scolds himself for his thoughts about jongin.
In the middle of thinking he recieves a text from jongin...again.
Right. I was right,it was all for the agreement. Kyungsoo just replied a simple ‘okay’.
Its 6.30 in the evening he is compeletely ready and waiting for the chauffuer to pick him up.He told his friend that he will be going out.
On other hand with the help of Sehun,jongin found a personal lawyer and made the documents ready to sign. All he have to do is get these documents signed from kyungsoo with a date one week later from his wedding and make sure that the thing is kept secret between these two only.
While travelling to the hotel jongin has tons of questions and doubts running in his mind. ‘Why would kyungsoo agreed to the divorce?’ , ‘why would he didn’t fought him back when he proposed the decision to him back then at the hotel?’ , ‘Why was he so silent?’ that ‘silent’
from kyungsoo is something that made jongin to get more curious about kyungsoo. jongin even have thoughts like ‘maybe like jongin,kyungsoo didn’t want this marriage to happen’ , ‘maybe kyungsoo loves someone’ , ‘maybe kyungsoo is a gold digger-but he doesn’t look like one tho’.
But all of this jongin made sure himself that he shouldn’t fall for kyungsoo.
*ANNOUNCEMENT* [Hello my dear of readers said that some of the tweets are unavailable,i checked them and yes,some of them are not there😭😭😭Those tweets are the one which makes some sense for this au.i was so excited to update but after knowing this...i dunno what
to do now.If you guyz want it insipte of the missing tweets,i will continue this au. Pls let me know.😭😭😭😭😭 p.s: Thank u and luv u all for the support!❤️ *END OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT*
When jongin reached the private dining room ,kyungsoo was already waiting for him there. He is surprised to see that kyungsoo is having his dinner... without waiting for him.
The transformation from their first date-no,first meeting to this is quite unbelievable and something interesting too.
When he reached the table, they greeted each other by bowing in a respective way. Just like last time no one made any conversation but now there we have kyungsoo busy eating his dinner and jongin curiously stating him.
Jongin is amazed to see how kyungsoo doesn’t even seem to give fuk about his presence and only concentrated on eating.
On kyungsoo’s side his mind is not as calm as he looks...he even doesn’t know what he is doing. He was the first to arrive and he want to make sure that he has some energy to deal with what’s going to happen so he just ordered his dinner for himself
and he doesn’t care to order something for jongin because if jongin wants he can order for himself right, he is not a child.
When jongin arrived,kyungsoo doesnt’ know what to do,so he just continued eating his food,but his heart is beating as fast as flying jet because that kim fukn’ jongin is starting at him...intensely.
kyungsoo did care about jongin’s stares... though you just wanted as a husband for only one year doesn’t mean you don’t have the rights to say that the person should not let go of his small crush...the small crush that kyungsoo have on jongin.
kyungsoo does have feelings for jongin while he was growing up even before seeing jongin and knowing his character. But he does grew affection more on jongin after knowing about him through those articles but kyungsoo doesn’t know why jongin acting like this about not
wanted to get married!
As kyungsoo cannot stand those staring he started the conversation with “why are you keep staring at me, do want to have a bite?” jongin only smirks,
kyungsoo replied “what! just don’t keep looking at me,look somewhere.i may get stomach ache” this is the reply that made kyungsoo experience the beautiful laugh of jongin.
kyungsoo always make people go amazed whenever he laughs beacuse his lips forms heart-shaped thing. But for the first time kyungsoo loves a laugh apart from his grandpa’s no-teeth laugh which is jongin’s,a high pitched laugh.
It lasts for only few seconds but it did left an impression on kyungsoo.
