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I've written namgi friends with benefits before but the thought of namgi attempting a fwb situation is still SO funny to me. like I just feel like yg would end up taking a vacation with nj and his entire family like 3 days in

(this is a repost of a threadfic I wrote before on my old account, if you've seen this before that's why lmao)
the real horrifying thing is imagining them both being like "yeah lmao it's pretttyyy relaxed and chill haha, getting laid without having to deal with a RELATIONSHIP am I right" when they're just. boyfriends. like they're literally boyfriends. nj has yg's parents in his contacts.
they go on little cafe dates where they share a pastry and work on lyrics for hours together. they just have so many hang outs where they don't have sex ("that's the friends part, duh" nj explains to hs when he points this out)
jihope have their own fwb thing going on and namgi are like "cool let's double date!!" and jihope are like "NO??? ABSOLUTELY NOT? AND DID YOU NOT JUST HEAR THE USE OF THE WORD 'DATE' IN THE SENTENCE YOU JUST SAID"
jihope go to say more but then th shows up bc he loves the drama of it all and is like "SHUT UP THIS IS INSPIRING. please tell us more about your completely relaxed low stakes fwb relationship"
I'm imagining the ot7 are all friends and have been for years and namgi specifically have known each other for over a decade bc they're like that in every au and it was all Strictly Platonic (despite both of them having massive crushes on e/o) UNTIL ONE DAY... in the studio...
(ofc it was in the studio bc I'm not about to go against what is commonly agreed upon as the First Namgi Hookup Location)
BUT EVEN THE FIRST HOOKUP ITSELF WASN'T EXACTLY LOW STAKES AND CHILL, it came after they both talked about vague fears of not ever making it as a musician, it was super emotional, yg put an arm around nj's shoulder bc he needed to be comforted and then nj smiled and kissed him
and yg was really surprised but VERY into it and they were both EXTREMELY horny and it just... happened. ten years of unresolved sexual tension that they'd both steadfastly ignored finally being acknowledged
and then afterwards they were both just like :DDD super giddy and happy because wow!!! sex with your best friend is pretty great!! except their smiles faded really quickly bc they were like FUCK HAVE WE JUST RUINED OUR FRIENDSHIP and the ensuing convo went something like this:
nj: like I really don't want to make things awkward yg: oh yeah me neither but like it doesn't need to be right?? things happen?? nj: (relieved) ok. good point. yg: and like... just thinking here... it could happen again? nj: Go On
yg: ok so there's this thing called 'friends with benefits' nj: yes oh my god I'm familiar yg: like what could get complicated lmao we could just like. keep having sex. but not date obviously. nj: oh yeah yeah hahahahaha I definitely do NOT want a relationship yg: sameeeeee yeah
like they were just. both completely on the same page with wanting something low stakes and chill bc? that's great?? relationships are a Lot and a risk but a fwb thing is really not THAT risky I mean they'd just be having fun and they were both p sure they could keep things chill
but ANYWAYS, back to the present, namgi are just smugly explaining to jihope + th how relaxed and cool everything is, and they're so happy jihope have also realized how fun fwb situations are bc namgi are proof that you can do it and do it WELL
nj: see the thing is you just need to not let ~ feelings get into it haha. that's what's great about yg and me, it's like- jm: we really do not need advice from you hs: yeah we're REALLY GOOD HERE th (has somehow acquired popcorn): no no please continue
like namgi are just absolutely like "we're the seasoned professionals who know how to do a fwb thing and do it RIGHT, we can EDUCATE JIHOPE and make sure they're as happy as we are <3" and jihope just cannot handle anything about this bc NAMGI HAVE OBVIOUSLY FAILED AT IT
which is evidenced by the fact that halfway through the fucking conversation yg remembers its his cousins piano recital and yes nj is obviously going with him to that
namgi are just like damn gotta go TO BE CONTINUED we will tell you even more about how to make the most out of a fwb relationship without letting things like FEELINGS get in the way haha ❤️ and jihope are like NEVER TALK TO US ABOUT THIS EVER AGAIN WE ARE NOT THE SAME
namgi go on their merry way and jihope are just rubbing their temples as th just laughs and laughs and then they're like well no we cannot let this stand operation: make namgi realize they're in love and not actually just ~friends who fuck sometimes is a GO
meanwhile nj and yg finish the piano recital and go back to nj's place to have a nice dinner together, make out on the couch for awhile, have sex and then SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER bc it's late and what's the point of yg leaving when he's so warm and nice and it's cold out??
