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Dec 30, 2019
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yoonmin au — jimin moves to seoul with his boyfriend, famous rapper agust d

commission for a sex scene set in my agust d au: > there’s explicit content 🔞🔞🔞 > also established relationship and fluff > it’s set some months after the original thread:…


yoonmin au— after a big scandal, rapper Agust D hides with his family to avoid rumors about him. but a fight with his mother forces him to look for his childhood hometown neighbor as hideout instead. now he has to live with park jimin, his neighbor’s son and yoongi’s first love.
✼ Ever since Jimin moved to Yoongi’s apartment in Seoul, he never misses Yoongi’s concerts, either the smallest gigs, or the big ones, the collab stages or special showcases. As long as Yoongi can get him backstage or get him a seat in the public, Jimin will go see him.
Jimin likes going backstage better. He loved being with the public but now he likes seeing how chaotic everything is before a performance, he sits near Yoongi’s make up and watches everything attentively. Yoongi wouldn’t be surprised if Jimin had all names of the staff memorized.
Yoongi likes seeing him while he gets ready to perform, because Jimin sits in a corner making himself smaller as to not bother anyone. Yoongi always wraps him in his jacket or sweatshirt so everyone knows Jimin is there with Yoongi. He looks cute with wide eyes and big clothes.
They can’t really talk much while Yoongi gets prepared, but Yoongi catches Jimin though the mirror as his hair gets styled, and he always finds his boyfriend staring at something with curious eyes and puckered pink lips. After six performances, Yoongi got what Jimin was doing.
“I think I could do your make up,” Jimin announces. “Like they do it for your performances.” They are in their apartment and Yoongi just got out of the shower. “Really?” “Yeah, I’ve seen them do it backstage and it’s not that hard,” Jimin explains but sounds unsure though.
“You think you can do the bruise? The little bleeding wound they make on my face?” Yoongi puts on a simple black shirt for bed before pointing at his cheekbone. “I could do it if I had the materials,” Jimin speaks with a clear pout. “Okay then, buy them and you can show me.”
“I can just buy what I need?” Jimin asks carefully. “Yeah, use the card I gave you to get stuff for the apartment.” Yoongi unknots the towel around his hips to put on pajama shorts and Jimin looks away when it falls to the floor, as if he hasn’t seen Yoongi butt naked before.
When Yoongi has changed, Jimin looks at him again. He is pouty still. “I’ll pay you back when I get a job.” Yoongi has told him a thousand times he doesn’t need to pay him back for anything he buys with Yoong’s card, now he climbs to the bed and pecks Jimin on the lips. “Sure.”
Next time Yoongi gets back from the studio in a couple of days, Jimin has laid out a lot of make up on the kitchen isle. All kinds of products. “You’re home!” Jimin squeals when he sees Yoongi. “I’m home,” Yoongi agrees with a smile. “Come here! I’m going to do your make up!”
Yoongi gets a kiss on the lips before Jimin is making him sit on one of the tall chairs. “Why the kitchen?” “The light here is better,” Jimin explains, while studying Yoongi’s face. “Shouldn’t the bathrooms have better lightening for this?” “They have warm lights, not white.”
Yoongi hums, he guesses he never paid much attention to his apartment until Jimin arrived. He liked picking up furniture for it but he really didn’t care for other details since he didn’t spend much time in here. “Okay, I’m starting!” Yoongi closes his eyes like usual.
Yoongi doesn’t see how the make up artists do their work on him but he does feel it, so he can tell that Jimin is doing some things in a different order, that he puts a little too much product at times, that he’s not as gentle as the make up artists are but he keeps quiet.
He’ll say his comments and feedback once he sees the final product. And honestly, Yoongi thought Jimin would do good because he’s great at doing his own make up but he’s surprised to see how professional the final look is. Jimin is anxious, behind him. “How is it? I did good?”
Yoongi squints his eyes at his reflection on the mirror, lifts a hand to the fake wound on his cheek. “How did you make this one?” “I used latex! I didn’t remember how Yena noona does it but I searched for a tutorial...” Jimin seems disappointed at himself but Yoongi is proud.