“For someone who is going to sign his divorce papers but it you seems like you are not worrying about it tho” jongin asked,
kyungsoo snapped back “For someone who is asking to sign the divorce papers even before the wedding and never and care about the other persons feelings it seems like you are guilty tho”. And this is it this is where kyungsoo see the other side of
jongin “you talk too much and i fukng care about you,so that only i am asking for divorce” he said it with a temper in his eyes.
kyungsoo lost it, he doesn’t want to hold back “if you ever consider me as a person you could have asked me before making decisions... though we don’t know each other but you could have talked to me...” jongin only listens.
kyungsoo continues that “... and i don’t need anyone’s mercy, that too from the person who don’t even consider my feelings before making decisions about my dam life.”
Jongin has only one reply “Now thats enough, sign these papers so you can leave the place where the person who don’t even consider your feelings” with that he threw a file onto the table. kyungsoo was so mad...mad of who-jongin? no, himself. yes, himself for
being a fool for thinking that he would change jongin’s mind during this one year of his marriage life...a fool.
When kyungsoo grabbed the pen to sign he was stopped by jongin saying “Do mention the date as the day after the marriage.” A soul-less person is that all kyungsoo thinks of jongin before signing them.
Once he signed them, kyungsoo left the hall but before saying the words to jongin that “i dont need your mercy,so don’t interfere in my life hereafter.”
*NOT AN UPDATE* So,guys do u want mpreg in this au. Liks ksoo as a carrier!?
It’s been two hours since kyungsoo left, but Jongin has been having only one thought...hes’ been thinking about how he laughed whole-heartedly. He thinks how effortlessly kyungsoo made him laugh.He doesn’t want to think anything else..anything else that happend between them now.
The time passes quickly,only two days left until their wedding and its’ been fifteen days since jongin and kyugsoo met. They never met or even speak through texts.
But all these time kyungsoo made his mind. He always wanted to have a family,a simple family.
He would always dream about having his own farm and owning a restaurant in a country-side with one daughter and a son maybe one more child if its’ okay with his husband. His grandpa always talked about how special he is to carry a child just like how his other grandpa gave
birth to his father. He always talked about its’ a special feeling that can be known only if we experience it. He always sees himself with a cosy little family.
But they begin shatter when they confirmed the wedding. He still takes it in a positive way and decided to change his his dreams according to the kims.
But they totally shattered like a pieces of glasses when that Kim Jongin told him about the divorce. Kim fukn’ Jongin.
After his meeting with jongin, kyungsoo spent on making up his mind...all these days,he decided to spent this next one year of marriage for the happiness of jongin’s parents. And he after the divorce, he don’t want to even think about it...maybe for now.
The last two days before his wedding he spent them with baekhyun.The duo went to shopping,sight seeing,massage parlour,everything they could do and these two days are the happiest days for him since he came to seoul. That night he slept quiet camly,no worries about
the next day-the big day of his life, his wedding,no thoughts about his divorce or even no thoughts about Jongin...He slept well.Because he already knows where his marriage gonna end and he made his mind for it too. Kyungsoo finally sleeps without thinking about anything.
*NOTICE* Guys pls do a apologise me beacuse i do have only little knowledge about the wedding and the terms involved with it.I am so sorry!🙈 And THANK U ALL for supporting this story...Luv u ppl😘❤️
Like a blink of an eyes the wedding night arrives. The marriage ceremony is set to be happened around 8 in the evening. Everything in the hall shouts black, they are all elegantly decorated.
Jongin was the first to arrive at the wedding hall. His mind is void of any other thoughts... he just felt blank.
On other side we have kyungsoo seated calmly in a private room across the wedding hall. He is all alone with baekhyun, the makeup artist and the hair dresser left them before half an hour ago itself.
Unlike Jongin,Kyungsoo has been engrossed by the thoughts about his family,his late grandpa and his parents.
He thinks what happens if they are here today with him. ‘Would they still allow him to marry jongin if they know about the divorce!?’ is all kyungsoo thinking about.
He has been thinking about them and the beautiful moments he spent with his grandpa. And then there we have baek who is more nervous than kyungsoo himself.
He’s been checking kyungsoo’s outfit every ten seconds.Baekhyun wants everything to be perfect...,perfect for his best friend.
