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Cátia Freitas

Cátia Freitas

Nov 11, 2021
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you say about racism when Small Axe - Education has been there for as long as it has to show you and the fucking nation the meaning and difference between separatism and segregation.

over another one. That's never been black people NOR women.
against AND exploited. That is black people and women. We do it so as to fight racism and misogyny away from interruption AND sabotage.
s white ruling classes and males) cannot get at us as we go about minimising damage to us, providing relief and recovery and organise against both racism and misogyny.
r away dream to us TODAY regardless of well intentioned patronising and harmful shit of the sort you have uttered there and which posits us as oppressors when we did not create the systems which oppress us.
ng of that which enables the fucking class system of which you have been fortunate to escape even if you were born into it.
people starting schools for black children because institutional fucking racism left children like moi behind which is why though I am right now schooling you I never had the "white privilege" of one.
*this* conversation (moi and afropessimism don't get along). Women on the other hand have our spaces too for all sort of shit from moving freely in a society that doesn't care about #MVAWAG to providing...#MVAWAG
ves because without it we'd be fucked. And black women, knowing of the additional blight of racism in our lives need ours too.
Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg

shop. The narrow minded make assumptions about them, which they easily detect.
egation" to women fighting for our rights, recognition and against violence against us is denying structural misogyny and racism and we are well and truly sick of this shit from white men like you.... sir!
Cátia Freitas

Cátia Freitas

Dinosaur living on the brink! On the editorial team of @Radical_Notion @Womans_Place_UK are the women at the forefront of UK's women's class politics!
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