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Feb 11, 2021
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"J-jongin?" "Hey Kyungsoo," Jongin throws his exboyfriend a smirk, the surprised look at Kyungsoo's face gives him pleasure and satisfaction after the latter had hurt him. "W-why are you here?" "I came here to win you back." "But I- I, we broke up three years ago.."

"I know. But still, I want you. I love you and you're my soulmate remember?" Kyungsoo can't help the blush flaring on his cheeks. Hearing those words causing somersault unto the depth of his stomach. "O-okay." He says unhesitantly, three years apart yet his feelings and love
for Jongin only grows stronger. Triumphant, Jongin pulls the smaller into his chest and held him tight like a shivering man in despair for warmth. However, before Jongin loses his sanity caused by Kyungsoo's embrace, he mentally slaps himself and shakes his head.
'I can't be falling for you. I came here for revenge after breaking up with me. One, two months and I'll dump and leave you brokenhearted Kyungsoo.' He thinks. "I love you Jonginnie. And I'm proud of you." "Me too Kyungsoo, I love you."
Ten years later āœØ Tired and weary, Kyungsoo is awaken by the sound of loud baby cries. He rolls on the bed, snuggled against his pillows and kicks the man snoring next to him. "Go get your son, lazy ass.." Groaning comes after his words. "Wake me up again I'll divorce you
Kim Kyungsoo.." Kyungsoo only snorts, bringing his pillow as he rolls to the opposite direction and let his back faces the man. "Divorce me then.." "I'll divorce you for real!" Kyungsoo failed to contain his smile, especially when his mumbling husband sits up and pulls
Kyungsoo's shoulder so he can face him. "I mean a real divorce! I'll get the papers done as soon as you wake up in the morning." "No one's stopping you, husband." Kyungsoo teases, riling up the childishness of his lover. "Kyungsoo, I'm not joking. I'm gonna divorce you!"
"You know what-" Kyungsoo finally lets go of his fluffy pillow and faces the whining man. "You can divorce me whenever you want. I'm ready my dear husband." He smiles, bringing a palm to pat his husband's cheek. "Go, your youngest is probably starving." "I hate you."
Kyungsoo chuckled and kisses the pout away anyway. "That's what you said on your married vows. But look at us, six years married, got three sons and one little princess cooking in the oven. Go, Kyungjoo is probably waiting." "Ugh, you're lucky I love you.."
"I love you too.." "But still, I'm gonna divorce you." Kyungsoo laughs and watches his sleepy husband drags his restless body towards their son's room. He smiled, thinking that maybe if Jongin was too weak to let his anger consumes his love, maybe they weren't here.
Maybe they're married to some people who loves them too much, who loves them any less, maybe they ended up with people who can't even take a divorce joke. Kyungsoo smiles, stood up and followed to where his husband went and found Jongin lifting their son, his voice, as gentle
as he can muster to woo their little prince. His smile stretches longer and back hugs Jongin, cheeks pressed against the startled man's naked and warm back. "You can divorce me husband, a million times if you want. And I will just marry you again a million and one."
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back on track

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