When the clocks strikes 7:45, the personal assistant of mr. kim comes and indicates it’s the time. Yes, finally the time has come.
Baekhyun intertwined hits fingers with Kyungsoo, he can literally feel there shaking hands of Baekhyun...all kyungsoo thinks about the nervousness baek is ‘lol’.
They duo walk few steps to come face the large closed-door of the wedding hall. With that baek let go of his friend’s hand and said “i love baby”...again before leaving his side.
On a count of ten the door opened... and there standing jongin Kim. Jongin cannot focus on anything expect Kyungsoo.
Just like others in the hall Jongin is in awe too... kyungsoo looks 𝘣𝘦𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘶𝘭. It is not like you have feelings if you say a person is beautiful,right?!!
Kyungsoo walks slowly but confidently down the aisle.
But one thing they both didn’t noticed or even cared is their eye contact... they both mainted it till kyungsoo reaches jongin.
After few procedures they exchanged the rings to one another and finally sealed their wedding with jongin’s lips on kyungsoo’s hand as a kiss.
It’s all went quick...quicker than he..kyungsoo expected but sensation he felt when jongin’s lips kis— touched his skin still remains as hot as the red iron.
After some formal intro with the guests who are the partners and mr. kims’ friends from various part of the globe,finally they set down to have the dinner... alone.
It is as quiet as possible expect for the environment... but the subtle glances between taking their bites never vanished.
Jongin noticed how kyungsoo is so confident about the way he spoke to guests,back then but he still couldn’t deny the fact that kyungsoo is acting cocky towards him.
He shouldn’t care about that tho because they are not meant to be together after an year... so he shouldn’t care about kyungsoo’s’s like jongin never exsisted and he never got married to him just now.
Jongin shouldn’t care yet it irritates him.why!!?
As the time passes by,they both remains sober and as the clocks ticks kyungsoo learnt the fact that jongin is purposefully avoiding the alcohol consumption...hmmm... intresting.
It is near 11 in the night yet the party still seems like going wild. Mrs. kim slowly separate the newly weds away from the crowd.
“This is my small gift,a honeymoon suite to spend the night.” she said while handling the keys to the room to kyungsoo and car keys to jongin. “They have already put the address onto the gps.” she said before urging the couple to spend their night.
Before leaving baekhyun literally dumped a small package into his coat. wtf.
“Don’t even think about the guests,i will take care of them... you guys proceed further.” as mr. kim said while leading them to the elevator.
Once the elevator’s door get closed it is all like before... no talkings. They quickly get into the allotted car and jongin drives the car away from there.
The streets of the seoul at nights looks beautiful and calm,is all kyungsoo thinks even before realising it they made it to the hotel.
It seems like jongin is so familiar with the place because as soon as he got off from the car he marched straight towards the lift and kyungsoo has to literally speed-walk to match his speed.
They reached the last floor of the hotel to find that the whole floor has only one damn room,woah!
After entering the room jongin went straight to have a shower meanwhile kyungsoo is bewildered by the decorations of the room,it’s the perfect room for the couple to spend their night... romantically,but to this couple it’s nothing but just a room to sleep...sleep the night away.
With sigh he take a seat in the near sofa then he realised the box given to him by baek.
He curiously opened to find a several pack of different flavoured condoms!and some tablets!! with a chit written the message “Use this if you both are not in a rush of wanting a child and take the tablets for the soreness in the morning.😜” “ahhh that fuker byun”kyungsoo
curses,before throwing it into the dustbin.
After sending some curses to baekhyun through the text,kyungsoo sees jongin coming out from the bathroom wearing a bathrobe.
With a blank expression and a warmed up cheeks kyungsoo goes to take a shower.
Kyungsoo spent long time in the shower unlike other days. Half of the time he spent crying while sitting in a empty bath tub.
He never wants to cry but without knowing himself he cries because the life he imagined with jongin from his childhood is not like this... never. Never in his dreams he dreamt of spending the night of his wedding like this.