plus cuddling is so nice there's no law in the fwb handbook against cuddling. namgi then have the funniest conversation where they're just v frankly like "wow we've really hit the jackpot lmao isn't this great shouldn't everone be like us" just with completely no trace of irony
MEANWHILE, jihope are having an urgent meet up with th/jk/sj where they're just like OKAY THE NAMGI PROBLEM and explain to everyone's horror about what namgi are doing and everyone is very appalled bc HOW HAVE THEY ENDED UP IN A FWB HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE
jk: I just assumed they started dating bc? aren't they spending all this time w/ each other's families and acting like a couple? sj: I literally was at the bookstore w/ yg the other day and he bought nj an expensive book with a special author's note bc he thought nj would like it
hs: YEP and now they have the GALL to LECTURE JM AND ME ABOUT HOW TO EFFECTIVELY DO A FWB THING AS IF WE'RE NOT THE UTMOST EXPERTS ON THE SUBJECT????? jm: literally it's so insulting jk (really wants jihope to be an actual couple): :(
jihope are just like "okay. they want to be in a fwb relationship so bad? we'll show them what a REAL fwb looks like. they'll realize they don't want it and will move on" and sj is like "how are you going to do that" and jihope are just like :DDD just watch :DDD
so jihope are like "hey about that double date, that actually sounds great! let's go out to a club on friday night :)" and namgi are like "oh we actually usually stay in fridays and watch tv haha" and jihope are like "(through gritted teeth) just give it a try :)"
so friday rolls around and jihope get ready separately bc they're normal but yg has slept over at nj's place for the past 4 nights so he just gets ready with him, luckily he brought over a little overnight bag of clothes yk as you do
yg is like "this might be weird idk I feel like we're... being tested? or something?" and nj is like "nah it's okay we're just a bunch of friends hanging out hahaha it won't be weird" and yg is like "okay yeah that IS true haha and yeah it's!! cool they're also doing this!!"
but then nj is like "I am a little bit worried though... do you think it's /really/ just platonic b/t them? like do you think they've REALLY not let feelings get involved..." and yg is like "oof yeah that's a good point they are all over each other all the time as it is..."
they're both just very worried about either jm or hs getting hurt bc what if one of them has accidentally developed real and serious feelings and the other hasn't that would be rough :( or they both have but just aren't acknowleding that'd be sad too :( repression is hard
so they agree to just keep an eye on things, maybe ask jihope some questions to see if they're actually more invested than they're pretending to be, just be VERY subtle about the whole thing naturally, and then they can re-assess at the end of the night. nbd.
anyways nj notices the collar to yg's shirt is turned the wrong way out so he goes over and fixes it for him and then kisses him deeply. they both smile and laugh a bit and then get caught up making out for a bit bc they're LOVESTRUCK FOOLS
ANYWAYS. they go out to a club or w/e and jihope are having a nice time dancing together/ with other people too and namgi are having a nice time talking to each other and no one else bc... Deep Sigh
and then they're like "ok no we need to stop talking to just each other we need to Figure Out What's Up With Jihope!! so they agree, nj will talk to jm and yg will talk to hs, and they'll get to the bottom of if jihope are really just fwbs or if there's something more to it
it would just be SO SAD if they both harbored real and intense feelings for each other that they just didn't acknowledge, if they were just ~pretending like they were just fucking without feelings :( namgi don't want that for them :(
so yg drags hs outside the venue and is like "soo fun night!" and hs is like "yeah uh yk you might have more fun if you left nj's side for half a second" and yg's like "what" and hs is just like "like you could... yk... dance w/ all the people who clearly have been eyeing you up"
and yg is suddenly VERY stressed out and nervous and is like "uh what haha" and hs is like "yeah bc you're not IN A RELATIONSHIP right???" and yg is like "well... no..." and frowns and looks like he's lost in thought and hs is just like "ok he's getting it, he's getting it..."
