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“Are you gay?!” “No, fuck, no, I’m not!” #Bkdk (obv gay) #sfw #firstlove #angst (drama)

“Well, you look at him just like you are.” “Shut your mouth.” A dirty cloth hit Hanta’s bare chest. “One more word and I will blow you up into the air they won’t even find your limbs anymore.” This was all Katsuki needed to make the changing room go completely quiet.
“Plus I don’t even know if he’s…” “gay?” Ochaco asks her best friend. Izuku nods silently. “That’s why you should go for it!” “This is absurd.” “Not if you haven’t tried yet.” Todoroki interrupts both of them.
“Shh! Childhood friends aren’t supposed to be more than that!” The greenette whispers, eyes widening slightly while shaking his head. Soft curls bounce with the motion, his cheeks turning into a mild shade of pink.
“You should just try and see what happens. We all know he’s been flirting with you for /months/ now.” “He’s straight.” Iida shrugs. “Katsuki Bakugou, /the/ captain of the basketball team and Izuku Midoriya, /the/ book nerd.” That’s when Uraraka lets out a giggle.
“Just like in every romance movie.” “Snap out of it! We’re not living in a romance movie. This seems like a horror movie to me!” You could tell by the sweat on his hands he was not used to talk about Katsuki. Or think about him /that/ way.
Obviously, Izuku had thought about him. Plenty of times to be exact. But only at home! When he was alone. No one would bother him or make him feel ashamed of making Katsuki a desire to his mind. Wishful thinking, thinking that he was gay. Into Izuku.
Okay, he had also been thinking about him in class. Chewing on his pen, lost in thoughts. And maybe on friday’s, match days. When the blonde would smirk proudly and shout sue to his countless victories.
Ahh, yes, Izuku would never think of Bakugou that way. Not when Sero Hanta was sneakily in his DMs, making one of a tough guy. Katsuki Bakugou’s best friend. And Todoroki’s crush.
He didn’t want it this way! He didn’t want to be the asshole who takes away the guy his best friend had a crush on for /years/! But when Kirishima told him he really meant it, he would do anything for him, he /loves/ him?.. The greenette would get weak.
An accident only happened once. At a big Party Hanta had thrown himself. The whole school was invited and Izuku had been down the whole night, seeing Katsuki dance with everyone but him.
He /needed/ this. He craved reassurance. And if Sero was the one giving it to him? Then so be it. It was /one/ time. And since then the black haired male wouldn’t leave him alone. Texting him in class, during training, at home.
——————— “Hanta? Midoriya? You will be working together on this project. Due next week.” Horror in Izuku’s green, bright eyes. He takes a look behind him, Sero grinning evilly. And next to him? Todoroki, looking more sad than ever. He couldn’t do this to his friend anymore.
So, he stayed after class, demanding a change of partners. “No.” “What? No?!” “I said no.” “Mr. Aizawa, you cannot do this to me! It’s- Its-“ “Is it going to be the end of the world?” “…” “…” “Yes!” “Then..” Izuku’s eyes got bigger and bigger, bottom lip shoving forward.
“Then no. Now get out.” —————— So now, here he was, after class, talking to Shoto. “What did he say?” “He said no..” Silence. “It’s not my fault, I don’t want to work with him, I swear!” “I know..” “I wouldn’t- I’m not even interested in him! Not by any means!”
“I know..” The dual haired male sighs, head sinking slowly. “I’m working with Bakugou. So I think we both got bad luck.” The greenette nods softly. “I bet there will be more opportunities to work together.” “Or-!” “Or?…” “I have a plan.”
And with that, Todoroki hushed away quickly. ——————- The next day, Izuku was at Hanta’s house. Sitting on his oddly comfortable couch. “So. Would ya like to drink something?” “No, thanks.” “We could also-“ “Look, it was an /accident/! I don’t want anything from you!”
The black haired male looks unimpressed. “We could also chill and watch TV.” He finishes his sentence, grabbing for the remote. Izuku gulps, hands in his lap.
As soon as the TV turns on, Sero starts again: “What do you mean by “it was an accident”? You liked it, didn’t you?” TV on mute now, body turned towards the other. Izuku shakes his head. “No- I mean yes! I enjoyed it but-“ “But what?”
Not even minutes pass and Sero’s head is moving again. Mouth capturing Izuku’s neck softly. “We shouldn’t- I don’t wan-“ Then, green eyes meet blue and silver ones. “Shoto!” “What?” The greenette immediately pushes the other away. “Why are your curtains open?!”
Strong legs immediately get up from the soft fabric. “Fuck, did somebody catch us?” Izuku rushes out of the door, seeing his friend stand next to an open window from the outside of the house. “What are you doing here?”
“What are /you/ doing here?!” Izuku gets asked instead. “The /project/?!” “Oh, was the project “who could get to the other’s crush the quickest? Because, congrats, you’ve won!” “Shoto, I didn’t mean to-“ “I get it.”
Izuku’s heart beats like it’s never done before, not even in PE classes. He doesn’t even know what he was doing here! And now, his gaze can only focus on Todoroki’s body getting smaller and smaller while he’s running into the other direction.
That evening, Izuku gets home with red circles underneath his swollen eyes. What even was he thinking? He made a horrible mistake. He was an even more horrible friend. Horrible decision after another, he decides to visit him. Katsuki. Knocking on his door twice, he opens.
Body leaned against the door frame, dressed in a black tank top, he stares at the other. “Deku?” “Can I come in.” The taller male gets out of the door way, leaving the wooden door open. He follows the other into his room. TBC tweet limit really ruins all my good thoughts.
Katsuki immediately starts collecting clothes from the ground, laughing awkwardly. And it was kind of… cute. But it didn’t matter now. Deku sits down on the other’s bed, sniffling silently. “If I knew you would’ve come over I-“ A laugh escapes Izuku’s soft lips.
“Cleaned up? We’ve known each other since our childhood and you still think it’s necessary to clean up?” Katsuki slowly straightens his posture again, looking at the other awkward. “Yeah?” He shrugs silently. “Did you cry?” “I made a mistake.”
The blonde grunts, putting all of the unnecessary things in his hand on his desk. He could clean up later on. “My friends hate me.” He whispers, looking into his lap. “I-I just didn’t know where else to go.”
Katsuki’s room is warm. Smells like already burnt out candles and autumn. And in the yellow light of the small decor lamps in his room, he looks even more prettier than usually. His waterbed makes Izuku float up a little bit when he sits down next to him and it makes him giggle.
“Tell me what’s up then.” The greenette shakes his head. “I did something horrible.” He says, hugging himself gently. “They have every right to be angry.” And that’s when a gentle hand slides down his spine.
And up again. “You can tell me.” Emerald eyes look to the side, batting through black, heavy lashes, facing fiery red ones. “I don’t know if I wanna tell you.” “What did you come here for then?” He shrugs. He’s unsure if he should really risk it.
The other bad decision is right infront of him.
TBC! :) If you see typos, no you don’t.
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