“It’s great, looks really good, sunshine,” Yoongi says with a smile. It’s like Jimin can breathe again once he gets the approval. “You want to do this professionally?” “Ah,” Jimin looks away from the reflection in the mirror, embarrassed. “I don’— I’m still thinking it through.”
“I could tell Jin to get you a spot as a make up artist assistant for one of the idols...” Jimin is frowning and Yoongi knows he fucked up. Again. “No! I don’t want you asking Seokjin-ssi to give me a job!” Jimin crosses his arms. “It was the same with dancing, hyung!”
“You’re seriously talented, I just want to inform my boss that my boyfriend would be very beneficial for his company.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “I’m not getting a job because I’m your boyfriend.” “I can assure you, Seokjin wouldn’t hire you just because you’re my boyfriend.”
They had the exact same discussion when Yoongi proposed the idea of Jimin joining the dancers of the company, and it always come back to that because Yoongi knows Jimin wants to dance. “Could you at least go to one of the auditions?” “And meet Seokjin ssi again?” Jimin panics.
The first time they meet didn’t go to well considering Yoongi returned from Busan with a boyfriend -which they need to keep as secret- and demanded to be able to take said boyfriend to every live presentation he had. Ever. Seokjin was livid and Jimin was more than intimidated.
At the end Seokjin allowed Yoongi to take Jimin wherever he wanted as long as there was no PDA and Jimin had to be introduced as “Yoongi’s old special friend” (which had the couple giggling eveytime they had to say it) Yoongi knew Seokjin was happy for him though. Deep down.
“Yes, meet Seokjin again.” Jimin sighs. “If you want to do make up,” Yoongi gestures at the products on the isle, “or dance or maybe choreograph,” Yoongi throws him a pointed look because that’s Jimin passion, “or even sing, I don’t know.” Jimin scoffs. “This company is good.”
Jimin sighs. He knows that Seokjin is the best with his performers out of everyone in the business, he knows because he told Yoongi how he admired the company but he’s stubborn and want to do everything by himself. “I’ll think about it, hyung.” “Okay,” Yoongi kisses him quickly.
Yoongi finds out Jimin doesn't have to think too much about it once he meets Kim Taehyung. It was Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi's last gig as their series of performances as a trio and the company wanted to celebrate, since the three are the biggest acts and it had been a success.
Yoongi's manager had taken Jimin to the car to wait because he and Yoongi can't be seen leaving the venue together. Jimin goes there even before fans leave and Yoongi hates that because Jimin can't see the last two songs but he guesses it's for the best. He's seen them before.
He leaves the venue eventually, after cooling down backstage with Hoseok and Namjoon and then he is taken to his car. He is greeted by Jimin and he's soon all over his boyfriend. His manager and driver know about them so they aren't amused by the impromptu making out session.
Jimin isn't as enthusiastic as Yoongi is when kissing though, on the contrary, he's laughing. Yoongi isn't happy about the turn of events. "What is it?" "I never know how you're going to come out from a performance, never know what to expect," he giggles and pulls Yoongi closer.
The driver is taking them to their apartment and will wait for them to then drive them to Seokjin's penthouse. Yoongi hums at Jimin's words and then presses their bodies together, he wants to feel Jimin against him, his hands lower to Jimin's ass to squeeze hard. Jimin laughs.
Yoongi wants some foreplay before reaching their apartment and Jimin isn't cooperating. "You're so hard already and we haven't done anything," Jimin whispers so only Yoongi can hear him, he sounds amused. "We could be doing something, baby," Yoongi hisses back. Frustrated.
"Sometimes you leave the venue so tired you fall asleep on my lap and ask me to scratch your scalp, and other times you want to," Jimin glances towards the driver seat where there are other two people in the car with them. He whispers against Yoongi's ear, "just fuck me."