and then yg is like "I think you're projecting because you don't want to acknowledge that you're into jm as more than just a friend" and hs is like I'M WHAT NOW
and yg is just like “yeah like… come on. I see the way you look at him, and you guys are ALWAYS together and all over each other and I think you’re using this whole ‘fwb’ thing as an excuse when you really -” and hs just starts laughing maniacally
and hs is like “this is fucking crazy, JM AND I FUCK WITHOUT FEELINGS YOU DO NOT FUCK WITHOUT FEELINGS!! YOU HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS!!” and yg is like “what are you talking about” but hs is like “wow this is fucking RICH”
yg is just like patting him on the back and is like “it’s ok, emotions are a lot” and hs is just like “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!! YOU - WITH ALL YOUR - WITH ALL YOUR FEELINGS AND WEIRD MARRIAGE SHIT YOU RUINED JM AND I’S FWB YOU DID THIS”
and yg is like “weird marriage shit???” and hs is like “YES THE FACT THAT YOU’VE BEEN BASICALLY MARRIED TO NJ EVER SINCE YOU GUYS STARTED FUCKING??? YOU DO KNOW THAT RIGHT. LIKE WE'VE BEEN OVER THIS RIGHT” and yg is just like “(nervous laughter) what”
but hs sees jm and nj coming out of the club and hs’s like “oh god DON’T SAY ANYTHING TO JM” and yg is like “okay fine” and then nj is like “yeah uhh we need to leave my ex just showed up” and jm is like “yeah and nj hyung didn’t like MY suggestion for dealing w/ the situation”
and yg is like "wait what was the suggestion" and nj is like "haha uh it was. crazy! he was like ‘oh maybe you and yg hyung should pretend to date so he doesn’t try to get back with you or whatever’ like. isn't that ridiculous, haha I mean. we wouldn't do that right 👀"
and hs is realizing what jm is doing and is like. “wow I am in love with him. jm is the smartest most perfect man in the world OH GOD FUCKING DAMN IT” but outwardly he’s just like “haha that’s actually a great idea, and it would mean we wouldn’t have to leave which would be cool”
and yg, who is just Going Through Some Stuff Internally and whose brain is currently just a chorus of "??? marriage??? me and nj??? marriage??? love???" is like “uhhh sure, yeah.. haha I wouldn’t mind I mean. uh what are friends for?” and jihope are just. filled with hatred.
so namgi go back inside and jm excitedly slapping hs's arm and is like “SEE THIS WILL WORK!! A FAKE DATING THING!!! they’ll realize how nice it feels to ~ pretend to date and how it doesn’t literally take ANY FUCKING WORK bc they’ve been doing it all along. smart, right?”
and hs is like “yeah, you’re a fucking genius, and yeah I did not make ANY headway with yg hyung haha ugh” and jm is like “it's fine, they'll figure it out. anyways, wanna go fuck in the bathroom?” and hs is like “yes absolutely”
ANYWAYS, namgi go back inside and see nj’s ex and are like “ok time to Act” and yg is like “should I like. Touch you?” And nj is like “y-yeah that’d probably be good” and it’s RIDICULOUS bc they’ve spent the entire time they’ve been FWB~ touching e/o but it feels more loaded, now
they don't know how to touch and have it not be weird- yg tries putting his hand on nj's shoulder just like perched and they're both like "no" and then he tries his arm around his shoulder and that's also weird but then he puts his hand on his waist and that's... nice, actually.