Past these weeks he has been telling himself to hate jongin or atleast even not to have further more feeling towards him but he now knows that it is not as easy as he thinks.
Because the moment jongin’s lips touches his skin,the moment he felt that sensation,his thoughts destruted into granules of sand.
The first love is something that stays in our heart no matter what...Love is a feeling that should be felt. Some people says it is really tough to move on from our feelings,It doesn’t necessarily needs they have to speak with one another or kiss one another before to grow
feelings towards the other,just like kyungsoo’s case in here.
The crush..,no the 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 that kyungsoo has on jongin made him to cry without he himself acknowledge it.
Kyungsoo left the bath tub and turn on the shower to have a actual bath,it’s been fifteen mintues since he bathed himself yet still he is standing under the shower don’t know what to do tomorrow.,the next minute.
After five more minutes he realises the pruney fingers and leaves the shower. Leaving with the thoughts of not giving any attention to jongin because if he does he knows...he knows he would fall for him more...again.
He slowly dips himself in the bed not to distrub jongin,but less he knows that jongin is wide awake facing the other side of kyungsoo.
It is the sound of the door bell that wakes kyungsoo up,it is all bright...too bright,he squints his eyes the bright sunlight through the curtain shows that it is already too late to wake up “coming..” he speaks up in high pitched coarse voice
He quickly makes his way to the front door to see the personal chauffeur “Good morning, mr. kim ,i am here to pick up you.” “what...but...” kyungsoo is all blank because what he remembers is that mrs. kim yesterday asked him to come home along with jongin.
“sorry,sir if you are wondering about young master,he already reached the home and he only asked me to pick you from the hotel.” “oh.okay.please,wait down in the lobby,i will come in ten minutes.” with that kyungsoo sent the chauffeur away.
To say that it ‘not’ suprising move from jongin would be the big lie,because kyungsoo expected that jongin will always be like this,but leaving the hotel even without intimating him...”wow kim jongin must really hates me..ahn” is all kyungsoo thinks to himself before leaving.
It’s been barely a 10 minutes ride from the hotel to the Kim’s residency . It is all big,luxurious...This is not just like a normal household of Korea.Kyungsoo felt so odd,he felt low of himself maybe this is why jongin doesn’t like...When he literally lowesteemed himself
When the kims greeted him,they are too happy to welcome him. After few formal introductions with the head maids and head chefs,he is being led his their bedroom where jongin is soundlessy sleeping.
It is all awkarad...he is standing in the middle of the room and don’t have any idea of what to do next. After few seconds he takes his seat near the large glass window, wall.Yeah,the kim house has more glass wall than the brick one.
He silently starts to explore the room because he knows if he doesn’t distract himself now then he will start to observe that idiot kim sleeping peacefully in the bed. ‘How can someone be look like a puppy yet acts so evil’ he thinks to himsef.
The room is quite,actually it is really big for a couple with a queen sized bed,is that a walk in closet...woah and..and why is there a fireplace inside a bedroom! it is all new to kyungsoo because the life he lived before is entirely different from what he sees now.
But all kyungsoo tells to himself is that he should not feel down of himsef because that is not how his grandpa raised him. His train of thoughts are stopped by the sudden loudness of the alarm clock.
“what the f-“ jongin stopped himself from curssing because the Do kyungsoo is standing in front of him looking like a lost child and those pajamas...which adult wear pororo pajamas these days...joning is half treffied and half find it funny.
No good morning,no nothings and jongin starts to do his routine like kyungsoo doesn’t exist there.
“I’m done.” jongin said before leaving the dining table...”is it because of me!?” kyungsoo thinks to himself because kyungsoo was left alone in his bedroom for more than 45 minutes and he also feels so hungry. Even before he takes a seat in the dining table,Jongin left the tabel
The air around them is awkard because of this idiotic action done by the kim. By understanding this mrs. kim starts a coversation and makes the surrounding lighter.