Yeah, that's what Yoongi wants. "What about it?" he growls but it makes Jimin laugh harder. He always says Yoongi looks like a kitten when he growls. "I don't know, I think it's cute," Jimin admits. Of course Jimin thinks it's cute. He wraps Yoongi in a hug once the elder pouts.
"Congratulations on your last show," Jimin has to be a supportive boyfriend when Yoongi wants sex. But the way he says it so sweetly has Yoongi melting against his hug, searching for Jimin's lips "Thank you" "You did really good, it was really intense." Jimin kisses him slowly.
"There was a lot of adrenaline, yes," Yoongi mumbles into the kiss. Jimin is leading, setting his pace: measured unlike Yoongi's horny attempt to dry hump Jimin a moment ago "I can tell there was a lot of adrenaline." Jimin moves his thigh so it presses against Yoongi's erection
Jimin always has the upper hand with him, has Yoongi weak, knows how to play with him and Yoongi loves it. "You were feeling yourself on stage," Jimin whispers but he doesn't stop sliding his lips against Yoongi's, keeping him on edge, making him want more. "Looked really hot."
"Yeah?" Jimin makes him so dumb. Jimin calling him hot, being desired by such a beautiful person makes Yoongi go dumb. Jimin hums and starts moving his thigh up, pressing it and then pulling it back, adding the right pressure to Yoongi's crotch. "Couldn't wait to get home."
“We’re going home now, what were you thinking about doing?” Yoongi is always so turned on around his boyfriend. “We still have to go that party afterwards right? To Seokjin’s?” Jimin pouts. “Yeah.” “Then we have to be quick about it,” Jimin leans to whisper just in casez
“You’re already so hard, I don’t think I have much work to do,” Jimin’s teasing is loud against Yoongi’s ear. “And they say Agust D is full of himself.” Yoongi rolls his eyes exaggeratedly to make Jimin laugh some more. Jimin only raises an eyebrow, silently teasing more.
After that they don’t talk again, they keep kissing and Jimin keeps pushing his thigh up so Yoongi can rub himself. Yoongi grinds against him almost desperately. Jimin’s purpose is clear, pushing Yoongi closer to the edge so when they arrive, Yoongi cums fast at any stimulation.
Yoongi pants against Jimin’s lips when his manager clears his throat and looks towards the backseats to where Yoongi and Jimin are tangled together. “Should we wait downstairs?” the man asks. “Yeah, I’m taking a shower and we’ll be right back,” Yoongi manages to sound composed.
The way up the elevator is nerve wracking and finally, after a moment, Jimin pushes Yoongi against the closed door of their apartment. The first thing off is Yoongi’s belt, his jeans are pulled down his hips and then Jimin’s hand is inside his briefs, palming his erection.
“I’m going to be quick,” Jimin announces, holding Yoongi by the base and squeezing hard. Yoongi’s back is against the door and he throws his head back, hitting it against the wood once Jimin spreads the precum around the head of Yoongi’s cock. “and then you can go get ready.”
To Yoongi’s surprise, Jimin gets on his knees. As usual the sight of Jimin kneeling in front of him and looking up while holding Yoongi’s cock leaves him breathless. Jimin wasn’t this confident when they first moved together, but after months he’s comfortable to play like this.
He takes Yoongi in his mouth without a warning and Yoongi cums embarrassingly fast after a couple of bobs of his head. Jimin has such control over him. His boyfriend swallows as much as he can but some cum falls on his lips. It doesn’t go unnoticed when he looks up with a smile
He’s a fantasy, straight out of Yoongi’s dreams. And Yoongi needs a moment to catch up because he just had a short lived orgasm but he feels spent, as if he only needed to cum in order for sleep to hit him. “Yoongi,” he licks the cum on his lips, “we have a party to go to...”
But Yoongi is tired, the adrenaline of the concert finally over and the toll it takes on his body finally hitting. Plus, “I wanna fuck you.” Jimin scoffs, and then he stands up . “When we get home after the party we can, now go shower and change, it’s a party for you and hyungs”
Yoongi can’t say no to Jimin. It’s when they’re in Seokjin’s penthouse that Yoongi wishes they had stayed home. firstly, because he could have been fucking Jimin and cuddling afterwards instead of talking to producers and business people. then, because it’s loud and he’s tired.
