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Apr 11, 2021
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nsfw / okay well since i am so deeply, deeply here stillโ€ฆ

i just want him to dance his wild lil heart out at the gay clubs okay
(ot7, sexy chasing, alcohol, soft predator/prey) i am thinking about a whole lil thing where hobi, all wound up from dancing his heart out on the dance floor, plasters himself to namjoon's back at the bar and whispers, "take me home," right in his ear before wiggling away.
like before namjoon can even react, he's scooting off further down the bar, reaching to tip the last of seokjin's drink into his mouth, chuffing jk under the chin and cooing at him, asking him if he had a good night.
and all the while pretending he's not shooting looks at namjoon over his shoulder. but when the cars are called, he pushes into the back of one with yoongi and jk, not even looking over at namjoon.
he wants to stay up, and yoongi's in that sweet place where he's feeling good with a couple of drinks but not burned out yet because they only were out for like an hour or two. jk's all buzzing, too, cute with it, so when yoongi says, "hobah go on, give him a kiss," it's easy.
he leans in, hands on jk's jaw, and kisses him, soft & a little spitty, and it's not until yoongi's saying, "sit back, sit back, you're gonna get hurt," that he realizes he was trying to crawl into jk's lap. yoongi looks at him, this half-smile. "you're all," he waves his hand.
"practically vibrating." hoseok bites the inside of his lip. "buzzy," he admits, and yoongi nods. "jungkookah, switch places with him, okay?" the privacy partition between them and the driver has been up the whole time.
yoongi says, "c'mere," and when hoseok clambers over to the bench seat next to him, yoongi tells him: "good. good job." then he puts his hand between hoseok's legs. "aw fuck." he shuts his eyes. yoongi grinds the heel of his hand along his dick. jk makes a hot little noise.
"i'd put my hand inside your pants," yoongi offers, "but," he rubs harder, "these are like painted on." hoseok whimpers. yoongi's hand is so big it covers him easily from base to tip, especially with his cock trapped down like this.
"that's it," yoongi says, when hoseok squeezes his eyes shut, head tipped back against the head rest. "just relax and take it, yeah?" there's a hand on his knee and then jk's saying, "can i take a picture? for namjoon hyung? he's asking."
hoseok flicks his eyes open. "oh?" he says, all casual. "is he?" he spreads his knees wider. yoongi laughs. he reaches over with his free hand to tug hoseok's shirt up until a sliver of his belly shows. "go on, jungkookah," and when jk snaps the picture, yoongi's got his mouth
on hoseok's throat. he's not sure what he's expecting when they finally make it back to the dorm, just knows that he still feels like he could fucking fly. he meets jk's eyes in the elevator and jk looks back at him and yoongi has to say, "don't be stupid."
he wants to be. he wants to be so fucking stupid if it means letting jungkook pick him up by the thighs, slam him against the mirrored wall of the elevator, and kiss him until he's moaning into jk's mouth, begging to be fucked. he doesn't do it, but he wants it.
still, he must not be the only one feeling stupid because when he pushes inside the dorm - they're all there. waiting. ringed around the door. seokjin is lounging against the wall, taehyung's got his chin hooked over jimin's shoulder and namjoon -
"oh, did you like our picture, n'mjoonah," he giggles, but it's lost a little in the crush of namjoon's mouth, kissing him hard. namjoon's hand slides down his back, over his waist, and squeezes his ass. "i'll take that for a yes."
and all those buzzy feelings are up in his brain and namjoon looks big, juiced up kinda, especially with the way he's caging hoseok in against the wall, forearms right at hoseok's eye level, and he can almost see, even out of his peripheral, the way his veins are pumped up -
it's all that and it's the way, in the car, yoongi kept pushing his knees wider for jk to watch until hoseok had one leg slung over yoongi's thighs, head tipped back, throat tipped bare, while yoongi just - played with him. so he smudges his mouth away from namjoon's, pushes
in close to his ear, and tells him, "chase me" in the same voice he used at the bar when he told namjoon to take him home. "chase me," he says, 'cause of course what he means is "take me home."
then he ducks underneath namjoon's arm, weaving between two more bodies to break out of the circle. and then he runs.
he makes it to the other end of the dorm before jimin catches him. "hi pretty." hoseok flips over, tilting himself against the wall. he pushes his hips out, and jimin's eyes flick down to the front of his pants, where the package of his cock is trapped still.
"okay," jimin says, in this voice of infinite generosity. "i'll make you a deal, how about?" hoseok flicks his bangs out of his eyes. "oh?" "give me a dance - like one just for me. and i'll let you go." hoseok considers him. "not bad."
