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WAPO FTX ℳikhail

Sep 21, 2022
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NEW: Last week, G2 was certain it was getting an NA Valorant partnership slot. As far back as June, and as recently as last week, they were in touch with tier one players and coaches, including XSET's roster. Then, the Carlos Andrew Tate tweets happened.…

Last week, G2 appeared certain it had locked down a coveted NA partnership slot, going so far as to offer The Washington Post an exclusive interview with its CEO, Carlos Rodriguez. The offered interview with The Washington Post was never conducted.…
For months, G2 has been looking at NA talent. In June, it informally approached the LG roster that eventually went to Shopify. As late as last week, it expressed strong interest in the XSET roster. It was also interviewing for a head coach slot.…
If you work for G2 and were a part of the effort to expand to NA, or were contacted by the org in the course of their plans to expand, I'd love to hear from you. DM's open; email in bio.…
And as always, please keep the staff in mind as you post. They likely worked hard to get the org in, and had no hand in what led to Riot's decision to disqualify G2 from contention.
WAPO FTX ℳikhail
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