so they head over to nj's ex and they all introduce themselves/make small talk for a bit and then nj's ex does the classic "oh so how did you meet/get together" thing and namgi look at each other like ... and then yg is like "oh we've actually been friends for over a decade"
and nj is all relieved like okay YES this is the direction we're going in, just telling the truth but making up a whole ~romance part, haha. cool! and yk it's nbd that he had a crush on yg, he should probably mention that, /ofc/ he had a crush on him given they ended up banging
so nj breezily is like "yeah, I had such a crush on him for a fucking decade, I was soooo obvious, haha" and yg is just looking at him like. completely stunned. but then ofc in yg's head he's like "oh, he's doing it for the bit, this isn't true" bc he's a Mess
but what the hell. he needs to sell it as well!!! and what's the harm in revealing something that's technically true? like, it's fine that yg had a crush on nj, they ended up banging (as friends!), it makes SENSE. yg is then like "yeah, uh. me too, actually" and nj is like 😳
and then something just happens in yg's brain and he's just barreling on bc he's still thinking about what hs said as well and he's just like "yeah, yk, I uh, just wanted to be around him all the time and like. do nice things for him and hear him ramble about music for 12 hours"
and nj, not about to be upstaged w/ their fake (real) story, is like "well... YEAH but I was also being over the top ridiculous because I actually started researching all these artists I knew nothing about just so I would have stuff to talk about with him"
and they're both just having these internal crises bc on one hand they're both like "well I'M not lying but my thing is just evidence of the rock solid friendship that forms the basis of our fwb, like ofc I wanted to be around/talk to the person I'm banging all the time!!" etc
but on the OTHER hand they're both feeling a lot of butterflies in stomach emotions about the fact that the other seriously might have... felt/done all that stuff??? bc does that mean something on their end???? was there... feelings????
I mean they're both pretty sure you can do a fwb thing and really seriously love and trust and respect (respect!!!!!) each other and want to be around e/o all the time and cuddle and talk about your days and do all that stuff... but also... maybe...for the other... it meant more?
but no, they're probably both just doing it for the bit. just bc yg is telling the truth doesn't mean nj is, and vice versa. they're both like internally telling themselves to just keep it together, it's fine... they're playing the role of boyfriends. that's all.
...except they're both having the realization at the same time that they want what the other is saying to be true really, really badly, and want it to be true in a "I'm really into you romantically" way and not just a "I'm into you in a fwb way" way.
....because maybe, just maybe, for both of them they WERE doing all that stuff/ feeling all that stuff in a romantic way... oh god. oh god. oh god.
and god NJ'S POOR EX IS JUST HAVING TO WITNESS BOTH OF THEM CLEARLY HAVING A CRISIS, they both look all flushed and stressed out and nj's ex is just like "...ok! great to see you, well done on the rlshp you seem... good, SEE YOU LATER" and bolts
and then namgi are just left staring at each other and they realize yg's arm is still around nj's waist and yg pulls away from nj and nj is really sad at the loss of contact bc :( it felt nice :( but yeah. that's probably ALSO evidence yg isn't actually into him.
so nj is like "ok self gotta shake it off gotta BE COOL just bc you're realizing you're hopelessly in love with your best friend and want to be with him romantically doesn't mean he's into you, in fact he clearly isn't, he was probably just lying about all that stuff for the bit"
and so then outwardly nj is just like "phew! that was weird hahahaha now we can just GET BACK TO NORMAL wanna go back to mine and ;) hang out ;)" and yg is just... very suddenly hurt bc ok, nj found it weird, nj doesn't want to be with him romantically, he just wants a fwb thing.
and yg is just like "yk I'm a little bit tired actually, I think I'll just, uh. go back to mine if that's okay. I'll see you later?" and nj's heart drops and he's just like "uh yeah. sure. no worries." and then yg leaves and they're both just so fucking sad.
and then jihope emerge from banging in the bathrooms and are like "hey where's yg hyung" and nj is just like "oh he, uh. had to leave I guess." and looks so fucking sad and jihope, absolutely fed up, are like Tell Us What Happened Immediately.
and so nj explains everything: about how he really thought they were just fwb but now he actually wants to be w/ yg for real bc yg said all this romantic shit while ~playing the role and it made nj see he really wants it to be true bc yes okay he's very in love with yg
and jihope are first like "OKAY THANK FUCKING GOD" and then like "WAIT WHY AREN'T YOU TOGETHER RIGHT NOW WHY DO YOU LOOK SO SAD" and nj is like "bc he doesn't feel the same way" and jihope are like "DID HE TELL YOU THIS OR DID YOU MAKE THIS UP IN YOUR HEAD BC YOU'RE AN IDIOT"
and nj is like "I've known him for over a decade, if he had feelings for me I WOULD KNOW" and jihope are just taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm and are like "what exactly did he say" and nj is like "well.. HE LEFT WHEN I WANTED TO HOOK UP SO" and jihope are like ....
