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Sep 23, 2022
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Put these 3 in one routine and you'll achieve that glow glow! ✨✨️ Hydrate + brighten = Glowing skin! My top notch brightening & hydrating product yang mmg suits for sensitive skin 🤌🏻🍀

I suka tiga ni sbb dia gentle for sensitive skin but excellently do their job in brightening skin tau ✅️ Before I share key ingredients, etc, nk bgitau I baru add Zarzou on my Shopee! So, dh boleh grab sekali with AXIS-Y here 👇🏻
1. Zarzou HSM Yg ni mmg mainly for hydration & dia sgt helpful utk soothe inflammed / irritated skin. Kalau ada dry patches, lagilah I recommend guna yang ni. 2 3 hari pakai, nnt eloklah balik kulit yg menggelupas tu. Best juga pakai as makeup setting spray ✨
Main ingredients: 🍀 Green tea extract: Soothe redness & irritated skin 🍀 Aloe vera extract: Antibacterial, soothing, cooling & helpful in brighten hyperpigmentation 🍀 Sodium Hyaluronate: Hydrate & plump your skin! HSM dekat sini:
2. Zarzou BHS Serum ni mmg mainly for brighten + hydrates. Kalau korang ada scars / sunburn / dark spots / uneven skintone, pigmentations, haa this one is for you! Texture orange tint colour, very light, cepat serap. Langsung tk rasa sticky after sapu.
Key ingredients: 🍀 Hyaluronic Acid - very hydrating, nothing can goes wrong w/ this one 🍀 Arbutin - Effective ingredients utk brighten skin, fades scars / pigmentations 🍀 Vitamin C - boost collagen & brighten skin BHS (ada mini size too):
3. AXIS-Y Gelmask Yang ni all in one! Helpful in treating redness, irritated skin, brightening scars & pigmentations. Also, dia control sebum & very hydrating. I pakai since 2021, and I still love its cooling effect & the way dia soothe redness 🫶🏻✨
Key ingredients: 🍀 2% Niacinamide - Improves uneven skintone, dullness & skin barrier 🍀 Heartleaf - Soothe irritations & regulate sebum 🍀 Allantoin - Protects skin barrier Gelmask (ada travel set juga):
Try all 3 in one routine and you'll see the difference! Gelmask tu pakai 2/3 kali seminggu dh cukup sbb dia mmg give that instant ✨️glow✨️ after bilas. If you guys tak suka shopee eww tak suka ha camtu, boleh pergi dekat bio I. Ada dekat Tiktokshop & Website juga hehe
una ♡

una ♡

she's a skincare enthusiast & she shares what she likes! shop axisy, zarzou or fever glam through link below ♡
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