Lastly, he thinks they should have stayed home because then Yoongi wouldn’t have heard Jimin asking. “Who is he?” with a interested and fascinated tone. Yoongi followed Jimin’s gaze across the room until it fell on a man with blue hair. “Ah, a new trainee. Kim Taehyung.”
“Can you introduce us?” his boyfriend wondered, staring at the one person in the party who brought most attention to himself thanks to the electric blue hair, eccentric clothes and loud contagious laughter. “Sure... wait, should I be jealous?” Jimin only smiled slyly at him.
Yoongi approached Taehyung while holding hands with Jimin. The trainee was shocked because he wasn't expecting to talk to any of the famous rappers tonight. "My boyfriend Jimin likes your clothes," Yoongi said as greeting. Jimin rolled his eyes but played along. "And your hair!"
After that Jimin and Taehyung fell into easy conversation, Yoongi hadn't seen Jimin so comfortable with anyone since they've moved to Seoul so he guesses it's all good. He excuses himself at some point to go greet some shareholders but he thinks he's leaving Jimin in good hands.
Jimin then explained to Yoongi that it was clear Taehyung was also from a small town like him, that he could tell and that's why he wanted to approach. And that it was just the cherry on top to know they were the same age. After that one time, they became really close friends.
Suddenly Kim Taehyung was always at their apartment. Yoongi walks out of the shower for some coffee to the kitchen, shirtless with just a towel secured around his hips, like he usually does, and finds Kim Taehyung sitting on the counter. "Hey," Taehyung greets Yoongi only blinks
Yoongi gets home late at night after staying at the studio working, he brings a bottle of wine under his arm to surprise Jimin and apologize for being late but finds Taehyung and Jimin giggling in the living room, empty bottle of white wine next to the couch and two empty glasses
He entertains the thought of getting jealous but it's over quickly, Jimin is whining his name, demanding for him to come to the couch and sit with them. Taehyung, as usual, watches amused how the couple interact, possibly in shock of how different Yoongi is to his stage persona.
Jimin drowns him in kisses, sloppy wet little kisses all over Yoongi's face because he's tipsy, "come here, come here," Jimin mumbles as he pushes Yoongi down on the couch and then backhugs him tightly, pressing his face to Yoongi's nape. Yoongi lets Jimin do whatever he wants.
"Jimin says you've been together all your life," Taehyung comments once Jimin runs to the kitchen because he gets a midnight craving of cake Yoongi is taken aback by the question, since it's personal but he guesses Taehyung is that close to Jimin now. "Yeah, something like that"
"That's really nice," Taehyung speaks honestly, "a life long term love." Yoongi nods, he guesses it is very nice. "Yoongi I can't find the cake! Did you eat my leftovers?" The loud whine breaks the small moment between Yoongi and Taehyung. Yoongi grimaces, he did eat them.
"Baby, I'm sorry," Yoongi starts as soon as he stands up and he laughs at the way Jimin wails in the kitchen, being dramatic about his cake. "I'll go buy more for you," Yoongi suggest to Taehyung's amusement. "It's midnight you dummy," Jimin whines. He meets Yoongi halfway.
Jimin dramatically throws his arms around Yoongi's neck, like he's weak because there was no sweets in the kitchen. There are sweets, but not the cake he wants. Yoongi tries to suppress his laughter. He's so in love. "I'll find a way," he suggests. "No, you whipped man."
Taehyung snorts from where he's watching the couple across the room. Yoongi can't argue with Jimin about that title. "You can repay me with kisses," Jimin decides. Presses his lips to Yoongi's in a hard smack. "Sweet." "Hey Taehyung ah," Yoongi drawls, "you should get going."
"Yes sir!" Taehyung stands straight and bows at them. He and Jimin are both ridiculous and behave like goofs, which explains why they get along so well, Yoongi guesses. "Bye bye Taehyungie," Jimin singsongs over Yoongi's shoulder and waves goodbye at his newfound best friend.