Eventually both is father and mother-in-law leveas the house for the work. On the first day kyungsoo spent all his day on his room by arraing his clothes in dresser and cleaning the room...yeah,jongin keeps his room so dirty,kyungsoo cannot live in a dustbin so he cleaned it.
The second day he levaes his room to have a breakfast when mrs. kim introduced her other childern. Yes,Jongin have a younger sister at agae of 16 and a younger brother of 7 years old.
Kyungsoo is so happy to see them but what it shocks him is the attitude of kim jisoo,the sister of jongin, “yo,you sure that this is my brother-in-law! just look at him.” she literally says that infront of his face.”Jisoo,mind your words” mrs. kim shouts at her.
Jisoo leaves the hall without replying anything but then there we have our youngest kim hanbin, “shall i call you hyung,mr?” he asked permission to adorable. ”you can,call me whatever you want,hanbin-ah.”
Kyungsoo had a breakfast with hanbin and mrs. kim and to his suprise he became quite attached with hanbin in a short period of time and it even suprised mr. kim. Now hanbin is loudly sleeping in his bedroom and for some reason habin moatly resumbles jongin in some ways,maybe
atleast to kyungsoo but this little kim is more kind and talkative towards him,not like that eldest and idiot kim,his husband. While he tries to have a quick nap his doors are being knocked by mrs. kim herself,it suprises kyungsoo a bit because in this two days she hadn’t
visited his room personally,but now here she is standing there with a tray of tea and snacks. After having the tea in silenece because they don’t want to distrub hanbin’s sleep,mr. kim gestured kyungsoo to come outside the room to speak to him and
he follows her. “kyungsoo,dear,now i am going to take to visit one of the most important persons of this family and a important person to jongin” and she proceeds to say ”It’s his grandmother,my mother-in-law”.
While she leads him to other side of the house,which is like a mini-cottage she speaks again “it’s been years she left this house,after my father-in-law’s death she left this house and refused to come back till today we don’t the real reason behind this.” she takes a deep
breathe and continues “jongin only speaks to her more not even to me or his father and i hope you can gain her belief and i know that she gonna loves you because your such a lovely kid.” she says as the both reached the cottage.
“Mother” mrs. kim says as they enter into the cottage. “This is Kyungsoo,mr. Do’s son” kyungsoo likes the way how mrs. kim addressed him as Do’s and not as jongin’s husband.
“ah,then you should say him as my another grand-son” the older woman speaks “kyungsoo-yah,come on sit here” she gestures him to sit beside her. He obeys.
“You can leave now gaeun-ah,i want to spend some time with him” the elder woman says as mrs. kim leaves them alone.
“Here have some yugwa,i really love it” she says as she handle him a piece.He accepts quitely though he is already full from his snacks he had with mrs. kim back then.
“Halmeoni-Halmeoni” jongin shouts like a child when he enters the cottage. Yes,it is already near 6 in the evening and kyungsoo couldn’t even believe how fast the time pasts because talking with the elderly lady was too good to even notice the time.
Jongin is so shocked to see kyungsoo with his grandma, “Jongin-ah look whos here” she says as jongin tries to smile “k-kyungsoo,hi” jongin speaks awkwardly.
“Halmeoni,i should leave now.Please,have your dinner.I will comeback tomorrow” kyungsoo says as he walks past jongin. “i-i see u too tomorrow,halmeoni. Good night and i love u. Ba-ba” jongin suddenly informs her cutely and leaves the cottage to follow kyungsoo.
Jongin is all quite and kyungsoo could sense that jongin is walking behind him-no,it’s more like jongin is following him.
Once they both reaches the upstairs jongin grabs kyungsoo’s hand and lead the way “what the...jongin,just leave me” kyungsoo shouts more in a low voice but jongin neither replies nor leaves kyungsoo’s wrist.
Jogin pushes kyungsoo into their room and shuts the door “what are you doing,kyungsoo-what are you trying to do now? expose us to my grandma! huh,what are you trying to do?” jongin shouts in anger.