"i know," jimin says, smiling. hoseok steps forward. jimin widens his stance. they're in a hallway just off the bathroom. he doesn't know where the others might be. "or i could just," hoseok says, and makes a quick pivot, running hard, and jimin grabs him. "oh," he says.
only it's all whimper. "pretty hyung," jimin croons at him. "i can dance for you," he says, soft-voiced now, with the way jimin's got him pinned and all. jimin slots a thigh between his legs. hoseok tries to catch his breath, calm his wild heart. "go on, then."
so he rolls his hips, making it nice and pretty for him, and when jimin's eyes have traveled along the length of him, up and down and back again, he tilts his head against the wall and says, all begging, "kiss me." "aw, hyung," jimin says, but he leans in right away and does.
hoseok loves kissing jm, is the thing. they've kissed the longest, which maybe is part of it, but the other part of it is this - the way jm always kisses him like he's something precious. not delicate, not with the way he gets his fingers in hs' hair and isn't gentle about it -
but still. precious. when he pulls back, hoseok can feel that their mouths are both - smiling. pressed up against each other smiling. then jimin smacks him on the ass and tells him to go, so he gets going again.
and it goes on like that. taehyung traps him in the bathroom and he's not allowed to leave until he's down to just his underwear. jk pushes him against the wall in the main entrance hallway, kisses down the length of his spine, and begs to rut against his ass for a bit.
"and then i'll let you go, okay? okay, hyung?" "okay, baby," hoseok tells him, and he must hear the indulgence in hoseok's voice because he licks the back of hoseok's neck, whining, and flips hoseok around instead, pushing him to his knees.
which is how yoongi and seokjin find him, too. and yoongi's always had a thing for watching, which his how hoseok ends up kneeling for all three of them, yoongi directing his mouth back and forth between jungkook and seokjin's cocks. above him, he can hear the wet sounds
of the three of them exchanging kisses. he slides his mouth down over jungkook's cock, letting it fall heavy on his tongue, and just when he's starting to get a nice little pace, yoongi's fingers tighten in his hair, drawing him backward. making him whine. but then seokjin's
cock is pushing between his lips, long and thin and pink-headed and he loves seokjin's cock, too, how seokjin precomes a lot so it's always extra slick, which yoongi must appreciate too with the way he fits his fingers just under the head of seokjin's tip and rubs it wetly
along hoseok's lips. "messy," seokjin admonishes, and hoseok wants to whine and say, /it's not my fault,/ but he just nuzzles further down, laps gently at seokjin's balls in apology, instead.
seokjin's hand comes down to lift his cock so hoseok can fit closer, slide his tongue along the package of his balls, use his mouth to suck and massage and he can hear them murmuring above him, but it all kind of fades away when he's kneeling at their feet,
when he's got his face pressed between seokjin's legs, letting him rock his cock and balls sweetly and easily and punishingly along his mouth, his chin, his cheekbones. like they're marking him up with their scent. a shudder runs through him and seokjin eases off.
yoongi's hand drops down again to pet his hair. "you doing okay?" hoseok wipes at his face with his wrist. nods. can't get his mouth to do that word thing, not right now.
seokjin says, "i think he's getting tired." hoseok shakes his head. then he presses his cheek to jk's thigh. "you can -" he starts, but yoongi snorts and drops down next to him, crouching.
he puts his hands on hoseok's jaw. "hobah." hoseok can feel the print of his thumbs on his chin. yoongi looks at him, all over. "you're exhausted," he says. hoseok takes a breath. he really, really wants them to get off tonight. preferably on him.
but when he exhales, it's like his spine goes with it, and he's suddenly tipping forward against yoongi, pressing his face to yoongi's throat. "hyung," he moans. seokjin drops down behind him, and then jk, and their hands are everywhere - good and warm and petting.
he rubs his cheek against yoongi's throat. jk's hands are massaging his butt, his voice in hoseok's ear telling him how good he's being, how nice he made jk feel, and seokjin is kissing his head, even though it's sweaty and tacky with hair product, and it's nice. it's so good.
and still. "where the fuck is namjoon," he mutters, slow-mouthed and helpless. yoongi laughs. he tugs hoseok back by his hair and looks at him. careful. considering.
then he's getting to his feet, hauling hoseok up by the hair and it stings a little but not so much when jk and sj are there with him, helping him up, and he's also going so, so willingly.
they find namjoon in the bedroom. sitting on the bed, looking down at his knees. yoongi says, with this deeply unimpressed voice, "were you waiting for him to find you?" namjoon looks up.
he laughs, a little self-consciously, but he says, "worked didn't it?" "hi namjoonah." "hi baby." and then jungkook is tugging hoseok forward by the arm, dragging him towards the bed, and pushing him to kneel between namjoon's knees.