Yoongi has no reason to be jealous, he is happy Jimin has a friend here in Seoul because he seems even happier than he was before and he can talk to Taehyung about things he can't with Yoongi. Now he has someone else when he misses his father or his friends from Busan.
Yoongi is a little jealous about how quickly Taehyung convinces Jimin to try to get a spot in their company. It had been a long discussion between the couple but soon Jimin told Yoongi he was trying out. "Really?" "You know how they're making Taehyung's team already?"
For Taehyung's debut as a solo artist. "I want to work in his team. Taehyung wants me too, he says I can save him at anything since I know a lot about dancing and I also know about make up so if anything happens I could there- oh and I know basic singing so, I can help him,"
"Taehyung says I could be his manager since I'm good at everything," Jimin giggles when he explains, "but I'm going to apply to back up dancer." Yoongi knows Jimin could aim higher but it's fine if he wants to start like that. Yoongi is happy because Jimin sounds excited.
"I honestly want to help Tae with choreographies." Yoongi thinks that's a good idea. "But we'll see. You just stay out of it!" Jimin scolds. "Don't go around putting a good word because I'm your boyfriend, I'll earn it myself." Yoongi rolls his eyes, but promises he won't.
Yoongi lets Jimin have that to himself. He, of course, gets the job as a dancer for Taehyung but they never see each other at the company building. They only get there together. Yoongi and Taehyung have talked about how Tae is trying to get Jimin to put input in choreographies.
Now Jimin is more busy and he’s tired too but he’s likes it because he’s working and he can buy Yoongi gifts with his own money. Yoongi tells him it’s not necessary but the younger insists. Everything about Jimin’s new job is great, Jimin is happy and in consequence so is Yoongi.
Until Taehyung has a showcase the same day Yoongi has a presentation and Jimin won’t be able to go. And he’s gone to every concert Yoongi has had since he moved to Seoul, to all of them with no exception in compensation to the ones he never went to before They are quiet about it
Because after concerts together is something important for them and this one will be the first one they won’t spend together since they became a couple, so they are a bit down about it.
It’s not Jimin’s first performance with Taehyung and it’s certainly not Yoongi’s first or a special performance but it’s still a bit sad to not be together for the first time. “Where’s Jiminie?” Yena asks as she adds eyeshadow to Yoongi. “Working,” Yoongi sighs.
“He’s been working hard,” she comments. “He looked so tired the last times,” she coos. “He’s been working very hard indeed,” Yoongi agrees. “You look so pretty when you talk about Jiminie,” she teases. Yoongi hums, he guesses they were not so good at hiding their relationship.
Yoongi ends his presentation a lot later than Taehyung’s showcase since Yoongi is closer to the end on the line up of this event. So when he gets out he already has a text from his boyfriend, a selfie on bed saying he’s waiting for him back home. Yoongi stares at it.
Jimin looks beautiful as always. Tired but still stunning. Yoongi replies quickly with a hoard of running men emojis, and then hearts and drooly faces. He’s learned how to communicate like this since Jimin loves it. Jimin texts back a simple message “hurry!” and crying emojis.
One of the rappers of the show appears at Yoongi’s backstage to ask him if he want to come for drinks since everyone is going. Yoongi thinks it sounds good but also, he has more important boyfriends duties. “Sorry, I have to get home soon,” he explains with a polite smile.
The other rapper nods in understanding but he looks a bit surprised. Yoongi guesses it’s because it must be weird seeing Agust D talking about having to get home when he has never spoken like that before. He has never had a home to get to, in fact. But its different now.
When Yoongi gets to their apartment he's tired and all the lights are off. He doesn't call for Jimin in case the younger is sleeping, he finds him curled up in bed. He leans over to kiss Jimin on the forehead before changing clothes. "Hello." "Yoonie," Jimin smiles sleepily.