“jongin,i was just-“kyungsoo speaks but “You want to make my grandma hate me,right?” jongin shouts again. That’s it. ‘Make her hate jongin!!’ “Shut up,Jongin! you always comes to a conclusion even before knowing anything” kyungsoo shouts backs.
“I was just speaking to her and you know what,me and halmeoni weren’t even speaking about you and me” “How can you be like this and always makes a conclusion out of nothing” he still shouts.
Jongin doesn’t know what to speak. “Oh! Then don’t even try to expose us to anyone...,mainly to her” jongin grits his teeth. “I am a DO,our family won’t back-up from our words,As i promised i won’t reveal our relationship to anyone” kyungsoo speaks and he tries to walk away
from jongin but he stops and turns back to face jongin and speaks again “And you know what,you should stop pulling stunts like this next time and don’t even try to judge me because you are not even a friend to me,To me your just a stranger that i am sharing my bed with and
you don’t even know the real kyungsoo,so you don’t have any rights to judge me” kyungsoo says boldly and leaves the room. Jongin is all stunned.
From that day,the when kyungsoo told jongin more like warned him,kyungsoo could see slight differences in jongin’s behaviour...very slight in amount tho. It’s been one month of the marriage life...more like a marriage contract.
Jongin stops running away from kyungsoo,he started not to avoid whenever they are having food or having a conversation with their family and he even used to kyungsoo in his personal space,their bedroom.
And for kyungsoo,he gets to like living with the kims. Living only with his grandpa back then,he now loves to live with this big family but his everyday life won’t pass away without the thoughts about his grandpa.
The kims love kyungsoo,they adore him especially the yougest,hanbin. These days kyungsoo is telling bed-time stories to hanbin. For the middle kim,jisoo is more like a bratty teenager but deep down she’s still a baby.Kyungsoo plans he should get more close to jisoo,
so that he could know what happens to her real character.Maybe he could change her. Mrs. Kim,the oldest of the house...he now calls her as ‘grandma’ more naturally and they are quite attached to eachother...their closeness even surprises the kims including jongin.
For the last,his husband,Jongin- kyungsoo gets more used to jongin now,his way of eating,his way of sleeping and even his way of being sulky,only people could tell jongin is sulky when they notice him more deeply.
Though it’s been only a month but kyungsoo could tell he is more attached to the family.
It’s two in the afternoon kyungsoo and hanbin are playing legos,since hanbin is being home-schooled it is easy for the duo to get attached more. “Jisoo do like this too...” the little boys says as he points at the piece cloth in kyungsoo’s hand. “This?” kyungsoo wonders what
it was. “She do drawing like this on dresses” the little boy tried to form an accurate sentence. Kyungsoo looks down his hand to find the embroidery work on the handkerchief he always carry with him,it was his mother’s present to him and she was the one who did embroidery work
“Oh,what she do other than this?” kyungsoo speaks in a way so that the little boy can easily understand. “She loves to draw and...she eat in the mid-night!” the boy exclaims with a laughter. “Mid-night? How you know that?” kyungsoo asks as he hands hanbin another piece of lego.
“Food noona scolded her i see it...” hanbin laughs again. ‘Food-noona? Oh,must be the head chef’ kyungsoo thinks to himself. “And...? what all she does?” “I dunno” the boy puckers his lips in a cute way as he doesn’t have anything to answer anymore. “It’s okay,my baby” he
says as kisses hanbin’s head. “But i know what jongin-hyung likes?” “You do? What is it then?” kyungsoo asks the little with a bulged eyes. “He eat kogi,like a lot of kogi” hanbin spreads his arms to tell the amount. “Jisoo-noona tell that he is a kogi boy”
“He like to play this” hanbin says as he hands the half-built lego to kyungsoo. The little boy yawns and kyungsoo knows this is his nap time so he quickly tucks him in the bed and leaves the room after kissing him on his forehead.
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