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Eileen, Quik-Fix Icon Haver

Eileen, Quik-Fix Icon Haver

Sep 22, 2022
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After a couple more games revolving around maxx c i have decided to just stop playing master duel again

I get hit by it and its uct pass and i proceed to lose I hit it with called by opponent scoops I activate and resolve it, the win feels undeserved and fun I get hit by called by, i feel sacked There is like, no situation where this card gets activated and it feels fun
Best case scenario i end on uct plus access to misc and might survive, if not giving up most of my hand and being put on a severe disadvantage
Like, i see arguments that say stuff like "be ready to summon very little and dont overextend or summon 20 times" Im playing a deck that comparatively plays incredibly into maxx c to other decks, i can get hit by it and summon one time more and pass, but fuck is it still bad
Playing against 7 cards in hand when you are being kneecapped endboard wise hurts so bad and thats in a BEST case
Eileen, Quik-Fix Icon Haver
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