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Nov 5, 2020
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#kaisoo drabble Roommate au wherein Kyungsoo confessed to his roommate, Jongin, while he was sick.

Kyungsoo lives with a mind-set that growing a crush on your roommate is undeniably unethical, thinking that it might fuck up someone’s sleeping routine or activities pattern. Yet here he was, terribly blushing as Jongin, his roommate whom he denies having feelings for is nursing
him on his worst and ugliest (as he claims) state. The older boy shivers underneath his thick blanket while battling a fever. It wasn’t his fault catching it when it was Baekhyun who dragged him out of his dorm room late at night during a heavy downpour. His body shivered once
again feeling Jongin’s warm palm caressing his equally warm cheek. He wonders how powerful Jongin’s effect on him that every touch and grazing of the skin sends his heart straight to heaven. No. He thought. It’s just him being sensitive as he always is whenever he gets sick.
“See,” Jongin sighs worriedly and presses the ice pack along Kyungsoo’s blazing forehead. “This is what you get after acting like a stubborn kid.” The words of the younger male sent Kyungsoo back to ten hours ago. Kyungsoo was hesitant to leave as he had settled comfortably
and warmly underneath his sheets. He preferred the warmth of his bed than the iciness of the misty night. However, Baekhyun’s desperation for a dragon fruit tea from the convenient store four blocks away from the dorms forced Kyungsoo to accompany him. Suddenly, a memory of
Jongin convincing him not to leave, flashes inside of his groggy head. With Jongin’s pout and tight hold against his arm, Kyungsoo melted and at that very moment he’d rather stay and make some hot chocolate the two of them can share. But obviously, Baekhyun’s persistence won
at the end. The sick male is too occupied reminiscing Jongin’s thoughtfulness but was pulled back from his trance when his head started to ache. He winces at the dizziness, feeling like a truck of whiskey had hit him. “See!!!!” But despite of his unhealthy body, Kyungsoo
manages to chuckle softly. Liking, hell no, loving the reaction of the younger. “I-I’m..” Kyungsoo was stopped from his words when he bursts out coughing. “O-okay.” He stutters, trying to reassure Jongin that he’s completely okay, that his fever is tolerable when obviously it
was not. “No! You are not. Stay here.” Jongin made sure to tuck Kyungsoo warmly, pressing the ice pack back to his forehead. “I’ll make you some soup. It’s almost time for medicine and I don’t want you to take it on an empty stomach.” Stomach, Kyungsoo’s tummy churns, fireworks
exploding in his insides at Jongin’s thoughtfulness. Okay, damn it, he has a crush on Jongin, his sick brain admits it. “J-jong-“ Before Jongin’s butt lifts up from the mattress, he was stopped with Kyungsoo’s tight grip. The older boy blushes harder and Jongin thinks it’s
because of his high temperature. “Yeah?” “C-can you not leave..” Kyungsoo admits he love being babied by Jongin, he’s upset that he made Jongin worry but at the same time, he loves the attention he’s giving him. “I- I d-don’t feel fine.” Jongin sighs and with his knuckle,
he caressed Kyungsoo’s cheek, letting his skin lingers against the older’s. Its soft, almost felt like a baby’s. “I’m not leaving, I’ll just cook you some porridge.” Jongin explains. “How about you sleep for a while and I’ll wake you up when the food is ready?” His voice is as
sweet as a honey and Kyungsoo thinks he’s wrong of having a crush because what he’s feeling for his roommate is something stronger. Kyungsoo hums, not letting go of his hold on Jongin’s arm, weakly succumbing to his frail body until his hold slides south towards Jongin’s hand
and slowly, his eyelids felt heavier with each passing second. “Jongin..” “Hyung?” Jongin is still there next to him. “I think I like you..” Jongin’s lips stretches into a wide grin, bringing his hand to brush the stray hair off Kyungsoo’s forehead but stopped when the asleep
older boy speaks unconsciously. “No, I like you.. so much.” Jongin failed to contain his smile hearing the inaudible and faltering mumble.
🌟 The morning came and Kyungsoo woke up without his dizziness, his temperature had gotten back to normal. He sat on his bed and glances on the alarm class sitting above of his dresser. It’s a quarter to seven and certainly, Jongin, the sleepyhead between the two, is still
sound asleep or probably staining his bedsheet with his drool. Carefully, Kyungsoo abandoned his bed and left his room only to be greeted by an appetizing aroma. He walks curiously into the kitchen where his nose leads him and spotted Jongin’s broad naked back.
Kyungsoo gulps at the scene, at Jongin’s back muscles flexing to be specific. Like a statue, he stand there unmoving, completely distressed because of the astonishing scene. “Ahem..” Kyungsoo blinks when Jongin fake a cough to pull him back to earth. “How are you feeling
now?” Jongin was the first to move, stepping towards the living statue in the middle of their tiny dorm kitchen. “Are you still-” “I’m-” Jongin’s warm palm on his forehead once again turned Kyungsoo into a malfunctioning human being. Especially when he can feel the taller’s
warm breath hitting his nose. Jongin smells minty, probably his toothpaste. “Your fever is gone.” “You can now stop worrying, I’m all better-” “Thanks to me right? You have the best nurse so it’s impossible you won’t get better overnight.” If Kyungsoo thought that his brain
is fully functional now, then Jongin’s hand holding his, intertwining their fingers together proved him wrong. “Jongin, what are you doing?” He asks in surprise, looking away when their gazes lingered for about two seconds. “Pulling you to the table. We need to have breakfast
because there’s a lot of things we have to discuss..” “What?” Jongin smiles and did something he wished he had done three years ago when he saw Kyungsoo for the first time. Stepping forward, with his lengthy arms, Jongin engulfed Kyungsoo into a warm hug until their chest are
pressed together, Kyungsoo tiptoeing submissively. “Your feelings and-” Jongin whispers happily against Kyungsoo’s ear making the latter shivers when he felt Jongin’s pair of plump lips kissing his earlobe. “Mine.” He can now see the end of the hide and seek game they’re
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back on track

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