"hyung," he says, sweet-voiced. "we found him for you." "ah," namjoon breathes. "good boy." namjoon is still wearing the clothes from the club - black button up, black trousers, black leather belt. hoseok wants to put his mouth on it.
namjoon tilts his chin up with his fingers, and hoseok blinks. "did you have fun?" yoongi drops down on the bed beside namjoon and says, "careful." he reaches forward and brushes a lock of hair off hoseok's face. "he's getting worn out."
behind him, he can hear seokjin pulling jungkook up and then sees out of his peripheral as they settle on the other side of the bed; seokjin spooning up behind jk so they can both watch. seokjin's hand pushes into jk's underwear, his mouth latched onto the side of jk's throat.
hoseok dips his head, nuzzles at namjoon's hand where it's set on his thigh until namjoon's fingers curl into his hair. "you all done for the night, hobah? wanna rest?" he does, and he is, but he also thinks that if someone doesn't come on him tonight he's gonna lose it.
so he snuffles forward, away from the curl of namjoon's fingers, along his thigh, up between his legs, rubbing his open mouth against his crotch. "want it," he says, all buzzed up still, "i earned it, i want it, namjoonah, i get to have it," and he can hear both of them -
namjoon and yoongi - laughing at him, soft and fond, and he wants all of them so bad it's like a rock in his gut. he shifts back and dips between yoongi's legs, nuzzling. tongue out. "want it, please -"
" - want all of you, i'm -" namjoon's hands are hauling him up, then, his voice soft and sweet and saying, "okay you needy little thing, c'mon," and then he's being tugged back, arranged on the bed, pillow under his head, and that's
yg putting one under the backs of his knees and he could cry, he could, so he reaches blindly, just wanting, and it's jk who curls forward, kissing the side of his face. "hyung, i fucking love you." yg drops down to kiss his chest, says, "i'm gonna go find jimin and th, ok?"
and by the time yoongi comes back with both of them in tow, namjoon has his cock out and is pressing it gently, sweetly, steadily into the o of hoseok's mouth, tipped open. jimin says, "oh, he's always so - docile once he gets caught. i forget," in this voice that's half mean,
half-sweet, and even though it makes a lick of humiliation curl in hoseok's belly - the image of him sweet and docile, arranged on the bed for namjoon to stick his dick in - he reaches out, and jimin goes to him. taehyung goes to him.
yoongi kneels at the foot of the bed and runs his fingers along his ankle, his bare shin. seokjin says, "hobah, i'll work jk up for you but i won't let him come until you're ready for him," and hoseok moans around the stretch of namjoon's dick and raises a thumbs up.
taehyung and jimin both start laughing, and it's jimin's fingers sliding down his belly. "cute hyung," he whispers. taehyung says, "did you wanna come tonight?" hoseok gives him another thumbs up, and there's more laughter, and then jimin saying,
"taehyungah, wanna suck him off together?" then two hot mouths are on him, kissing and licking to start, and yoongi's got his dick out and is curling hoseok's free hand around his cock, spitting into the divots of his fingers to wet the slide,
and jk is saying, "hyung, i'm - soon - i'm i wanna come on his chest, please, hyung, please," and namjoon is saying, softly, "a little wider, sweetheart, that's it, take a little bit more for me." and all that buzzing in hoseok's bones starts to finally, finally shut off.
they finish like that, moving easily and slow, not all that wound up even though the night started that way, & when hoseok comes it's with taehyung's fingers stroking his hair, jimin's curled fist working him over, telling him how much he wants to see him come all over himself.
when they finish, they come - well, all over him. he swallows namjoon's come while jimin is rutting against his belly, gets lost in the blur of bodies and moans, and when he finally looks down the length of himself, panting hard, he laughs.
he wiggles his foot where there's a blotch of come on the space where his foot hinges into his ankle. "taehyungah, that you, baby?" taehyung smiles, boxy and drowsy, and gives him a thumbs up.
namjoon's finger wipes at the corner of his mouth. hoseok flicks his eyes back up at him, still leaning over him. his cock - big and wet - is softening between his legs. namjoon strokes it once, for him, and hoseok presses a kiss to the corner of his knee. "good, hobah?"
"good," hoseok tells him, happy, breathless, heartbeat starting to even out again, and what he means is: home. The end! (taehyung draws him a bath while the others are still kissing and fawning over him, so that hobi can't protest that a bath will take longer than a shower,
and when hoseok is ready to get clean, namjoon carries him to the bath, lets taehyung crawl in next to him and wash his hair. jk watches. then they all puppy pile into the bed until yoongi grumbles he actually needs to get some sleep tonight
and drags seokjin and jimin off to sleep in the other huge bed they sometimes share. hoseok lets jungkook curl up on his belly, watches taehyung sling a leg over namjoon's hip and spoon him, and falls asleep like that, wrung out & happy).
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