"Go back to sleep," he advises and turns away to start undressing. Jimin only hums, pulls the comforter closer to him. "How did it go?" Jimin wonders, ignoring Yoongi's advice. "I missed seeing you tonight." "It went well as always, how did yours go? Taehyung did well?"
"Yeah, he has more fans now! There were some fan chants for his song, it was exciting," Jimin says content. Yoongi thinks that's cute. "But I'm tired because there were a lot of recordings" "You'll get used to it, sunshine," Yoongi says softly. He finally gets under the blankets
"Come here, I missed you today," Jimin whines as soon as Yoongi is close, wrapping his arms around the elder's middle. "The staff missed you too," Yoongi lets him know. "It was weird without you." Jimin coos. "But they were excited to see the broadcast tomorrow and look for you"
"I hope they like it." Then they grow quiet, just enjoying finally having the other's company. "How are you feeling? Jimin asks once he notices Yoongi's eyes are closing. "Tired?" Yoongi hums. He is. As reaction Jimin lifts his hand to scratch Yoongi's head, to help him sleep.
"'M horny too," he lets Jimin know and it causes his boyfriend to chuckle. "No, you can only choose one. Tired or horny, those are your after concert moods." "Why can't it be both?" Yoongi inquires. "How can it be both?" Jimin giggles. "You can't be horny if you're tired."
"That makes no sense," Yoongi accuses and nuzzles against Jimin, he likes being next to him. Jimin sounds amused. "If you're tired how are you going to fix being horny?" "You could fix it for me," Yoongi suggests with a raise of an eyebrow so greasy it makes Jimin laugh.
"Too late for that," Jimin yawns exaggeratedly, probably to tease. "I was horny too when I got home but you weren't here so I took care of myself," he looks away, a smile playing on his lips. That piques Yoongi's interest. "Really? What did you do?" His voice goes lower.
Jimin finally leans over to kiss him, a proper kiss, wet slide of lips. He grabs Yoongi's hands, to drag them on his own body until Yoongi hands are on his lower back. "Take a guess," Jimin whispers before catching Yoongi's lips with his again. Yoongi likes where this is going.
He lets his hand roam lower than where Jimin had lead them, until he's squeezing his boyfriend's ass. "You're still loose?" his words are slurred against another kiss, each one more wetter and desperate. Jimin nods so Yoongi is quick to pull his boxer shorts down.
"You're still tired?" Jimin asks as he helps Yoongi get rid of his own pajama pants. Yoongi thinks it through, and he really wants to fuck but he doesn't know if he'll have the stamina to get on top of Jimin. "A little. You?" "Same," Jimin giggles. Which means no riding.
"Wanna spoon?" Yoongi thinks he's brilliant and judging by the cute expression Jimin has he thinks so too "But I get to be big spoon afterwards, when we fall asleep," he specifies "Deal," Yoongi speaks when Jimin is already twisting in bed as to press his back to Yoongi's chest
"Lube, lube," Yoongi mumbles while trying to get across Jimin to reach his bedside table where he knows the bottle is kept. Jimin hands it to him, "hurry! I'm sleepy," "And horny?" Yoongi asks just to get his previous point across. "At the same time?" "Yes," Jimin groans.
He pouts playfully at Yoongi though, giving him a cute view. Yoongi is always smiling when they have sex, but he's always smiling around Jimin. That's the effect Jimin has on him Jimin is a little loose, which means he must have stretched just some minutes before Yoongi got home
"You were waiting for me?" Yoongi asks when he slips the first finger inside, lube thrown messily over his hand and the blankets but he doesn't really care. Jimin bites a moan before whispering, "I missed you, was sad about not being able to see you so I wanted to surprise you."
Yoongi likes this position because their legs are all tangled and he has easy access to Jimin's neck and shoulder, to kiss and bite like he wants. "I missed you too, so much." Once there's no resistance Yoongi slips in a second finger. "This is a nice surprise, baby."
"Get inside already," Jimin whines. The first time they had sex Jimin had been very shy, so Yoongi is glad that after all these months he's far more vocal, even if it borderlines with bratty or bossy at times. He likes it though, Jimin is hot. Yoongi nods before pressing inside.
