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Nikki Dean

Nikki Dean

Jul 8, 2022
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It’s Friday. I’m rocking my Class Bs for @MissionCommand and #FancyPantsFriday. I’ve got some coffee. I’ve got some books. It’s time for lunch hour doctrine, and some surprise LPD! Why are pages “left intentionally blank” in certain @U.S. Army Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate pubs? 1/

We need a thread about why pages are intentionally left blank!
There is no deep meaning behind this. No massive government secret or deep state conspiracy. No hidden treasure trove of historical military tradition. None of that. Sorry to disappoint you. 2/
It’s the result of the pagination process for printed publications, ensuring that new chapters or appendices begin on the right side of an open printed manual. Totally for aesthetics! 3/
If content for a previous chapter ends on a page that doesn’t mirror the next chapter’s beginning page, and it leaves a blank between them… 4/
… we put the phrase “this page intentionally left blank” on that in-between-er. 5/
This is meant to prevent confusion over whether or not the printing agency simply left out some content during the printing process or if the page was, in fact, intentionally blank because the chapter is done. 6/
Like I said… no big mystery. Cheers and Happy Fancy Pants Friday, Doctrinistas! /le fin
Nikki Dean

Nikki Dean

museum studies grad student • former Army doctrine advocate • retired pilot • adventuress • rescue dog mom • cocktail drinker
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