and then jm is just like "okay, no. you need to go and be honest with him, right? like ok hs hyung and I will roleplay this." and hs is like nervously like "haha what" and jm is like "yeah! hs hyung, be nj hyung. tell me you love me."
and hs is just like V NERVOUS and goes "ok uh... jm-ah, I like you as more than a friend and while fucking you has been a great privilege of my life I'd like to also take you on dates and tell you I love you and be with you romantically." and jm is like "EXACTLY, say that hyung!"
and hs, getting up the courage and DETERMINED TO NOT BE THE SAME AS NAMGI, is like "no uh, seriously." and jm is like "yeah! that's the spirit! say 'seriously' as well nj hyung!" and hs is like "no I really mean it" and jm is like "OFC YOU DO <3, yes, nj hyung be REALLY EMPHATIC"
and hs is just like "I'm in love with you, being in a fwb is really fucking hot and I'd be so down to roleplay that we're still doing that bc the sex is top fucking tier but I really want to be your boyfriend" and jm is like "I didn't think that's what you wanted"
and hs is like "ok you have to tell me what you're feeling, do you also want this?" and jm is like "you're such an IDIOT of COURSE I do? I was fine to settle for fwb bc I wanted you in any way I could have you but YES? BEING YOUR BF WOULD BE GREAT GIVEN I'M ALSO IN LOVE WITH YOU"
and nj is just very awkwardly watching this all happen and is like "uh should I... go..." and jihope are like "THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU" and are just staring at each other with a mixture of very intense devotion and also v intense horniness
and nj knows these two and knows what's about to happen when they look like That so he knows that he has only about 30 seconds before they just start going at it so he's just like "OKAY I'M GONNA GO" and jihope are like "NOT UNTIL YOU PROMISE YOU'LL ACTUALLY CONFESS TO YG HYUNG"
and nj is like "but what if he doesn't reciprocate and I look like an idiot and then I lose the fwb thing too" and jm is like "ok I will say this to you one more time, you have never, EVER been friends with benefits with yg hyung. not even once. you have been dating this man."
and nj is weakly like "no we're just friends.." and hs is like "YOU HANG OUT WITH EACH OTHER'S PARENTS. YOU STAY IN ON FRIDAY NIGHTS TO CUDDLE AND WATCH TV. YOU BUY EACH OTHER PRESENTS. YOU'RE BOYFRIENDS. there is no way in HELL he doesn't also feel the same." and nj is like "oh"
and then jihope are like "ok this is happening" and start making out and wave nj on his way and nj is like ok fuck fuck fuck and hightails it to get to yg's apartment bc YES HE CAN BE BRAVE HE CAN BE BOLD IF JIHOPE CAN TURN THEIR FWB THING INTO A ROMANTIC RLSHP SO CAN HE
meanwhile yg is literally sitting on his bed looking sadly through a ton of photos he has with nj from a few nights ago where they got bored and were just fucking around trying to take the worst photos of each other possible. there's a really cute selfie of nj kissing yg's cheek.
but he'll do that tomorrow, he's just ready to go to sleep now, it's been a long day. but he hears someone knocking at his door and he's like "that's fucking weird" and is all nervous bc who is at his place in the middle of the night???? but he opens the door and it's nj
and yg is just like... hey what are you doing here is everything okay are you okay? and nj just nods and is like "yeah I think so, uh. after I say some stuff to you, I think I'll be good" and yg is like "right yeah I actually should. probably say some stuff to you too."
and nj is like "are you alright?" and yg laughs hollowly and goes "not really. I don't think we should hook up anymore" and nj frowns and is like "hyung, I-" and yg is just staring straight at the ground and not at nj (classic) and goes "no listen I really can't do this with you"
and nj's face falls and he's just like "okay, no worries. you don't feel the same, I get it." and yg does a double take like "what are you talking about" and nj is like "I'll just uh. go. i'm sorry to have come over so late" and yg is like "no I really need you to keep talking"
and then nj is like "okay. okay. you know all that stuff I said about researching all these artists so I would have stuff to talk about with you? that was true. and it was also true that I had a massive crush on you for ten years and never told you."