It's not desperate once it starts, it's just slow and good. Tired and sleepy because that's how they are. Jimin's mewls are low, almost like little breaths while Yoongi hides his own moans with kissing Jimin's neck. It's quiet in the room except for the wet slap of skin on skin
Even when he's here in Seoul, Jimin still feels like a piece of home. He's warm and serene, he's the comfort only their hometown can give them, the familiarity, the happiness. Jimin is like an escape. He hopes the younger feels the same about him. He knows Jimin does.
"Deeper, hyung." Jimin's hand have found Yoongi's and he squeezes hard whenever Yoongi presses inside, he rolls his hips back, meeting Yoongi halfway, rubbing just right. Yoongi feels Jimin all around him. With how busy their days had been, he needed to get home to this.
He needed a moment just to feel Jimin, even with how tired and sleepy they both are. He starts moving his hips faster, surprising Jimin since it falters the already settled rhythm. "Jiminie, kiss," his petition is one of little words since he's mostly breathing out moans.
It's a little messy, but Jimin manages to twist around so they can press their lips against the other. It's anything but a kiss, it's an attempt of a kiss, moaning to each other's mouths, Jimin's tongue flicking over Yoongi's lip, but he liked it. He thrusts faster every time.
Jimin's moaning gets loud and Yoongi knows he's getting close, but he wants to bury himself deeper inside Jimin, wants Jimin rolling his eyes in pleasure. He flips them over, Jimin's chest to the mattress, Yoongi's chest to Jimin's back. "Hyung, hyung, harder," Jimin pleads.
He pins Jimin's hands down, and thrusts inside him with no rhythm whatsoever, just hard and fast, Jimin's small whimpers of "there, right there" encouragement for him to press deeper. He snakes his hand down, to wrap it around Jimin's hard on and tug quickly, get him to cum.
Jimin circles his hand over Yoongi's hand too, so he can set the fast pace he needs, and that way, with both their hands pumping quick and hard, he starts rambling about being close. He clenches against Yoongi which has Yoongi close too, because it feels good and wet and tight.
Yoongi cums first, and probably the way he moans loudly against Jimin's ear has the younger coming right after him, legs trembling and hips grinding helplessly. The blankets are a mess of cum and sweat now. Yoongi feels so high, heart racing and panting. He falls on top of Jimin.
They stay there for a moment, catching their breaths, Yoongi has to pull out eventually but first he needs to cool down. "You weren't so tired by the end," Jimin teases once he can speak coherent words. Yoongi chuckles but not very enthusiastically, he has no energy left.
"Now we need to take a shower," Jimin complains after Yoongi pulls out. "Totally worth it though," he admits and Yoongi has to leave a kiss on his shoulder at that positive comment. "A bath, let's take a bath," Yoongi speaks in pout trying to play cute to convince Jimin.
"I'll prepare the bath if you take the dirty sheets out and bring new ones to bed," Jimin negotiates. A long second for Yoongi to think of the pros and cons. "Deal. Add the nice bath bombs, the ones you got me some time ago." "Fine, honey," Jimin slurs and kisses Yoongi again.
When Jimin first moved, he and Yoongi had a small party for two in their apartment. They got drunk and ate a lot of food, they had danced and laughed and Yoongi remembers it as one of his happiest memories. He remembers too, very clearly, Jimin drunkenly mumbling love confessions
He had said something back then about how Jimin wanted a relationship to be intimate and ordinary, Yoongi didn't really get it because Jimin mumbles about Namjoon and Hoseok and about squeezing his nape and Yoongi cooking pork. But the words resonated with Yoongi, nonetheless.
Intimate and ordinary. He guesses that even with all the chaos of Seoul and their hectic lives, that's how their relationship has come to be. Intimate in the moments like this, the sharing; ordinary in the details, the domesticity. And he loves every single second of it.
✼ the end ✼
ended 2019 with yoonmin and my favorite trope: the extraordinary in the ordinary. happy new year!


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