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Jun 22, 2022
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#kaisoo drabble “Earth & Beyond” “I fking hate myself for loving you more than myself!” jongin says as he looks up at the sky and takes a vey last big-gulp from his beer and walks backs into the training station.

It’s been six months since Kyungsoo left on his mission to the mars. “We really don’t have to breakup for this!!” jongin shouts. “Are you out of your damn mind!! I will never ever be back here-to the earth.” kyungsoo explains. “So what i don’t fking care about it—”
“But i do,jongin.I do.” kyungsoo continues “I can’t really concentrate my work knowing that i left my boyfriend behind for nothing!” Jongin sits still in silence. “Goodbye!” with that kyungsoo left jongin,his home,his planet for his lifetime dream,The mission to the mars.
Being one of well-trained officers in the army helped jongin to get placed in the crew for second the mission to the mars. After being dumped by his boyfriend,jongin by somehow wants to live with kyungsoo forever and the only way is to follow his he did.
It was not easy as jongin thought,though he doesn’t have to interact much with the machines,buttons and the controls but he does needs to have a basic knowladge. With a year of hard training he finally made into the final crew.
“Wake the f up,beeatch” baekhyun shouts. “Shh.Just shut up!” jongin shoos away baekhyun,the botanist. They second crew has reached the space station where the actual first crew resided,since there was not good climate prevailed when the first crew reached they planned to put
pause to the landing on the surface of the mars and goes into to a long sleep in the sleeping pods. “What the fuk!!” the first words kyungsoo uttered as he comes out the unconcious state though he was bought out of the sleeping pod a day before,the second crew checked the
phyiscal state of the first and let them understand the current situation. “Baby,i am here!” jongin opens his hands out for a hug from kyungsoo. A loud slap.A loud slap across jongin’s face made the whole crew to stop all their works and looks at the couple for a minute.
“You know what the fuk you have done to yourself?” kyungsoo pushes jongin back. “You’ve gone out of your mind! You sacrifised your lif—“ “I would rather die here,right now than living decades and decades without you down there,soo!” “..and no,i didn’t sacrifise my life
because without you i don’t have a future,a life!” jongin sheds down some tears. “Babe,but you really don’t have to..this is my dream,i spent my whole life for this and you know it well too.” kyungsoo continues “you really can’t return back to home now!” kyungsoo whisphers.
“I am already home—You!” jongin exclaims as kyungsoo pulled him down for a kiss. The alarm goes on as the caption of mission says “It is perfect to land now. So let’s get ready!” as jongin and kyunsoo looks down at the rusty red planet where the humans gonna colonise soon. End.
Hi guys,please do share ur thoughts.😁
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