"and it's also true that this entire time we've been hooking up I think I've been subconsciously really fucking wanting to be your boyfriend. and it's also true that you're the best person I've ever known and being with you is the thing I want to do the most in the world."
and yg is just... fucking stunned, and goes to say something but nj continues: "and okay, correct me if I'm wrong, I might be totally wrong, I might be way off base here but I do feel like there's some compelling evidence that we've been boyfriends this entire time?"
and yg is just still stunned but manages to get out "compelling evidence?" and nj nods really quickly and is like "yeah, uh. ok listen so. we spend all of our time together. we watch tv and cuddle on friday nights. we have good sex. we take dumb photos of each other-"
"- we're in groupchats with each other's parents, we buy each other gifts, we go grocery shopping together, you cook me food like, every single day-" "and I'm in love with you," yg adds in a rush, because he can't not say it anymore. "that might be uh. compelling evidence too."
nj is stunned silent by that, and yg continues: "yeah, and like. the other day I was looking through my photos of you and found a really cute one and thought, "hey, I'd like to make that my phone background" which also might be evidence? bc-" but he's cut off bc nj kisses him.
and they've kissed hundreds of times before- they've kissed in the early morning hours before either of them are really awake, they've kissed during sex, they've kissed to comfort each other and to make each other smile and for a billion other reasons
but this kiss is somehow like the culmination of all that emotion, of ten YEARS of emotion really, and it's just a lot. when they finally stop, they're both smiling the dumbest smiles and are just filled to the brim with happiness.
and then they realize that yg's door is still open and nj is still wearing his shoes and it's really fucking late and they could have this conversation like?? in bed cuddling?? which would be warm and NICE bc it's cold outside and they're both shaky from all the EMOTIONS as well
so they get in pajamas (nj doesn't need to even borrow any bc HALF HIS WARDROBE WAS ALREADY IN YG'S CLOSET, oh god they're dumb) and start to talk and are just kind of like..... why did we think??? we were fucking without feelings?? at any point??? WHY DID WE NOT SEE THE EVIDENCE
and they get into spooning position (nj's the little spoon) and yg's arms are around him and he feels all warm and safe and then is like "so we're dumb, right" and yg is like "speak for yourself I'm a GENIUS" and nj is just like "oh yeah? but you had a crush on me for ten years?"
and yg is like "are you implying that me having a crush on you makes me dumb? bc yeah I actually would agree with that" and nj is like "shut up the dumb part is that you just DIDN'T TELL ME???" and yg is like "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME EITHER" and then they both start laughing bc idiots
and then nj is like "hyung what is actually going to change now that we're official, like. is anything really going to change? or are we just going to be doing what we've done all along?" and yg is like "...oh god yeah. literally nothing is going to change. we're so stupid."
but then they realize one thing will change, and that is: they can now make their background images on their phone stupid photos of each other :))))) so they do that <333333
then they text the rest of the group like "ok yes we're sorry WE'RE SORRY WE REALIZE WE'VE BEEN INSANE WE'RE TOGETHER NOW" and jihope are too busy banging to be mad and taejinkook are too busy getting into a throuple to be mad (bc they were like IF EVERYONE ELSE IS PAIRED UP...")
and then nj is like "hey I love you too, just fyi, I didn't actually get a chance to say that" and yg thinks about making a joke or teasing him but he's too giddy to do that so he just pulls him in tighter and says it back :')
and namgi cuddle and fall asleep wrapped up in each other and wake up the next day and the day after that and the day after that on and on etc etc etc just being happy and in love and EXACTLY how they were during the entire time they were """"fwbs"""". THE END <3333
I've written namgi friends with benefits before but the thought of namgi attempting a fwb situation is still SO funny to me. like I just feel like yg would end up taking a vacation with nj and his entire family like 3 days in
the process of spring becoming summer
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